25 Year Old, No Kids, 34A-32B, Petite Frame, Weight Remains 115-120lbs (No Major Fluctuation) - Mississippi

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-I have not scheduled any consultation with a PS...

-I have not scheduled any consultation with a PS yet as I will be moving to Mississippi soon. Therefore that's why I have not chosen an estimated cost or an estimated date. I have been on this site reading stories for about a month now and I just thought I'd make a post so that I can ask questions or that anyone who has a similar body structure as myself can comment on their experience.
-I am also looking for a PS in MS or the surrounding states. I heard there is a good PS in Texas, but after looking him up online I wasn't really fully satisfied. It'd be better to go into a PS office to speak face to face, however that will have to wait until I settle in after moving.
-I have been thinking about getting a Breast Augmentation done now for quite some time. Mainly because I am not fully satisfied with their current fullness. I wish I would fill out my own size bras better (don't you hate that gap?) I wish I could fill out tops better and I wish to feel more confident about myself. Sometimes I literally feel like I'm not as feminine as I should be simply because I barely have any breasts!
-Ack, I am thankful to have the little ones I am graced with but I just wish to enhance them. I want to go a full size bigger. Maybe even a size and a half bigger, as I read after the swelling goes down the original chosen size is a tad smaller. (Is this true?) I have thought about a textured implant because I am reading they will not move. That's one thing I don't want, is a shifting booby. I am still a bit confused with the "cc". I suppose that number depends on the type of implant and the desired size one wants to achieve? I am guessing it also ties into ones current body structure?
-It would probably be good to note that I do work out a few times a week. I have read stories of other individuals getting a breast augmentation who work out as well. I don't think working out has decreased my breast size as I've had this size ever since my body was done developing.
-I will also upload photos in the near future to give you all an idea on where I stand.
-Thanks in advance for any advice and answers to the above questions and future questions. :-)

25 and dreaming of new boobies!

Ugh! I wish I was getting implants tomorrow. After all the research I've been doing (and will continue to do), all the questions I have and all the beautiful women out there with gorgeous breasts I've been seeing, I am overly anxious to have mine augmented so I can feel gorgeous and look like the female I should look like. Sigh.
I've added some photos of where I currently stand with my body. Hrm, Yay?
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