21 Yr Old College Student Athletic 34 DDD Big Boobs

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I'm SOO Glad I found this place! Ok so I am...

I'm SOO Glad I found this place!
Ok so I am definitely 100% ready for a breast reduction. A little background about me:
I developed high C breasts almost D in middle school and got teased from guys from how big they were (flirting at the time but hey I didn't know back then) My school also had a strict policy against dress code and a bunch of small chested girls would get Away with wearing cute tank tops but because of my breast size I got detentions for wearing literally the same thing. High school they continued to grow even more I think to a Double D. Now they are at a high DDD/E I believe but I actually think they might be more than that. Anyways I am currently 150 pounds (my heaviest) 5'8 and I have an athletic build but somewhat of a small frame and I have been developing back pains, should grooves from my regular bras (so now I just wear heavy duty VS sports bras) and I even get migraines from time to time. I have been doing my research and decided that I want to reduce from a DDD/E all the way to a high B/ Low C Cup. I don't know if my insurance will cover this but I literally am I so much pain from my breasts I sometimes just bawl at night holding them and hating them. I have felt hopeless and can't even enjoy going dress shopping let alone bikini shopping. I hope that the insurance can cover it as I am a somewhat broke full time college student. Any tips on how to get the insurance coverage and how to get the ball rolling on this process needed and what the recovery process was like or anything that could help? I'm thinking I would want to do the lollipop or anchor procedure! I'm also located in Orlando, FL so if you guys know of any AMAZING Plastic Surgeons plz let me know:)

Have a great day ladies! Fingers crossed

Also I will add some pictures for my Before just so you can see what my body looks like. I like to look at girls that relate to me so hopefully you do as well!

Pic of Pre Op Breasts

Crying my eyes out

update: called the insurance company and those f&ckers only pay for 60% of the initial cost. So I would have to pay a $3,000 deductible and if the cost was 10k I would have to pay 4k out of my own pocket. So I can kiss the dreams of getting small boobs and being happy with my life goodbye. Also I have Florida Blue :Blue Cross & Blue Shield. I'm so freaking pissed and upset. I just want to go in a crawl in a hole and never come out.

Is Credit Care a good alternative?

So I looked on credit karma and my credit score is "Fair". I don't even have credit except for a car loan so I understand why it's not super high however I have made 100% of my payments on time. I'm contemplating applying for credit care I'm just super nervous and stressed out about the whole Interest going up if I miss a payment or if something goes wrong. Has anyone had any successful/ horror stories with Credit Care? I would use credit care to pay the $3,000 deductible and I would pay 250$/month for 12 months is my plan. I'm always on time with bills and payments so I feel like I could totally do it. I'm just scared ! Thanks ladies for your input and helpful advice. I hope that sometime this year I can undergo the surgery and actual enjoy wearing bikinis and running !
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