17 Days po and Looking great.

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I'm 53yrs. old 2 kids by birth (boys) 29 and 33 a...

I'm 53yrs. old 2 kids by birth (boys) 29 and 33 a foster daughter came into my life when she was 16yrs. old with a beautiful baby girl and a godson which came into my life at his age of 16 when i lost my best friend. I have 8 grandkids. I was married for 33 years and divoriced. I meet the love of my life and best friend 7yrs. ago. I had to have a full hys. at 23 yrs after my 2nd son was born. My tummy was and always was the most perfect thing I loved. After hyst. cut mussels and tummy never came back. My tt and eye lid lift is in just a about 2 weeks cant wait. I have been reading this site for a couple of months and it is what made me set my date. My ps has done surgery on me before implants. He is great Dr. White has the best bed side manners. My gole is to get my tummy back. Everyone keeps telling me to not to do it, SORRY doing it. Everyone on this site has been my insperation.

10 days to Hollween for all those going Trick or...

10 days to Hollween for all those going Trick or treating, I'm getting a treat cant wait. Went today to ps scheduled a eye lid lift while they have me out. Filled all meds OMG never seen so many meds. I will sleep for a month. Lol Got all supplies I hope, wipes for while I cant take bath, dry shampoo, started pineapple yesterday they said it was good for bruising. The worst stopped taking my hormones been off for 2 weeks hot flashes and mood swings in play, Its all good. Got garment how sexy and rob to wear to ps day of surgery. Ordered lift chair today, got shower curton for chair, peroxide for cleaning garment, chap stick. Oh yea things to make tummy work while on all meds. I've been reading where just about everyone has problems. I read this page every day and see so many strong beautiful women, cant wait to be one of you guys. For now I will keep check on all that have went before me. I will pray for everyone. PS if i missed something please let me now.

Well tomorow 7:30 cant wait, I'll be seeing the...

Well tomorow 7:30 cant wait, I'll be seeing the flat side, something I have'nt seen since 1985. I'll send out post tomorow if possible. Look forward to looking like all of ya'll.

Well its over and down with. Surgery was Wednesday...

Well its over and down with. Surgery was Wednesday morning. Went back Thursday for ck up they pulled out drain. That was geat and got to go home and get a shower all in one day. Today is friday I have took no meds, I have no pain, other than my back WOW does that hurt. I would have posted sooner but got my eyes done at same time and I could not see to post. More pic to come tomorow after shower.

Okay today is one week since my tt and eye lift...

Okay today is one week since my tt and eye lift and I'm amazed. Went to ps yesterday he removed stitches from tt and eyes and gave me a clean bill of health. I don't go back for 4 weeks. Still have swelling in belly, he said would take up to a total 3mths to be back to normal. The scar in nothing put on the tiney's undies and it covered scar. The pain I was having in my back is a pulled mus. in back from trying not to pull on belly when getting up. Have had no drugs in days. Went out for lunch yesterday first time out it was great but man did I get real tired, Came home and took 2hr nap. Today I'm going to work for until I get tired, can't stand being home.

Well today is 9 day po no swelling and felling the...

Well today is 9 day po no swelling and felling the best I've felt yet. Reading everyones post encourages me to know it gets better everyday. I love my new stomach and sides. OMG I have'nt had a hangover in years I love it. My eyes went well also it makes my face look thin. If I had to do it over again I would not think twice. Wishing everyone on this site a quick recovery, God Bless for sharing every part of your healing.

Well its been 2weeks, I have'nt been writing much,...

Well its been 2weeks, I have'nt been writing much, just reading all post. Well I'm doing great went back to work just for a few hours last Thursday. I work till around 2ish go home and prop up feet and rest. I'm so excited with my results its better than I thought is would be. My bh was a real champ with helping me. Even when I was had my catheter he would move my girlfiend out of the way to empty my bag and dump my drain tube this was a total suprise cause he said he could not stand blood. Guess it's true in sickness and in health. I dont know what I would have ever done with out my real good friend Donna she stayed with me over night slept in my bed next to me in my chair and took great care of me, not many friends like that. Anyway swelling has gone down my compression suit got to big (m) had to order new one (s) put it on last night love it feels way better. Everything went so fast tubs out in one day and back in my bed in 5 days. Shower day after surgery. If all keeps going so good my vacation in December I will be kicking it with my new tummy, Oh forgot I had my eyes lifted at same time WOW what a differance that was I look like i got a few years younger. My bh says he thinks that was where the best money was spent. Can't wait till I can see whats under the surigal tape. I wish all a quick recovery and never feel quilty on spending money on yourself we all need to do something for just use. Best wishes

Well its been 17 days po doing great sometimes I...

Well its been 17 days po doing great sometimes I still have swelling nothing ice pack cant help. Before tt every Friday night me and my gf do gno(girls night out) well last night was my first night out wow I looked great and felt great. It was the first time some of them saw me and could not beleive the differance. This has been the best thing I have ever done for me and spent the amount of money I did on me. I would suggest it to anyone thinking about doing this. I will keep in touch. Best wishes to up and coming tt girls.

I have used him twice before. He did my brest implants. Dr White and his staff is the greatest ever. He tells you everything you need to know and want to know about tt. Tori and the rest of staff made me feel so good about myself, before and after. I would use him over anyone.

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