36 Years Old, 3 Kids-c-sections. Tummy tuck and Vaser to flanks GB. - London, GB

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Well I've been reluctant to write a review and...

Well I've been reluctant to write a review and I've been reading everyone else's.
No one apart from my hubby knows I'm having this so maybe writing this will help with the nerves.
Dr Marcellino at Mya London is doing my procedure. I must admit the administrative side to things has been appalling. My pc doesn't bother getting back to me half the time and does nothing to make this process any easier. Had I know how bad it would be I would've gone elsewhere. She told me the surgeon was happy to do two areas of lipo so I paid up.. When I saw him he said he wasn't and I would have to come back two months after my TT. So yet more time off work, more childcare costs and travel expenses plus I don't want to be just sedated!
If not for the surgeon having such a good rep I would seriously reconsider continuing.

Having serious doubts

Losing faith. This place is proving a nightmare. Now my pc says it's an extra 2k to have the extra lipo despite me already having paid for it all to be done in one go. She said it was possible but surgeon didn't. She says she will get more " leway" with him. I don't know what on earth is going on but I'm not paying out anymore. Would like to change my pc but when o called and asked to speak to the manager they put me through to my current co ordinator. Feel I'm being blocked, she was rude and wouldn't let me speak. I asked her why this was all coming up now and told her I had sent numerous emails to her about what the surgeon said. She thinks she knows better than him though.
Don't know who to speak to or who to trust there. I'm so stressed.

Having regrets

Wish I had gone elsewhere. If this is what it's like before my op I am dreading the aftermath.
Feel I've thrown thousands of pounds away.????

Not long now!!

So almost 9 days to go... I sent my pc a email asking her to update my personalised plan to show on it that I'm meant to be having 1.30hr of Vaser. No surprises she hasn't responded.
Still wondering if it's worth me trying to change at this late point. I might regret not doing it afterwards.
Strange I really don't know what to expect next week. This is all so new to me.
I should really go and buy some loose clothing for afterwards.
I was watching botched up bodies last night and that freaked me out. Most of the stuff was about boobs anyway... I would love to have them done next! Lol
I decided not to tell anyone about this op. Only my hubby knows so I feel like I'm going to explode sometimes as I just want the reassurance from friends and family.
I just don't want to be judged and I know people are ignorant and think it's some form of weight loss tool except it isn't. I'm got riddled with terrible insecurity I mean my husband has never seen me naked for goodness sake. Yeah I know! Lol.
I will when I feel grave enough post some pics of myself. I just can't bear looking at them to be honest

Could it get any worse!

Sorry for not updating. I'm so fed up.
Up until Wednesday I was still waiting on my of alice to send me my updated personal plan ( gives you procedure and cost breakdown). As usual I hear nothing till I send yet more emails asking her if she got the last ones.
She then responds now telling me there has been a confusion so although she assured me it was 1.5 hrs of Vaser it is now only 1hour. She goes on to say I'm
Not owed Any money apart from £55. So I'm having 30 mins less of lipo and 1 area less and it amounts to £55??!!
I questioned this and she didn't like it and she sent me a rude email which began " "again I will explain"!
That was the final straw for me. I'm paying so much money outright and going through major surgery and she thinks it's ok to give me inaccurate information that's changed each time she's questioned plus thinks it ok to talk to a client like that. Couldn't believe this was happening so I called and spoke to the pc manager there and explained what happened and said I'm asking for the second time now I want to change my patient coordinator. She said the new one would call me on Thursday at noon.
Surprise surprise no one has called and it's Friday at 4pm.
I've just received a message from the old pc so nothing has obviously been done.
What do I do now? I've called the clinic and left a message.
I don't trust her and she does not have my best interest at heart. She's been no support and has been rude, unprofessional and downright unpleasant.
I go in on wed and I feel so miserable when I should be excited.
Funny how one bad customer service representative can ruin the whole image of a company.


Will be brave a post some pics this weekend x

Nerves are setting in ????

So I've tried to keep busy this weekend. There seems so much to organise at home. I'm feeling terribly guilty that I'm leaving my children and not telling them the truth about what I'm doing.
Myself and my hubby have talked about that since I'm only due in at 1pm and he has the 3 kids to look after that it's probably best I go in on my own. I really don't want to but he won't be there when I go into theatre anyway as he'll have to do the long drive home plus there's the parking costs and congestion charge.
I'm scared to be honest. I feel ill be going into a place where no one really has my best interest at heart. I still over 5 days later haven't heard from my new PC so who do I report to should I need someone?
I've eaten all the wrong things today too. Cakes and chocolate. No wonder I'm in need of a TT ;0/

36 hours to go..

36 hours to go and I've still not heard from anyone ???? Unbelievable

I'm here!

Well I'm here. Was shown to my room pretty promptly and am now waiting to go into theatre. Really hope it's not too long.
I wasn't even sure at 5pm last night that this was going to go ahead.
I got a text from my old PC asking me to come in and sign paper work. Is she crazy? I've sent this in twice. I also love 2 hours away and seriously asking me 18 hours before my op to do her admin. What a joke.
I didn't let it stress me out as much as I have been over the last few weeks. I must say they have made this journey absolute hell. I cannot believe how badly they have treated me and they still owe me money but that's been ignored.
At least the surgeon has excellent reviews.
I'll post someone when I can.. Argh hate waiting x

I'm home

It's been a few days since my surgery now.
I eventually went down to theatre 6 hours after I was admitted. Got there at 12.30 pm for a 1pm admission and was taken into theatre at just before 7pm. I was put on a IV drip whilst i waited as I was so dehydrated. Getting a canula in someone who hasn't eaten or drunk for 22 hours isn't easy and I had a fair share of pricks! Eventually the anthestist had to come down and do it.
The rest is a blur I just remember waking up shaking uncontrollably and in the worst pain I have ever experienced. The morphine they were giving me wasn't taking effect as I'm already on opiate medication for back pain. I was shaking so much they couldn't get the compression garment on.
Eventually they did and I got back to my room. Had a very bad night they couldn't get the pain under control and I was exhausted.
The staff there were really nice and attentive. I could not believe how tight the garments were. So much so I could breath properly and finish a sentence. I kept telling them it was too tight and I couldn't breath but no one really listened and said they are all like that. Unfortunately I didn't see my surgeon till the mid morning of the day I was leaving. He straight away said for them to take the garment of as it was cutting my circulation off. I was so happy to hear that!
My mobility improved literally straight away and I felt I could make the 2 hour journey home.
I did try and have a look at my tummy but still feel fat and can pinch a small roll. It's all covered up with tape etc now but I still have a lot of stretch marks which means no bikini ????
Can't say I'm delighted with what I see cos I feel I don't look different and after all that pain and money having been spent I feel at a low.
Mya admin snf reception staff are the worst you could experience but the hospital staff are great.

Still look the same :0/

First post op appointment

Had my dressings taken off. Felt a little like a wax but the area is still so numb I can hardly feel anything.
I have a slight pink area that's weeping but the nurse said it should be ok.
I'm not massively delighted with the outcome as of yet. I look like I have a pooch still and have a roll when I sit down.
I thinking I will probably end up going for more lipo when I can.
As for the compression garment the surgeon told me to not wear, the nurse said I have to wear it.
I tried but it's too tight and I'm allergic to the nickel in the fasteners. For the moment I've got spandex knickers on and my binder and I'll see what they suggest next.
You can see in the pics that I'm quite lumpy but that's to be expected only 10 days post op.


I started to notice a little bit of a smell coming from my wound a few days ago.
It's pretty common from what I've read so I tried not to get paranoid about it.
I was the only one who could smell it.
I took myself off to the GP anyway who gave me anti biotics anyway and this morning my dressings got changed.
There are some pink bits and a little oozing as expected but the nurse said it looked fine and wasn't anything to worry about.
I must say I'm pleased. I'm going to email them to the clinic anyway.
Hubby said I should be really pleased with the work the surgeon has done.
Sending positive vibes my friends xx

8 weeks post op

So still have a roll and am still sore and swollen to my flanks.
Sorry this is so short I will update more soon. Still not heard about my complaint from Mya. Looks like I'll be having my wedding blessing without the vaser to bra line. So annoyed it's partly why I had this all done in the first place.
You live and you learn!'

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