Wanting Perky Boobs for So Long

Age: 28 Height: 5'7 3/4" Weight: 138-149lbs (I...

Age: 28
Height: 5'7 3/4"
Weight: 138-149lbs (I fluctuate cuz I weightlift)
Dress Size: 3
Breast Size: saggy 32DD
Since I was in middle school and first developed I had these HUGE saggy boobs! They were 36DD at one point after gaining weight and were so heavy that they created indents in my shoulders from my bra straps. I never wore cute little bras like every other girls, I had these huge 4 clasp old lady bras that were so not cute. I lost a bunch of weight (at one point I wore a size 16 and now I'm a size 3) my bra size is now a saggy 32DD but I swear they don't seem that big cuz they sag so much but then when I try on bras I always got into DD and a couple months ago I was a 32DDD!! When I had 36DD I wanted a breast reduction but after losing weight I want a breast lift with small implants. I want to remain about the same size or maybe be 32D. I've already seen one PS but he quoted me $15,000 and that seems way too high when the average is $8,700 and he also wanted to lift them only a little where I still have sagging underneath to cover the scars and I don't want that, also I didn't really care for the before and after photos I saw. I don't want any sagging and it's fine if the scars underneath show, I rather have perky and scars then sagging and scars covered. So the PS search continues! I'm actually considered Dr Pousti in San Diego, ca. I really like his before and after photos.

Very deflated and flat

Textured vs Smooth round silicone implants?

Ladies what is your opinion/experience??
Textured vs Smooth round implants. I'm pretty positive I want HP and behind the muscle. I don't want a teardrop natural look, I was upper pole fullness.

Wish pics!

So I 100% want them done still. It's just a matter of saving money (I'm in the middle of moving and starting a new job) and of course finding recovery time but other than that I think what's super hard is deciding what size!!! I'm pretty set on a high profile infers and I'm not sure but after reading some more reviews I might be leaning towards textured round implants but I'm still not sure! Definitely not sure on size. My weight keeps fluctuating since I injured my neck and haven't been able to work out so that is making a difference too. I want to get back down to where I was. Anyway here are some wish pics!


I went for a consultation today and I'm still unsure what size I'm thinking. I don't want to be one of those that wished they went bigger. I definitely went in there thinking I wanted textured high profile or gummy bear implants but after talking to the surgeon he recommended I go with smooth round moderate profile and 450cc Natrelle Inspira. I'm still unsure!!! I'm also horrible at making decisions!!! I also have some crazy allergies so they wanted to test out the steri-strip on me

More Wish Pics

I did it!! July 26th 2016

I finally did it! Full anchor lift with mentor silicone unders. I still don't know the size cuz nobody has told me. I'm thinking 500cc? But I'm not sure. I felt too sick to go to my post op appt today so I will go tomorrow. When I sit up I am in a lot of pain and almost passed out so I'm waiting. My mom is taking care of my and I'm barely able to do anything. Can't tell what they look like yet but they don't look too big which I was afraid of do that's good!

550cc's it is!

Went to my post op and my doc went with 550cc and said everything looks perfect so far and just want the band on to push the implants down. I seriously felt like I was pregnant going in to find out if I was having a boy or a girl lol when I was finding out what CC's he went with

Update Pics!

So some are from a couple months after and some are now 7 1/2 months

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They look bigger in photos
Dr. Anton

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