53 Yrs Old Female Scares on Arms Bought 100% TCA at Home Note Work in Medical Field.

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I Had scars on arms bought 100% TCA did a 35% peel...

I Had scars on arms bought 100% TCA did a 35% peel on one arm and a 25% on the hand since the hand skin is much thinner then the skin on your arm. Washed skin before and used a skin peel brush bought on line with the 100% TCA diluted with saline making sure not to over lap brush strokes, I did two layers of peel on the arm and one dulited to on the hand . There was a slight burn on the arm a little hotter burn on hand with 25% TCA peel. The TCA peels will stop the process on there own, but you can also use baking soda to stop if you wish In 3-4 min. I let it stop the process on its own . It took a few days to start to peel on hands I kept the skin soft applying vitamin E and Vasiline .
The arm took about 4 days to start the peel and as of today the arms are still peeling a little most of the skin on the top of my arm came off in big sheets ( I put vitamin E on my arm about 25 time a day till peel started), and made sure there was a nice coat of E as the rest is peeling my arm looks wonderful it's still peeling and a little pink but the big white spots are most of the way gone. I might do another peel in 6 to 9 months. I am getting ready to do the other arm and then my face.


Photos of hand 25% TCA peel

Photo of hand before TCA peel and photo of hand peeling by thumb, still brown waiting to peel in the middle of hand and by ring finger area. Keeping moist with vitamin E it's a little pink but this will go away skin is looking great

Update 25% two layer TCA peel right hand

Hi this is my right hand post TCA 25% (TCA peels self nuterlize ) two layers or peel fluid wit a fan brush. The hand will still look a lot better in a few more weeks still putting Vitamin E on x2 a day also added cortisone cream since it helps shrink red blood cells. Whitch will take any pinkness away but I really did not get any on my haww time do a test spot!, on hand peels remember to do knuckles hehe..... My arm is close to the end of the peeling stage p moist till done peeling .
I work in the medical field and the biggest thing I can say is . If it's your first time do TEST site if you have dark skin don't do it at home it's much more of a risk.
For me fair to medium skin TCA is the best I got my 100% TCA and the fan brush from ebay from a seller that had thousands of sales and 100% positive feedback .
Good Luck :-) hope this helps and I'll post the right arm when done it's looking good did a 35% two layers
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I saw one of the DRs at work and they said it's healing great.... Note this was a medium peel. So healing time is a little longer and the pinkness will pass. I would not recommend this strong of a peel on dark skin. The skin tone was fair to medium .

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