29 Years Old and Ready for a Change!

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Hi, all! I would like to share my story. I'm 29...

Hi, all!
I would like to share my story. I'm 29 years old. I've had quite a depressing story with my breasts.

I started developing at age 8. Since I started early, I thought I would develop into this sexy, curvy woman. Years have gone by, including several pregnancies (not full term), and breasts have changed very little.

When I was a teenager, I noticed that my breasts were developing differently from other girls as far as size and shape. Most women have round breasts, mine are kind of pointy. When I lean forward, my breasts become cones. They almost look like cow teats! I have noticed on other sites that most women when they lean forward, their breasts are still round. My breasts only get rounder during pregnancy.

Also, most women's breasts have a nice drop. Most small breasts that ive seen are round and have a little drop. My breasts are unusually taut. This may be an odd thing to complain about, but clothes are ill fitting when breasts are unusually high on the chest.

I suspect I have a very mild case of tuberous or constricted breasts. One lady with tuberous breasts told me hers hang exactly like mine.

I'm ready for some lovely, sexy breasts.

Fda and Xl Implants

Hi, everyone!

I cant be the only one who is frustrated with the implant sizes (or lack thereof) in the United States. I wish the fda would hurry up and approve implants over 1000ccs. Im.a bigger girl, and i need more ccs to look curvy. 700-800ccs is actually what some smaller gorls get to look busty. I could easily carry 1500ccs of silicone on my 160+lb frame. I dont like the look of most saline implants that are extremely overfilled (i mean over 1500ccs). Why oh why cant we have the sizes of yesteryear?

Wish Boobs #1

Hi, all! Im finally voing to share my wish boobs! :D I do prefer breasts that are on the larger side. I would idely start with at least 1000ccs. My breasts have stretched several times before (lactation). I hope that helps me. Im a bigger girl who needs more ccs to look curvy. I want my breasts to be rounder and drop. I dont gave that pretty drop most ladies have. Even small breasted women have that pretty drop. I ended up with these pointy bullets. I understand it may take two surgeries to reach my goal. That'sfine.

29 Years Old, 5'5 167, Hoping for 1000+ccs + Vaser Lipo with Dr. Revis! Biloxi, Ms-----> Ft. Lauderdale!

Hi! I am very excited to announce that i have booked my surgeries! I will have to wait until December bc that is the only time i can take off and heal. I would like 1000ccss or more. I know thats VERY ambitious! The most I jave heard anyone start with is 1200-1300ccs.

I think bigger girls should start with 600ccs or more unless she is going for the barely there look.

I sm going for the Denise Milani look. Are they real? Are they fake? I predict ill have mod or mod + implants. Overfilled saline should help round out my pointy boobs! I want my breasts to drop like normal breasts.

The vaser lipo will help me achieve that hourglass figure. I work out a lot, and its very aggravating to get lean everywhere but my midsection. 'Nothing lipo cant fix! Lol

Right now im a 32d-dd. Yep. People look at me like i have two heads when i tell them. I may have to post a video of myself putting on a 32d bra. This is educational. This is to show that a d doesnt necessarily mean big esp on bigger girls. Bra sizes are relative to the band. Theres a big difference between a 32d and a 42d.
My breasts are firm and gave never dropped. I think that makes them look smaller.

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