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It's been a long time coming. As with a lot of you...

It's been a long time coming. As with a lot of you lovely ladies out there, my insecurities started at around 13. All my friends seemed to be developing and I felt likemy bee stings and I were getting left behind! My breast did start developing but decided they couldn't be arsed to do much more after reaching a pathetic AA cup. I've dealt with it since then, but never have I been fully confident in bed, on the beach etc. The main issue for me is that I am a very confident, happy go lucky girl in the majority of areas in my life, and why should I have to let this issue get to me so much?!
This is why I've decided, (after years of laughing at myself for even thinking about getting one) to get a breast enlargement!


So! Quick update. I didn't think the day would come that I could say I've only got 1 week to go! But that day is here. Went for my pre surgery appointment today, had to get blood pressure checked, height and weight measured, and swabs taken to check for MRSA. Went through a bunch of questions, what I can and cannot take etc.
Huge bonus is that I'm booked in for an overnight stay but I only paid for daycase! Happy days.
Have to go find a compression bra/sports bra that does up at the front on Thursday. Haven't been able to find any as of yet. Any girls out there know anywhere in he U.K where I can get some decent post surgery bras?
I have to arrive at the hospital for 1.15pm on Tuesday with my surgery taking place around 3pm I think. I can't wait!! Trying to keep myself busy so I don't go mad.
My V shaped pillow arrived today, I would recommend it to anyone. I think it's going to be my life saver when I'm trying to sleep upright. Got it off ebay for like £7! I searched for 'pregnancy pillow'. Make sure your getting a pillow though and not the case which is the mistake I ended up making! Oh well I have a nice blue case for the pillow now!
Anyway I'm rambling, I'll be posting lots more now it's getting closer to my surgery!
Speak soon,

H x

Pregnancy pillow for neck support when sleeping upright

Handy box

Thought i would share with you all the contents of my little handy box of tricks that I'll keep next to the bed while I recover!
Any suggestions for more additions are most welcome.
So far I've got:
Lip balm
Moisturiser (hand and body)
Baby wipes
Hand sanitiser
Arnica tablets
Antibacterial soap (to use night before and day of surgery pre-op in shower)

Going to get a whole bunch of magazines, plus I've not started to watch game of thrones yet so I'm waiting until I'm in recovery. That will certainly keep my mind of the pain! I've heard it's amazing.


Of to find a compressions/sports bra today. Wish me luck! I'll let you know if I find any bargains.


So shopping for a post op bra today proved quite difficult. Ended up getting a sports bra with front zip from marks and Spencer. But the highlight of my purchases today was a jazzy bikini from tk.maxx. It was only a tenner I couldn't resist!! Here's a photo...just can't wait to fill the top!! I will use this bikini for before and after shots!!

It's getting closer!

So I've just got the weekend to get through and then I'll finally have to realise I'm getting cut open and having a boob job. It hasn't hit me yet! I don't feel nervous, scared excited today. I feel nothing....like it's still not happening. When I say to myself I'm getting a breast enlargement on Tuesday I feel really chilled out about it. I just want to shake myself and be like 'HAYLEY!!YOUR FINALLY GETTING YOUR BOOBS DONE!!!!' Haha. I kind of feel like I'm suddenly going To wake up and it's all just been a dream and I'm going to have my ironing board chest forever! That scares me so much more than surgery. Aaaaargh!!
Anyone else felt like that? I think it's all going to hit me full force on Tuesday morning when I wake up.
I keep worrying that I'm going to wake up late too and miss my surgery time. That's one of the biggest anxieties I'm dealing with at the moment. It sounds stupid but I have trouble getting up early anyway. I work long hours during the night in a busy cocktail bar. My body clock is literally all over the place!! But I've got three whole, blissful weeks off to recover. I plan on lazing around for the first week and watching Game Of Thrones. I have saved it for recovery. Three whole series to catch up on!! That will keep me entertained.

Done most of my food shop. Going to get all condiments and seasonings down from the cupboards the night before and keep them in a box on the kitchen table. I do NOT want to end up in a situation where I'm unable to reach the mayo for my tuna pasta. That would be hell. Hell I tell you!!!

Anyway I have rambled on for much longer than acceptable (again) so I shall leave you girls in peace and speak to you all soon!

H x


I've just realised I haven't even shared with you all the details of what I'm getting etc.

So I've decided I'm going for 350cc anatomical, cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants, infra mammary incision. Originally I had wanted round implants but my surgeon said to achieve the most natural looking results with my body shape I should get the anatomical. At first I questioned him. "There are so many women that I've seen who have had round implants who are thin with very little breast tissue and they look very natural". I said. He told me that I have quite a short chest (from my sternum to the top of my nipple) and if I got round implants they may sit too high. I then imagined a dreaded pair of boobs grazing my chin so I decided to take his expert advice and go with anatomical. I feel like I've made the right decision. Even if there is a small chance of rotation. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

The day has come!!!

Sat here in the hospital waiting to go into surgery. Mums sat scoffing a sandwich which is making me feel sooo hungry!! Bit of advice- don't make the same mistake as I did and forget to eat/drink much the day before. All I can think about is food haha. Still waiting for nerves to kick in! Mr.Spryou, my surgeon came in and marked me up, I've spoken to my anaesthetist, I'm all ready to go.
Waiting around another hour or two he said. I'll see you soon!

From molehills to MOUNTAINS!! ;)

Yessssss girls!!!
Finally they're here. Went down to theatre around half 4, staff were wonderful and lovely. Those nerves I was waiting for...didn't not pop up until right before I was getting put to sleep. I can't believe how calm I've been throughout the whole process so far. I'm a jug worrier and sweat the small stuff so easily. It's crazy. Only I could worry about how much the taxi cost on the way here but undergoing major surgery? No problem!! Haha.
Anaesthetic is such a weird thing. When they were putting me to sleep I first felt heat In my neck and then started to feel really heavy, then like a prickly sensation started around my neck and chest then that was it. I was out!

Came round about 7, 7.30pm. Felt a little groggy at first but now I've had something to eat and had painkillers (morphine, codeine, and something else)! I'm feeling really relaxed. Getting my drains emptied soon.
Not looking forward to going to the toilet! I came on my period yesterday so that's going to be a little awkward when the nurse has to help me.

When I first looked down an instant smile was on my face. They look wonderful! I know that's going to get worse before they get better but I'm happy so far. When I press them they feel like they are filled with air! It's really odd. Almost like an air bed really filled up haha. I'm in overnight so I'll keep you posted. Me and the beauty's are just gonna watch tv and rest!

One love!

H x

5am update :)

So after that update I sat up and watched a few things- forgetting Sarah Marshall being one! I fell asleep after that. Just woke up now at 5am needing loo. Not as bad as I though it would be I can pull my pants down! For now anyway. I know, I know, know I shouldn't judge how my boobs look now but I cant help it! Worried they are going to turn out a little smaller that I had hoped. But I need to remember and make sure I keep remembering for ever more how small I was before. They are humongous compared to my baby AA's!
Can wait for morning to come when I can speak to my surgeon and go home. All I can think about is food! Just taken some more morphine for the pain. I would say pain wise I'm at a 2/10 uncomfortableness has been between 3/10 and 5/10 when pain meds are wearing off . For me the worst thing is feeling like your not free to breath deeply. That should go soon though. Anyway gonna try go back to sleep. Speak soon.

H x


Had quite a nice sleep actually all things considered. I was comfortable enough even though had to sleep sitting up. Honestly girls- invest in v shaped pillow. It's the best ever. It means you can let your head lol over the to the side and your still supported. I'll be using it all the time! Even when I'm healed up!
Just waiting for breakfast to arrive. All nurses have been wonderful apart from this new one who's just started morning shift. She made me feel bad for asking her to do things. Excuse me love! I'm paying over four grand for this. The least you can do is plug my phone in the charge and help me with my laptop. Jeez! There's always one
Anyway rant over haha. Breakfast is here!! Yum yum.

H x


Im in some pain now. The left breast is completely fine the right one is hurting. I feel like I can only take shallow breaths because it hurts so much. If ninjas to describe it, it's not an ache or a sharp pain, it's like a full stabbing pain just on one very specific area. It's almost like if you pressed really really hard on a really bad bruise. Im going to ask for stronger painkillers. Had a wander around the ward to see if that helped. It made me feel dizzy and tired. I think you've just got to listen to your instinct as to how much activity you do as the days go by. The nurse said for me to take a wander but I really didn't feel like it was a good idea considering how I felt. She didn't seem to listen to me. I wish there was a different nurse here she's not very nice :(

First look at new boobies!!

So my surgeon just came in the see how I was doing. He said the surgery went really well, and that he successfully dropped the left one to equal them out as there was a slight asymmetry. He took the bandages off and had a look. He said he thinks I will be between a c and a d for end result. I'm so happy about that because I feared I would be smaller than a c when I first looked at them!
The gap between them will come together as they settle. I just can't wait to see how they change over the next few weeks! I have to come back in two weeks and get my stitches removed. Eeek! Not looking forward to that. Here's a photo of them with no dressings!

Home sweet home

So I arrived home around 12.30pm. Had some soup as soon as I got in, and then took my mess afterward. Only been prescribed codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen. Thought I would have had some Valium! Was quite looking forward to the Valium hehe. My mums just popped into town to pick up some stuff including some constipation tablets. (Codeine blocks you up) nice.
I'm looking forward to a nice bath tonight. I've asked her to get me some lovely lavender bubble bath to relax my muscles. I can only take shallow baths for the next two weeks. Then I go back to the hospital to get my stitches out.
Feeling ok apart from got a belly ache and the pain has moved down so it's more around the bottom of my breasts now . It's more sore and more spread out than before. I'm really bloated (as expected) and I feel a lot of wind coming on. Feel like I'm just a huge inflated balloon at the moment!
Keep drifting in and out of tiredness. My friend is coming to visit soon so ill have a good catch up with him and then take it easy, start watching game of thrones!!!

Photos day 2

Feeling sore.

So just before bed last night I realised that I should have been taking my meds every 6 hours not every 4! So I didn't take any until I woke up just now. I never realised how much the meds actually work until you stop taking them for a long period of time!! Hopefully the pain will go away soon. I woke up several times in the middle of the night flat straight on my back. I'm worried because I should be sleeping sat up! Hopefully it's not going to have too much of an affect. The difference between yesterday and today is that I have more feeling in my boobs. I can feel everything sloshing around and my nipples are starting to become less numb. They have swollen slightly more. I have air bubbles surrounding my breasts. Apparently the air bubbles just make their way down and out! I am such a farty pants! I have so much wind and I'm so bloated. It's awful. I hope that goes away soon hehe. Not very attractive!
I had a lovely lavender bath last night which was relaxing but I couldn't get the bandages wet. I can't get them wet for two weeks. So it will be wet wipes up top for two weeks! Nightmare. But so worth it in the long run!

2nd day post op

Noting much to report except it feels really weird without sports bra. When I take it off to look at my boobs it feels like they are going to fall off! Really bizarre sensation. Feeling really sleepy from the pills but other than that not much has changed since yesterday. Took a walk to the shop and back, felt good to stretch my legs. I don't know if it's just me but my boobs are feeling a little softer at the sides. Still air bubbles surrounding them though! Making some very odd noises.


So been waking up around 8 most mornings and I think today it's all caught up with me. I woke up at 9 feeling sprightly and then fell straight back to sleep and now I feel so so tired. I don't wanna sleep more though! I want to socialise and meet friends and do things! But it's to early to do that yet. I went to shop yesterday for a few groceries and was super tired after that. Gotta learn to take it easy!

Day 5!

Feeling like the boobies are looking much better today! They look like they've dropped ever so slightly and they are definitely softening up! Finally went to the toilet last night. I'm still not completely back to normal, got stomach ache today but hopefully after a few more days I'll be all good. Honestly, so far, the constipation has probably been the most uncomfortable part of this whole experience!

Been trying on some tops and bikinis (couldn't resist) I know it's far to early to even look good yet but i literally can't tell you how excited I was to try on some tops that before just never looked good! Out of all the days so far Thursday was the hardest. But i think I'm through the worst!

Pics at day 5

Mostly worried about my right breast being slightly lager than the left breast. Hopefully this will go down over time and not be as noticeable. Also on the outer side of my right breast the outline isn't quite round. Again, hopefully this will straighten itself out over time. Just looks a bit weird at the moment! Other than that they are in good shape.

Day 6

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