Getting My Freedom Back- Upper and Lower Abdomen, and Hips - Henderson, NV

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Pre I’m nervous. When was the last time I...


I’m nervous. When was the last time I felt happy with my body? Could losing this fat really make me happy? I wonder. I’ve been obsessed about my tummy for years. So much that it’s stopped me from ever letting my boyfriend see me naked. I sleep with a pillow between us, have sex with a pillow or blanket between us. Enough is enough. I need to feel the closeness to him. I want him to feel the closeness to me. I need to feel the closeness to myself.

I hate not being able to shop based on colors, but rather I shop on fabrics. “Will this cling to my body?”, “Will this shirt come up and accidentally show my tummy?”. ?I’ve lost so many precious moments because I’ve been to focused on this. I’ve avoided things with uniforms, or clothing requirements. Rafting? It would have been so much fun if I wasn’t constantly worrying about looking fat in a wet suit, even with a shirt over it.

I don’t remember ever wearing a form fitting tank top, unless it was under something. I miss swimming! My goodness, do I miss that. My favorite sport. Can’t go swimming! What if my shirt floats up in the water, and getting out of the water? That shirts going to cling to my tummy!

It all sounds so superficial, maybe it is. But it consumes me in away that drags on my mind. I want to be free of these feelings.

I found my shape lipo. It offered good prices. So far I’ve spoken to Brandy and Stephani. Both are really quick to answer any questions. It’s the paying them that kind of makes the process a longer one. If you don’t have a visa, it makes purchasing this a hell of a run, especially if you don’t want anyone to know you’re getting it.

However, I decided to use Visa gift cards. So hopefully that works out.

I’m excited to let the new me experience what the old me put on hold. I’m nervous for the results. I’m not a perfectionist but man oh man do I crave a flat tummy. Mine is so delaptated. The upper half of me isn’t fat, the lower half hower is. I decided to have both my upper abs, lower abs, and love handles done. I want it to look as streamline as possible. Also, they say if you ever put on weight it goes to other area’s first, before the area’s that have been treated, due to the removement of the fat cells. I know losing any weight on the abdomen is hard so I would rather just have that whole area done.

I feel as if this liposuction will make it easier to work out. I would actually see results on my tummy. Doing sit ups was never awful, however unsuccessful. I could have built up so much muscle? But who could tell under the layers of fat, so I gave up. Hopefully this will motivate me.


So, I decied to use a gift card for the downpayment and a money order for the rest. Thank goodness my boyfriend rocks. I was embarassed to ask for it so he did it for me. My surgery is tomorrow at nine. I just finished packing and am off on a plane soon! Wish me luck.

Today is the day. Woke up at five, so I was quite tired. Pehaps it’s the excitment!

Okay, So I just got the procedure. I can’t see the results yet, and can’t remove the garmet to see until tomorrow. I decided to get my hips, and upper and lower abdomen done. There is not much fat on my love handles, but there is some on my hips.??The procedure itself hurt, sometimes a lot. But the girls and Trevor were so awesome and funny! It really hurts around the ribs and hips, the belly button is a little painful too.

They start off by getting all the paper work done. Trevor then did my consultation, asking to see the areas. Later they then take your vitals. Mine were crazy high, so they had to do it again. After that you take some medication, and before or after that, I can’t remember...They draw the area’s that will be done on your body.

They then put the numbing fluid in. This is painful near the bones, and ribs. It feels like your body is a stress ball and the doctor is squeezing and moving it. Soon after they start to remove the fat. For the most part it is okay. At the end it starts to hurt more since there is less fat.

?After the procedure I felt awful, but after the vicodin was given I felt much better. Now I feel excellent, just a little dizzy due to the vicodin. My stomache feels soft. I suppose this is to be expected since I am swollen, and the skin hasn’t reatached itself yet.

I can see some swelling and brusing on my tighs, and in my pubic reginion there is some swelling but this is to be expected.

Oh and post meds are quite affordable.

I will post more soon!

Day 2 was quite a rollercoster due to having a...

Day 2 was quite a rollercoster due to having a plane ride. I got through security fine, as my doctors wrote me a note. Even without the note, I doubt they would have questioned me.
I think I took to much Vicodin. I drank an 80 calorie smoothie, and threw it up before going on the plane. Sitting is a chore, but overall I got use to it quick and the Vicodin made me sleepy.Took off my compression garment. It's really hard to put on.
I'm so swollen so results are still hidden. My lower tummy laying down felt hard and smooth, I let my boyfriend touch it!

Day 3 I finally took a shower. Still really swollen and bruised. Be careful removing the garment as you may leak some discharge that looks red. Fell asleep for a lot of the day. My compression garment today getting on was frustrating. It didn't feel tight enough.
I woke up and had shooting pain near my ribs, so I took half a Vicodin.

So far I don't regret it! Excited to see results.

So today is two weeks since the procedure. The...

So today is two weeks since the procedure. The results looks better and better. It's kind of like receiving a gift each day. I take a lot of photo's to keep up with my progress, because it really shows the improvements.
This is such a gradual process. There is still discomfort for me. I think that's mostly because of the compression garment. My doctor says I can take it off two weeks post op, however, despite the discomfort at night, I'm going to wear it for a bit longer.
I bought spanks to go on underneath, and that makes the garment more comfortable. However, Spanks doesn't seem to be tight enough on it's own.
I will update more soon!

Revision Day 2

I just had a revision on my liposuction. He touched up my upper and lower abdomen. My doctor told me that the procedure could possibly hurt more due to scar tissue.
The procedure itself actually might have been easier than the first time, yet still very painful and uncomfortable.First thing they did was weigh me, take my blood pressure, and then take before photo's. Then they gave some xanax and another medicine. They then put an ice pack on my stomach and left it there for about ten minutes. In this time my stomach was numbed, and the medicine kicked in. The xanax made me a little tired and made the roof wave a little. Non of this was uncomfortable. Next Trevor came back in and told me he was going to start. I was nervous as I knew the pain is pretty bad. The numbing fluid hurts the most going in. It feels like a sharp needle being plunged into your skin, and then wiggling it's way around. It almost has a stress ball feeling as you feel the tugging and pulling of the skin. He puts in the numbing fluid into a few spots on my abdomen, one of the ladies holds my hands as I wiggle in pain. Next he grabs the laser. They put some glasses on me to protect my eyes. He used the 45 watt. For the most part this was not painful. However, he did have to put some more numbing fluid in, as it had not gone to all of my abdomen. The laser was not tough to deal with. Next he started the suction. It vibrates heavily, similar to how a dentist drill feels. The is very uncomfortable and slightly painful at times. They continue to hold my hands. They make good conversation to help distract me, but it still does not take away from the pain.
After they do another pinch test and clean me off. I look very swollen, to be expected. I then change.
After surgery I do not feel nauseated, which is better than last time.
We pick up the medicine and the local cvs, and then head back to the hotel to grab are bags, and then off to the airport we went! There was no trouble with security. I ate a salad at dinner, and then walked around the airport.
The airport was a tad painful but bearable, however after walking I started to feel a wetness on my leg. I was bleeding through and leaking from my bottom incision. We replaced the saturated pad. I took a pain killer and an anti bacterial pill before we got on the plane.
The plane ride was good and I fell asleep pretty fast. I was acting a little loopy but all in all was fine.
Today I woke up feeling fine. I have not walked much and have been relaxing.
I will update you more later!

Revision Day 4

I'm a little more uncomfortable today, but not in pain. I found that I have a little trouble breathing. Maybe my garment was put on to tight last night?
I have lost roughly six pounds. This could be due to the lipo and my diet change, as I was eating poorly and drinking poorly in vegas, and gained about six pounds there.
My results are still not huge but I am not discouraged as I know I am swollen still.
Hope all of you guys are healing great! I will update you soon!
Trevor Schmidt

I found out about them through an advertisement to win free liposuction. I didn't win free liposuction but I did win great results. All the staff were amazing! I truly feel blessed that I found such a good PA. God really was looking out for me. I definitely recommend them.

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