Consultation Review: Dr. Richards Doesn't Believe in Capsulectomy or Implant Illness

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Dr. Richards was one of seven plastic surgeon's I...

Dr. Richards was one of seven plastic surgeon's I consulted with to remove and NOT replace my nine year old saline breast implants. He was the cheapest, quoting me $4k for explant/capsulectomy. However, he doesn't believe in removing the capsules completely and told me he may leave some capsule in there for cosmetic purpose, which I completely disagree with, even telling him it's ok if I'm sunken, just as long as all the garbage is taken out! This conversation turned into a slight argument.

I had Baker Grade IV capsular contracture on my right breast, which felt like a hard, painful grapefruit constantly pushing on my breast bone. Dr. Richards solution? Told me to take a steady dose of ibuprofen to keep the swelling and pain down! Long term use of ibuprofen is just as unhealthy as a painful, capsulated breast!

He also said I wouldn't feel any better removing my implants (not true) and the only women getting ALCL cancer from breast implants are women with textured implants. Not true. The FDA themselves debunk everything Dr. Richards has said.

I decided to explant with Dr. Edwards and feel absolutely amazing since getting these nasty sacks removed. From my explant photos, my implants were discolored yellow, with air bubbles in them and a questionable black mass near the valve. (Mold). I wouldn't recommend Dr. Richards for breast explantation as he has zero empathy for women and is not current on breast implant illnesses, biofilm infections or CURRENT FDA research.
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N/A went to a better and more empathetic surgeon.

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