25% TCA Peel Done at Home

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Hi, I recently turned 40 and decided to more...

Hi, I recently turned 40 and decided to more aggressively treat some changes in my skin, my pores are larger, I have a few dark spots ( I have always enjoyed sunshine) uneven skin tone, clogged pores (small black heads) and extra oily T-zone with dry patches on cheeks.
I have done microdermabrasion, retinol treatments (prescription), and various otc aha and glycol treatments so my skin is not Virgin skin.
After extensive research and accompanying a friend to a local dermatologist office to have a tca peel, I felt confident trying it at home on myself.
To begin, I purchased everything I needed in advance, 25% TCA, latex gloves, square gauze pads (which I will not use again) qtips, baking soda, alcohol, store brand cetephil gentle cleanser, vitamin A&D ointment, vitamin A, E and D cream (purchased from local GNC store) and face shield spf 110. Also I have many ball caps which I highly recommend having a hat and sunglasses if you plan to go out. I also had a small table fan to alleviate the burning sensation.
To begin, I set up everything needed. After washing my face as normal, I then used a cotton pad with alcohol drying any excess oil. I then took a wash cloth and saturated it with cool water, layed it flat in the sink and sprinkled a generous layer of baking soda over it. Dried my hands, put on my gloves and applied the tca with the square of gauze, I started with my forehead then nose an ld chin, cheeks were last and finally with a qtip I did around my eyes, being very careful to avoid my eye and eye lids. It did burn slightly, I positioned myself in front of the fab and waited for frosting. I did not frost over my entire face, I applied addition tca with qtip on a couple of dark flat moles and waited the recommended time. ( I suppose different brands of tca have different instructions ). Once the time was up, I leaned forward over the sink and lifted my baking soda covered wash cloth against my face, I simply coated my face with baking soda to neutralize the acid. I didn't scrub I simply held it there for about 30 seconds gently pressing the excess water through the cloth onto my face. (I used a thick wash cloth). I then splashed cool water on my face roughly 2 minutes, patted dry. I then immediately applied a generous layer of ointment and went to bed.
The following days I applied the creams mentioned above and ointment on extra dry areas. On the 3rd day I began to show minimal peeling. For me the days 4, 5, and 6 were the worst peeling days. It was a bit itchy, but it's important to not scratch or pick the skin! I didn't have huge chunks of peeling skin, but more like a light sunburn peel. In after thought, I believe I could have used a cotton pad with a bit more saturation, but better safe than sorry. I will do another peel this fall and definitely try the cotton pad instead of gauze, the gauze also rolled up and didn't allow a smooth motion.
My end results are, I have a smoother appearance, my pores are slightly smaller, the dark spots have lightened, I am less oily in T zone, my skin tone is more even. I did have some breakout but I am not used to applying heavy creams to my face because I am prone to acne if I do so. I normally wear makeup and do not prefer being seen without it, but I am posting pics for my truescrow results to be seen.

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