Bbl + breast implants ! seeking advice on loosing weight before surgery

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Hello beautiful ladies! I've been stalking this...

Hello beautiful ladies! I've been stalking this site like a creeper for ..... EVER! xD Decided to finally join and begin my journey to the new me!

To start off I'm 21 years old, married and no kids. I weigh around 200 pounds, although with clothes on I don't look like it.. or maybe I'm just in denial... but without clothes I think I look icky.
I've been overweight most of my life, but I did have about 2 years where I got really ill and ended up weighing 129 which I loved but once I got better I inflated like a balloon. After that I stayed at a constant 175-175 pounds but recently in the last year I have gone up to 200 which is the heaviest I've ever been! My husband says I'm beautiful, but I don't feel beautiful! I feel like a fat cow beside him, since he is slim and tall! I'm short (5'3) and stubby. :(
I'm a total wreck, let me explain
-I have an anxiety/depression disorder and I am agoraphobic. I have been taking medication for it since I was 14. Medication made me gain weight and its so hard to take it off :(
-About a 6 months I found out my thyroid was acting up, never had a problem with it until now, so I started treatment for that, but that explains my sudden weight gain.
-I have small tuberous breasts, my hubby says he doesn't mind, but I hate them :(
-I'm 'apple' shaped, so I have no hips and a big belly, I have a butt though but thats kind of pointless if you have no hips! LOL You still look like a banana from the front and the back, only from the side it looks good!
- & Not to mention I'm a hairy beast! xD Not like .. chubaca or anything haha but I do have a lot of dark body hair all over! Spots that really bother me are my chest, areola, belly, back and my butt :( YES MY BUTT! My ob/gyn told me I have high testosterone levels but she never gave me anything to take care of it. I will ask her next time I go see her.
( I totally just got super sad for actually typing out all my imperfections! :( I know you are suppose to love yourself, but its just so hard specially when you see these beautiful women with your dream body!)

Okay thats kinda sorta all the details of my body and what not!
I would love to get a breast augmentation, BBL, lipo on my bra roll, chin, flanks, belly and inner thighs and MAYBE a tummy tuck... Not sure if I need it or not, but I have a lot of fat on my belly so if they suck all that out, it will be just skin! I don't want that.
& I know some of you may say no wait until you have kids! Well me and my husband aren't really planning on having kids, if it happens... great if not even better. We are animal people, we have our baby Kibbles and its all we need! xD But no one knows what the future holds for us!

I have been looking at Dr Yilys work and I'm in love! I want a tiny waist, nice hips and big ol' booty and nice boobies to match! xD And her prices aren't bad at all! Although what I'm iffy about is all the bad reviews about the customer service :( I get really anxy at times and knowing i wont be taken care of like I should be really scares me and to top it off I'm not sure if I'm a candidate for surgery because of my thyroid or anxiety issues? I don't know if that affects anything.

Anyways! I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, and if anyone has similar health issues please let me know and tell me how everything worked out for you, also doctors you would recommend for the procedures I described!
Really hoping to save up and by mid-end of 2014 be able to get my new body! c:

Will be posting pictures soon!

BBL with breast implants - Need help/tips in loosing weight!

Hi ladies! So I'm really determined to loose some weight, I'm hoping about 40-50 pounds or so before my surgery (which is going to be in about a year or so). Anyone have any good ideas/tips on which foods to eat and which to avoid. Exercise routines that work best for burning fat and about how long should I spend on cardio a day? I was doing 40 mins daily with some kick boxing cardio mixed in there as well, but I got lazy and stopped. I really need to get back to it! I just wish I had a work out buddy, would make things much more fun and it nice to have someone there to cheer you on!

I'm posting some of my pictures D: Really really embarrassed, but you all are brave enough to do it, so I should be too! :P

OH a a wish pic in there too! Who doesn't love kims butt?!

So I was playing around with Plastic Surgery Simulator!! xD

I found an app that lets you kinda play around and try to create a post op look you would like to have. I think I took it to far haha but i seriously would be super happy if my end results would be somewhere near that! I Know I have to loose a lot of weight before surgery so I can have a similar outcome!
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