Dr. Del Vecchio is THE MAN!!! :)

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27 years old, no kids and I want a big sexy butt...

27 years old, no kids and I want a big sexy butt with hips to match ofcourse. Trying to decide on which doctor I should choose... Dr. Salama, Dr. Del Vecchio, or Dr. Ortega? I love Salama's work! Looking at his reviews had me excited and wanting this BBL even more. Waiting to see what the other two charge. I really don't want to travel outside of NYC which is why I started looking at Dr. Del Vecchio, i wouldn't have to spend $ on tickets or hotel/ recovery house. Anyone who had Dr. Del Vecchio do your BBL PLEASE LET ME KNOW WITH PICS. It would be greatly appreciated!! If you had Ortega please share info. I started looking at him because he is a little less but I may drop him from my list of choices because, well his before/after pics don't do much for me. I am new to RS so any advice would be great. Thank you!!! :)

BBL scheduled for Jan. 5, 2015 with Dr. Del Vecchio!!

Paid my deposit and i am scheduled for January 5th! I am super excited and cannot wait. When I met with him he was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me. I have another appointment coming up which is my pre-op visit.

BBL IN A WEEK with Dr. Del Vecchio!!! :)

Hey everyone!! I am scheduled Jan 5th for my BBL with Dr. D. I ordered my pre and post op vitamins kit and will begin taking it tomorrow. I have my 2 garments, female urinal, foam roller, prescriptions from Dr. Del Vecchio to prepare me for my recovery. I am thinking about getting my hair done in a style that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Some time this week I will also do a little grocery shopping for frozen foods and fruits. After procedure I plan to post pics.

Today was the day and I made it!!!!

OMG Dr. Del Vecchio and his staff are amazing!!! I have some pain in liposuctioned areas and my butt feels like its stiff. I cannot wait for it to soften up or what some may call "fluff" lol! Anyway, I also have moments when I feel dizzy and as soon as I lay down I feel much better. From the moment I woke up from anesthesia and right now , my throat is EXTREMELY dry. I have never really liked water now thats all I want. I had my arms, stomach, flanks, lower back and thighs liposuctioned. I added arms last week because I want a big booty and wanted to be sure I had a good amount of fat. FYI I weigh 155 lbs and 5'2". Attached photo he also has on his instagram page. I am sooooo happy yet in pain. lol

3 Days Post op pics VERY SWOLLEN

I cannot wait for the "fluffing" to begin and feel normal again.

I almost lost it today!! OMG!!!

I was in so much discomfort and had so many issues, that included my garment, I just cried for like an hour. I couldn't calm myself down so I finally decided to call JoVanica (she is part of Dr. D's Staff). She REALLY helped me alot. She was very patient and compassionate towards me. Now, I am in a much better mood, listening to music and decided to take a few pics to post. :)

Feeling a little better each day...

Feeling a little better each day...

A little over a month since BBL with DR. Del Vecchio.

Post op appt. pics

About 2 months post op BBL with Dr. Del Vecchio..

Pics of new booty... Thanks to Dr. Del Vecchio. :)

Updated BBL pics..

I kind of want a little more projection.

2 years post op Dr. DelVecchio!!

Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Del Vecchio and his entire staff are amazing!!!

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