Two Years Retin A Use, by Far the Best Commitment for my Skin I've Ever Made. - Great Britain, GB

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I live on the coast and never bothered with...

I live on the coast and never bothered with sunscreen. In fact I loved the sun kissed appearance of mild sun burn. Nothing pleased me more than the feel of the sun on my face. Then people started to think I was older than my elder brother. Worse, I began to not recognise the face in the mirror. I looked like a candle that was left too close to the fire.

I started a nightly dedicated Retin A ritual along with moisturiser with SPF 30 during the day. I experienced some redness and peeling and nasty breakouts but mainly from over use. The advice about starting slowly is very sound advice. If you're going to use Retin A then it is a long term commitment so please start slowly.

Two years on, my skin is so much better than it was. Someone even told me I had nice skin and I laughed in astonishment because I had grown to accept my awful damaged skin. Another person asked me recently if I had any 'work' because they thought I was looking younger.

I use Retin A most nights with face oil over the top, a Vit C serum most days along with face oil and SPF moisturiser. I'm no Tom Cruise but I can tell you with my hand on my heart that my skin is more firm more even toned more smooth and more soft bouncy than it was five years ago.

I'll never stop using Retin A unless it becomes too difficult to find online.

Some extra photos.

You can't really see my skin in the original photo I posted. Hopefully you an see a bit better with these taken last week. You will notice that I still have lines and my skin could be more plump in places but really, if you saw it two and a half years ago you would notice a massive improvement. I will be turning 43 in July and a lot of people think that I am younger than that whereas three years ago a lot of people thought I was perhaps older than that. Retin A and Facial Oil at night coupled with Vit C serum and SPF moisturiser in the day has made a world of difference. I just wish I had used SPF from an earlier age. Why do we never listen to the advice are given when young?

Still a massive fan

I continue to use Retin A and will never be without it (unless it becomes too difficult to acquire). I have to admit though that I still spend a lot of time outdoors and do not apply sunscreen as often as I probably should and I have suffered the occasional case of mild sunburn. I know that the sun is the number one enemy of the skin but I love being exposed to the elements and so I am in a constant battle between protecting and repairing my skin. My skin has been badly abused by the sun in the past but I have learned that I love the sun and refuse to hide under tons of sunblock and a hat. That being said, I have worked hard to repair my skin so strive to achieve an equilibrium.

My skincare regimen has become a lot more simplified. I use Retin A most nights (about five our of seven) and then apply a moisturiser on top. I like to use a cream with retinol in it especially for my neck because my neck does not tolerate Retin A too well. This is a shame because my neck has some deep lines running around it in bands.
I read a lot in bed and I am convinced the the lines around my neck are caused from the position that I lay in for hours on end. I love reading in bed though so the to hell with the neck (for now).

I sometimes take a break from Retin A for a couple of weeks at a time and apply an exfoliating serum by Ole Henriksen underneath a light moisturiser. I find that during these two weeks, my skin looks its very best.

In the morning I apply a 20% Vit C serum and then a Vit C cream that has UVA and UVB filters in it. (The cream is from the Superfacialist range sold in Boots in the UK and is an absolute Godsend. I live in constant fear of it being discontinued).
If I am to be spending any length of time outdoors, I try to apply a SPF50 cream, such as Decolor. I hate creams with high SPF though as I just don't like the feel of them on my skin. My favourite one is called Protect the Truth by Ole Henriksen but it seems to have been discontinued (in the UK at least; this seems to always happen to products that I love).

I continue to notice subtle improvements to my skin even after years of use. Of course, I also notice subtle signs of continued aging too, but my skin is definitely a lot better than it was ten years ago.
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