31 Years Old, 5'9", 165lbs. w/ one 11.5 year old son, Sx scheduled for November 18th with Dr. Fisher

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Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to...

Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to have a consultation in-person to make sure I have enough fat to get a nice size butt. Hopefully, I can get in for a consultation the day after labor day. I want to have my procedure within the next few months, so I use the wintertime to heal. I had a consultation in Wilmette, IL, but that doctor seemed cooky n weird. Hopefully, Dr. Fisher can hook me up!

Confirmed Sx date today w/ Dr. Fisher for Nov. 17th

I'm ecstatic!!!!!! My blood pressure is thru the roof. I need help finding a caretaker, not sure if I want to pay $2000 for the recovery house. Any suggestions?

Should I stay near South Beach after my BBL w/ Dr. Fisher?

Ok, sooooooooo, my fiance wants to stay in south beach while we're in Miami for my BBL. Has anyone ever did this? I was told it's like a 30 minute drive. I need some help, please. Nor sure where to stay because marian is booked from nov. 10-19th n my sx date is 11/17/14. One good thing is my dad's wife who's an RN of 30 years will be by my side the entire time, so maybe I don't need to stay at a RH.

Unpaid Time off from work

At my place of employment, we're only allowed 13 days off for the year (includes sick, personal n vacation), needless to say, I only have 14 hours remaining. I'm hoping to talk to my manager today regarding taking off for 6/7 days without pay for my sx. I have been saving, so I don't care about missing the money. I need dis ASS! Once I get my approval in writing, I'll get my hotel and plane tickets. Wish me luck BBL Dolls!!!! I'll keep y'all posted.

VANITY VS. MARIAN........Fajas, Lipo Foam, lipo board, etc.

I was told by Marian that there's a store near vanity that sells all the supplies you need at a lesser cost. Jessica (coordinator from Vanity) said that their fajas are $120 n not to buy it online or elsewhere because you don't know what your size will be after surgery. I personally believe buying the faja at vanity might be the smartest option, but as far as the the lipo foam n lipo board....... I'm getting that $hit online. I'm also going to Marian for the 5 lymphatic massages for $150 instead of paying $350 for 5 at Vanity. Hope this helps someone.

Supplies that Vanity told me to get

1. Long dresses
2. Antibacterial Bar soap
3. Baby wipes
4. Arnica gel (dark one)
5. A bunch of camis/tank tops w/o bras
6. Fruit
7. Water
8. Iron pills (start taking them now)
9. Flip flops
10. Back scratcher (my fiance, lol)
11. Surgical garment (buy at Vanity)

Order of operation after Sx

Tank top/cami, lipo foam, lipo board, garment a.k.a. faja, and clothes (finally). You must wear all this stuff for the first 2-3 months post-op. This will help your loose skin reattach to your body after the liposuction.

12 areas of liposuction that's included in the price of the BBL

This is what i was told, but the math doesn't add up to me! Full back, flanks, waist (2), bra line (2), love handles (2), and full abdomen (6). They counted the abdomen as 6, but the flanks as 1 and all the others as 2 areas. Confusing? But oh well, as long as my Shit is flat. I care more about my waist than my ass. That's the truth. I'm getting the bbl because I don't want to waste the fat n because my ass is flat on the top.

Wish Pictures, but not as muscle bound

Flights are booked!!!!!

So, me and my fiance bought our flight tickets today. $288 round trip non-stop from WI to FLL. I will be leaving on day 6 post-op. Hoping to see the doctor on that 6th day, if not, Lord be with me! I still have 4 months to go.

Everything is booked!!!!!!

I booked my hotel(s) for my Sx. Staying at the Marriott on Le Jeune ($533 for 4 nights) and Days Inn on Collins Ave. For the last three days of my week long stay ($398), flights ($288 round trip, non stop) and rental car ($240 for the week). Total cost is between $897/person or $757/ person. It depends if I end up splitting it 2 or 3 ways. All I gotta book now is my massages with Marian ($200 for 5 massages) and I'm done. Oh yeah, I'm getting my first faja from vanity after surgery.

Pre-op pics

Just some photos in clothes

97 more days left until I get cheeks of my dreams!!!!!!

So, on my lunch break today, I decided to go to Target. I purchased the bare naked Boppy pillow for $19.99. It was on sale for $29.99, but then I got a $10 gift card. This is my post-op supplies purchase. Yay me! My mother already got me about 40 chux from her job, shhhhhhh. I already have hibicleanse. I'm going to start getting the other stuff soon. Can't wait until maxi dresses stay going on sale. Our summer in Wisconsin is pretty much over already.

FISHER VS. HASAN? Should I stick with Fisher or change to Hasan? Need help RS Dolls!!!

I have been seeing a lot of pics. of Hasa Dolls and I'm starting to wonder if Hasa is a better Doc. than Fisher based on pics...... I'm stuck because I'm already paid up and scheduled with Dr. Fisher. What should I do? I need help Fisher and Hasan Dolls. If I change to Hasan, I think my surgery would be like a $1,000 cheaper too.

72 days to go and I need to start buying supplies, especially two Fajas!

Has anyone bought Fajas online instead of from Vanity? Not sure if I should buy it from them or from amazon to save money. I need help please!!!!!!!

Plastic surgery simulator

Hey girls, I was just playing around with this app. to see how my new buns would look. This is what I came up with. I hope Dr. Fisher can give me an a$$ close to what I created with this app. Fingers crossed!

Plastic surgery simulator app. pic #2

I like this size, shape and projection.

63 days left!!!! (Faja and other supplies)

So, today I ordered 5 lipo foam sheets from amazon ($37.50), 1 ab board ($20) and a pee ez urinal ($3) and I bought one 2.6oz. tube of arnica gel from Walgreens for $10.99. I really want to order my faja from amazon for like $65, but I'm not sure about the size and if it would be the right one. I think the right one is the vedette 929 formerly known as the vedette 340. A girl my size ordered a 2XL and she said it was still very tight. So, I might just wait to get it from vanity to avoid the back and forth. Any suggestions? So right now, I spent like $73 not including the boppy pillow and baby wipes. I'm going to get food, fruit and pineapple juice when I get to Miami.

Purchased my faja (Vedette 929) from eBay for $65

Not sure if this is the correct gals8, but I'm praying that it is. I bought the vedette 929 in nude (I want to see if I'm bleeding for safety reasons) in a size 2XL. I was reading the reviews on rs and eBay and a lot of the women my size said that they could barely fit the 2XL. I'm also praying that this one has an open crotch otherwise it will be getting returned. I should get it by Monday and shipping was FREE! If all goes well, I would've saved $55 on the faja alone. Fingers crossed ladies.

60 days remaining!!!! FAJA and Lymphatic Drain Massages update!

So, I spoke with the manufacturer of the Fajas and they said that the Vedette 340 was repalced with the Vedette 929 because the 340 contained Latex. So, if your faja has latex, do not use that one. I guess the latex does not allow the skin to breath which can lead to infections. I just spoke with my coordinator Jessica and she was very patient and answered all my questions. Jessica also told me to call her as frequently as I would like to ease the anxiety. Lol! Another thing she mentioned was to not OVER BUY things. The list that I have above in my review has everything that she told me I would need. I swear, I can NOT WAIT! I wish I could have it done sooner. I'm not even sure why I picked 11/18/2014 to begin with? Because no matter what, my time off from work will be unpaid. I also put a down payment of $50.00 to go towards my massages. I'm only going to pay for 3 in advance and if I need to, I'll pay for an additional 2. The massages through Marian are 3 for $135, 5 for $200 and each additional massage is $50. Real Self is probably going to delete this message. Hehehehehe! Oh well. Love you ladies to pieces. Muuuuuuuuah

My faja came today

So I tried on my Faja 929 today and it does fit, but not really tight. I'm going to keep it though because I'm going to have more ass and some swelling.

Maxi dresses vs. Leggings during recovery

Quick confession...... I'm not a maxi dress kind of chick and I would prefer to wear leggings during my recovery. Are there any cons to this? I just see a lot of the women who got bbls always talking about getting maxi dresses. I probably own literally 1 maxi dress and I don't want to go and buy any because I live in cold ass Wisconsin and I will only be able to wear them while in Miami. Any tips or suggestions?


Hello my fellow BBL'ers!!!! It's been awhile since I touched down. I don't have too many updates except I'm getting nervous about my SX and I exchanged my faja for a different style. I actually ordered style# 939 (I think). It's the one that doesn't have the bra. I ordered a size XL instead of the XXL because I actually lost weight. I'm soooooo afraid that I might not have ENOUGH FAT!!! But oh well! If I don't have enough IDAGAF. If Dr. Fisher can just give me a small waist and some projection, I'm cool. Well, pray for me everyone. I pretty much got everything I need except for food, which i'll buy in Miami. I'm also praying that Vanity will still be in business by the time I go for my surgery in November. Fingers crossed. Ttyl. Muuuuuuaaah!

Just got word that my SISTER is coming to Miami to take care of me!

So RS dolls, just found out that my SISTER is coming to Miami as extra support for me. I'm so happy I don't know what to do. She's coming from DC and she's the best freaking caregiver ever. Sometimes she become a little overbearing with holistic approach, but she's truly a blessing and I love her unconditionally. She kinda invited herself (Lol) and my fiancée was a little pissed, but CHICKS OVER DICKS! :) F.Y.I. 30 MORE DAYS!

Screaming, "29 Days left"!!!!!!!!!

I have 29 days left to go and boy life has definitely threw me some curve balls, but know my RS Sisters that I'm not going to let it get me down! I'm trying to find me a few wish pics for my frame and I'm struggling with that. I really want more projection and just a little more hips.

15 days remaining!!!!!

For whatever reason, I'm no longer excited about my surgery. I'm just ready to get to Miami and get this all over with. I watched a few bbl surgeries on youtube and it looked kinda crazy, but not enough to change my mind! I have 2 weeks left and I pray that my results are banging. I wish other rs dolls did more updating post op, but I guess DEY TOO GOOD FA DA WELFARE (From Precious), CTFU! I vow to update at least twice a week post op for 6 months or more. Please call me out if I start acting brand new. I'll ttyl.......... I'll post in about a week then I'll have 7 days to go.

10 DAYS LEFT and I'm Waiting for Vanity to call me back for my Medical Clearance.....................

I completed my labs on 10/21/2014 and my results were sent over to Vanity on 10/22/2014. I spoke with Yisel yesterday (11/6) and she stated that she needed to complete a form before the lab release my results. I called Yisel today (11/7) and she said that she sent the form back to the lab and my results were sent over to Vanity, but she never said I was good. On 11/5, I went to my pcp and I had my own labs completed except the HIV (cost) and Urinalysis (not prego, just got off period like 3 days ago and have not been initimate over a month due to some other ish). Needless to say, my Hemoglobin was 14.0 and everything else was in the normal range too. The only thing my pcp was worried about was the fact that I have 2 boils/cysts that near my pantyline and in my armpit that is filled with pus (gross, right?). So, she started me on Cephalexin (Anti-biotics) for 10 days to get rid of the boils/cysts. Besides that, I'm all good!!!!! I'm just waiting for Vanity to give me medical clearance in WRITING! I told Yisel about the cysts too and it seemed like she didn't even know what I was talking about. Hopefully Dr. Fisher does not hold those boils against me, but they'll be gone by the time I get there. Well, until Paper and Pen meet again, I'll Holla!! Pst! Pst! 10 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

3 days and 19 Hours remaining!!!!!!!!!!!

For whatever reason, I could not sleep last night. I had a dream about mu Sx, but I can't remeber the details. I just remember being on the operation table and meeting Dr. Fisher. I'm pleased to announce that my BFF is finally showing support. At first, she didn't want me to have the Sx and I told her that she would just have to give me silent support because I was doing it anyways. Needless to say, she seems to be more excited than me. This morning while we were on the phone, she kept being silly by saying my name followed by Got Cheeks! LMAO!!!! TGIF and I will be fisherfied on Tuesday. I will try to post as many pics./ videos as possible. Wish me luck..... I will post when I get to the airport and land in Miami. I can't wait to fell that 80 degree weather because right now it's like 30 degrees. TTYL RS Dolls. Muuuuuuuah


So, my flight was delayed by a hour I was not able to go to the consultation. :( I got my sx time though and I'm ready to go in. Stay tuned ladies for pics. I will keep you all posted.

Surgery time changed to 11:00am eastern time

Surgery changed because vanity told me today that they never received my HCG results from the lab. WTF. right! So nowi have to go in at 8:30 to have the test done and then sx right after. So, I'm going to be there there all f'n day. Idgaf though because that's what I'm here for. Pray for your girl! Can't wait to floss my new ASSests. I'm about to head to King of Diamonds to see done big booty h*es!

I'm Fisherfied BITCHES!!!!!

Went in at 8:15am and left at 7:50pm. Sx was a success! I'm suuuuuuper happy .

Hey, I'll throughly update

I'll update y'all asap! Here's some pictures for now.

More pics. for now. I'm too lazy to do a full review.

Ladies, I swear when I get some energy I will give y'all the full story.

more pictures

I didn't have any major issues with vanity except I had to wait 2 hours to get my sutures removed other than that ........ I absolutely loved my experience and the staff. I'll go into play by play details later. Here's more pictures for now.

Picture collage

Here's some pictures ladies.

Day 11 pictures

just a few pics from day 11 post op.

Some new pics.

Hey, here's some new pics, but i promise to take better ones this weekend when my bff comes to town.

Booty's 1 month Birthday

Hello ladies, here's my 1 month post-op photos. I'm still sore and tender in the lipo areas. In 2 weeks (12/30/14) I can stop wearing the foams and the ab board. I have loss volume, but nothing too major. I have swelling in my lower back and that's pretty much it.

19 and 24 days post op pics

I added pictures from 2 separate days. I'm being lazy. Yes, I have on the same leggings, but on one of those days I was trying them on. Lol. I'm so extra! Enjoy the pics. ladies.

New garment (medium)

So, I bought a new garment to wear without my ab board and foams and I absolutely love it! I feel like 90% better. I needed more compression to get out some of the fluid in back and it worked. Also, I went to my pcp on 12/24 and NO SEROMA here! But I might have a hernia. All in all, I feel good. I stopped wearing my ab board and foams like 6 days earlier (I cheated a little), but I'm sure 6 days wouldn't really change anything. I also wore jeans today. I'll post pictures later on. Ttyl

New Years Pics.

I decided to step out last night. I was able to get in an X-Small bebe dress. I loved it and I wore my garment underneath it. I felt good! I still have soreness and stiffness and when I don't wear my ab board and foams, I get fluid build up in my lower abdomen.

random pics

Here's some pics. I took the other day. Some days I feel like my cheeks are big and some days I feel like they're mediocre. I never measured, so I can't tell you if I lost or gained any volume.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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