Botox Nightmare - Great Britain, GB

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I had botox back in July 2013 (I live in the UK)...

I had botox back in July 2013 (I live in the UK) and I can honestly say that I have been living a nightmare ever since. I had the initial injections above my eyebrows/lower forehead, middle of eyes (top of nose) and under eyes for crows feet. I went back 2 weeks later for top up. Within 2 weeks of this appointment I was experiencing severe knotting/tightening up of my eyelids and forehead (noticeable in the mirror) - this continued daily for around 2 weeks, then as it subsided I was overcome with intense head pressure and pains. I actually believed I was having a stroke. The symptoms vary so much and I knew that it wasn't a migraine/headache. I have crackling noises in my head, blocked ears, daily bouts of burping (something that I never did before botox), and the list goes on. The worst symptom of all is the head pressure. I have had these symptoms pretty much every day for the last 14 months. I had to give up my job as a legal secretary a month after this began as my focus, concentration etc had completely gone.

More recently I have had new symptoms of twitching in the left side of my face, my left eyelid drooping and forehead knotting again. This is 14 months down the line!

I have had MRI's, blood tests, CT scans - all came back clear. I have been treated by a cranial osteopath, acupuncturist, homeopath and had deep tissue massages (all extremely costly).

I have also been seen by 3 different neurologists under the NHS who gave me medication on each visit - none of them working at all but just giving me horrid side effects.

I have, at last seen a nerve pain specialist (privately) who believes that the botox has triggered underlying symptoms. I have suffered with back and neck issues for many years now. My cranial osteopath (who has been brilliant) also believed this long ago but as she wasn't a proper doctor no one would listen to me.

I am so relieved to find someone who has taken time to research my case properly and understand. I am trying out new medication which will hopefully help. If it doesn't, I then have to go in for day surgery - either cortisone injections or pulsed radio frequency to the occipital nerve.

I hope and pray that I will soon start to see some improvement and hope anyone else out there suffering with the same or similar symptoms will get some help from this.
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