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Hey to all the Brazilian Butt Lifters.. I need...

Hey to all the Brazilian Butt Lifters.. I need some help, advice, and opinions... A little about me...
I am 20 years old and I'll be 21 in August . I am an aspiring model and a college student.. My stats are 5'2, 38-36-42, and I don't know my current weight. I have excess fat on my inner thighs, love handles, lower abdomen, and arms. So I'm looking to get rid of fat and those areas of course...Now when I say this I am very serious... I am AA (African American) and I have NO ASS AT ALL, none what so ever.

I am looking for something that is in a good price range, because again I am a college student. I've heard a lot about Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily from the other reviews and they are around my price range. Really not looking for anything over 5,000 or 6,000. I would like something in the United States, but hey I don't mind traveling either. I

If you all can help me and give me advice, I would really appreciate it... I also will add a few pictures up here... later


Ok you guys. I read someone's review that was recently posted about Dr. YILY.. And the patients back got burnt and it was pretty big... BURNT you gals... That made me have 1st, and 2nd thoughts about going to yily now. I was totally team Yily/ YilyDoll until I seen those pictures and read her review.. So now I am so torn. I really am. I don't want that to happen to me, I have a pretty back..

As of now I am in between Duran and Baez... So if anybody can help me with choosing or give me advice please do so....

I am also looking to buddy up

I think I over reacted.. IDK still on the fence..

Hey ladies well, I think I over reacted about the burnt mark. I mean I didn't but, after I tool my mind away from it and came back, I was thinking more clearly.

I absolutely love Dr.Yily's result and to be honest that could happen to anyone (getting burnt). Its part of the procedure, but its best to let the patient know before you start and if it happens, after your done. There's a lot of risk to any cosmetic surgery. I think I was just so pumped up about everything and making a decision, I let that cloud my judgment, decisions, and thoughts.

Now I am still debating on rather I am going to her but, I am more calm about it now.

Hopefully one of the Dr's Yily, Baez or Duran, contact me back soon or before October.

And ladies tell me who are you going to or with maybe in December we can buddy up. So we won't have to go alone or stay alone....

heard back from.....

I have heard back from Baez... She quoted me 3000 for lipo and BBL... Waiting for my quote from Duran and Yily.. Yily did email me back but I had to send pictures(forgot). I also just emailed Duran, I thought I emailed her(forgot). So still waiting..

Heard back from Duran

I did hear back from Dr. Duran.. She needed me to send pictures w/o the underwear.. I just did that.. So I am waiting for her to email me back. Still haven't heard from Yily yet. But I think I am narrowing it down to Duran and Baez.. As I said before I am not going til December, and I was planning to send me deposit in September or October. hopefully Baez will have more pictures and reviews of her work...

Still looking for a buddy for December...
Also I added some pics of me...

Early morning rant....

Okay so I was up this early morning.. haven't slept yet, and haven't took my sleeping pills.. (I have insomnia) .. Looking at some reviews about the 3 original dr's I was choosing from and it seems like day by day I find out more and more... Now I have been doing research on Fat Aug/bbl for about 2-3 years now... I still want to do this but I have NO support from my family and friends.. The only person that is supporting me right now is my sister... And that's because she understands why I am doing it I WANT TO HAVE THIS SURGERY FOR ME & MY CAREER.. Not for anyone else...

Ladies I am the most shyest person you will ever meet.. I am confident in myself but not my body.. I know my body has flaws and I know I can change them. I've been working out on and off for about 2 years now and I have seen a lil change in my butt, but damn... after 2 years it probably lifted 2 inches.. Another thing I am pretty cocky, arrogant whatever you want to call it.. But again im not satisfied and I think at my age I can choose what I want to do with my body...

after going through years from elementary-highschool being talked about, because I ddnt have a ass....Come on ELEMENTARY REALLY!! lol but I'm serious.. I done heard all the jokes and everything... And that really just made me the person I am today... The jokes don't hurt anymore.. I laugh at them now...

This is my problem area my love handles and butt, inner thighs too...if you have a smart phone there is an app that you can download that shows how u would look if you had certain surgeries done.. and might I say I looked damn good.. My sister even said. your a 8.5 now but when you have surgery you'll defineltely be a 10... I feel that I am a 7.5 she insist I am prettier than that.. I love my sister.. And no lie ladies she made me blush lol.. But my sister is my only support system at this time,, I wish I had more support in my decision but hey I have 5 more months left hopefully everyone else jump on board

Plus my mom is sooooooo NEGATIVE UGH.. like seriously lol but she is always negative... I guess that comes with age.. is like the older she gets the meaner she gets

found another wish pic

I just want a natural looking butt.. Nothing too big and not to small...Any of my wish pics will work

So I told...

So I told my guy friend about having surgery and he was very relaxed with my decision, he actually made a joke which made me smile. But we supposed to hang out tonight so ima try to get his honest reaction and opinion on it.

I also did some more research and found out I should be able to return back to school... Sooner then I thought. lol YAY lol...

Heard back... Question

I got an email from Yily today with the quote and everything.. She quoted me 3200, which is only 200 more then Baez. But Yily supposed to be on maternity leave, during December, So I cant do her.

Also ladies question, I have seen this question a lot. But can you be on your cycle and have surgery?

Also, can you be on birth control or do you have to stop taking them?


This is going to be the longest 5 months ever... I don't know if I am able to go on December 13 because of school, so I have to wait until December to find out from my professors. But Dra. Baez did email me back again, she answered all my q's except 3 and I re-asked them lol.

I'm still thinking about staying in a Apartment/condo or hotel. I like privacy...Still looking to split the cost of it. I found some nice hotels/condos that's reasonable for 11 days.

Decided to tell...

So I decided to tell my mother that I was having cosmetic surgery.. UGHHHHH! Why did I do that? Only thing I got was a negative response. Like seriously.. My sister told me to wait closer to the date to tell her, but I was trying to be a GOOD DAUGHTER and not keep secrets.. This is why I don't tell her anything.

I did tell her that it doesn't matter what she says I'm still having it, because I am an adult and this is my body... She just tried to give me this long speech about body, god, and etc. I had to cut her off real quick bcuz I ddnt want to hear that..

But long story short I told her, and I am still staying with my decision...


Booked my date with Dr.Baez December 13, if everything goes GREAT, and if I can take my finals early hopefully leave December 12th.As I said once on another review, I want know for sure until September/ October..

I need help though.. I never booked a flight and I am so confused about the luggage thing... Like they say you can add the luggage before you pay for the ticket but when I tried to do so, it didn't add to the purchase so I ddnt purchase.

Would I have to wait until I actually get to the airport and do this? I don't want them to double charge me for it.. And when ya'll packed did ya'll put like the medicine and vitamins and etc and zip lock bags.?


September is taking forever OMFG... On my bday I am going to ask my guy friend do he want to come with me for support and because I want him too. I've started attempting to save money, but waiting til September to see how much my school refund is going to be. From what I calculated it should be enough to cover the whole trip, but still saving and going to save any money that I get from my bday. I also am cutting back on how much I go out after my bday.


just a pic


I haven't updated this in a long time, but I am back... I had 2nd thoughts about getting the bbl in another country due to the fact of all the horror story's/deaths that were happening, but I did realize it was certain doctors that will not be named.

I am here again, and wanting to start my journey. I do have question, has anyone recently been to Dra. Baez??? I was going to go with her before, but haven't seen anything recently on her work.. If anyone knows someone on here that has went to her recently like in the past 6-8 months, please at them or leave their username..

Also keep hearing about Columbia being on the upcoming with BBL.. Has anyone went there yet?
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