Derma roller experience (moderate acne scars on face)

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10th Jan 2016: I have had moderate acne...

10th Jan 2016:

I have had moderate acne throughout my teens. It hasn't gotten better until I was about 21/22. Now I don't have active acne (except for some hormone/stress-induced breakouts every now and again). However, I am left with acne scars and enlarged pores. In my opinion, this dominates my appearance and it affects my confidence negatively.

I would like to try DERMA ROLLING. I have researched it and mostly heard good things about it. I have bought 4 derma rollers (ebay), each 540 needles, lenghts: 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm, 2.50 mm, and 3.00 mm. Each cost about $10. In addition, you will need disinfection fluid (I bought one at my local pharmacy for $15), numbing cream (bought on ebay $5), and a rich, hydrating and nurturing product to put onto your face afterwards (I am planning on putting on aloe vera + my usual daily moisturizer). I also heard that it may be beneficial to put on Vitamin A and C Serum (but I will skip this for now).

It is generally recommended to start with small needle lengths such as 0.20 mm or 0.50 mm. These are deemed 'long enough' for anti-ageing treatments, improving fine lines and general condition and appearance of skin. I read that needle lengths of 2.00 mm and above should not be used at home, but should rather be used by experienced professionals. This is why I will start with 0.5. After this, I will use my own judgement and decide whether I want to continue with the longer needles.

I am excited to start with this DIY on the 15th Jan 2016. Hopefully, my experience will be helpful to others in similar positions to mine :)

1 day after derma rolling

Hi there,

I used the 0.50 mm derma roller yesterday. I wasn't using the numbing cream (it is still being sent and hasn't arrived yet) and it did hurt a little! Straight after, I put on my product. My skin looked and felt like it is severely sunburned. Today it is still the same feeling and my skin is very red and swollen (not sure if you can tell from the pictures). I can't comment on the results as of yet but will update in a few days. :)

One week after the 1st treatment

Hi :)

So I have patiently waited for a week before commenting on any results.
On the first day after treatment, my face was swollen and red and felt tense - similar to a severe sunburn. A day after, it was still red and started peeling. I put on SPF 50 for this entire week, put a good quality moisturiser with Vitamin F, A, C and E. I also tried to eat healthily ;)

As you can see from the photos, I have a bit of a breakout right now which I blame on the sunscreen (My skin reacts badly to most sun screens... and this even though I specifically bought a non-allergic sun screen!). I would say that my skin tone has evened out a little bit and I believe that overall my skin is busy thickening. Knowing myself very well, I can tell that something is happening in terms of the depth of my scars. But this effect is so slight, another person wouldn't be able to tell. Maybe after more treatments my scars will flatten out more noticeably...

I have decided to only roll with the 0.50 mm and 0.75 mm on my face and have also decided to not roll more than twice a month. I think the wound healing process is essential to derma rolling and I want to give my skin the necessary time to heal in between treatments.





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