27 Years Old, One Daughter, Tummy Tuck with Vaser to Flanks. London, GB

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In 2009 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl....

In 2009 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. Being only 20 at the time I would say I was Nieve to think my body would Spring back to its youthful tight skin. I have never had a tight flat tummy that most desire, however, I was comfortable back then. After I gave birth I didn't even recognise the women standing in the mirror. My new undesired figure took its toll on everything, the way I dressed, my confidence and sex life. I felt such a mess but my husband always said it never bothered him, it must have surely?

From day one of giving birth I knew I wanted to change. I tried dieting and exercising and it just didn't get better. I finally joined slimming world and lost 2stone and felt great but my forever hanging tummy just got more and more loose. I joined a gym which made no difference at all expect waste my money each month and cause me increasing frustration.
Due to my fold, apron, mummy tummy, what ever you want to call it, I used to get sores that would bleed and cause me so much pain. I would try and hide these from my husband and pretend it wasn't that bad. I became a real professional at hiding my body and dressing in a way no one really knew the depth of my unhappiness. I went to many doctors appointment and tried several creams to clear it all up, none really worked and they would just return. The doctor told me I would never tone that skin or muscle as they were broken due to pregnancy.

My husband knew I wanted a tummy tuck and 7years on this finally came true! I was so happy but there was a slight guilt in me as I was cutting away evidence of ever giving birth to my wonderful daughter, not to mention the cost ????

I went for my consultation and after leaving I couldn't contain my excitement. I knew I wanted it and I knew I wanted them to do it.
After several days talking to my partner about it I decided to book it. The relief of just booking a date was massive. I then started to worry about what people would say. Was a being vein? Were they going to judge me? I started by telling my family and in-laws. They were all fine about it but I found myself justifying why I was having it done. I would take pictures of my tummy and show them even though I just wanted to hide it away from the world. I found this helped me with my emotions and anxiety about people knowing and judging why I was having it done. They all responded in the same way, "we had no idea you looked like that". I think this is beacuse I came so clever at pretending and hiding it.

I had a 5month wait till my procedure which felt like a lifetime!

On the 3rd October 2016 at 11:40am I went down for my surgery. I went down wearing a hospital dress and the ever so attractive paper knickers, no make up and feeling very vulnerable. I was down for 2.5 hours. On my return to my room I had to move myself from the theatre bed to my own bed. When the nurse said this to me I felt fear takeover. I didn't want to move a muscle! I managed this and the nurses helped, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I soon got comfy on my profiling bed and spent two nights in hospital as planned with my surgeon. I had drains in which I expected, however, what I didn't expect was that these came out of my pupic mound. It was so uncomfortable, the tubes were stitched to my skin and caught every now on the garment I was wearing. I didn't know about this otherwise I would have tidied up the bush ???? It Just something to think about ladies.
Over these tubes they placed a dressing which as you can imagine hurt when pulled off as it was stuck to my "tidy" patch of hair.

On my first night I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. Food and drink was the last thing on my mind, but my blood pressure kept dropping really low and the nurses kept encouraging it. They brought me in a lovely spicy chickpea salad on flat bread which looked great. I attempted to pick up my fork, to my surprise I started to be sick, the smell was so overpowering. God did it hurt to be sick, I felt like someone was repeatadle kicking me in the tummy. The nurse took it away and I managed a slice of toast and tea.

It felt like I had been asleep for days and my two night stay was over and had come to an end. The nurse came in to remove my drains which didn't hurt, but was very uncomfortable. A very unusual sensation. You feel the unexpectedly long tube slither out after one sharp pull. No stitches were required after, just another dressing, again on top of my hair!????

The journey home in the car was interesting. You feel every bump in the road and going around corners was horrible. I found myself holding my tummy as it felt like everything was sliding. My husband was driving and said he was really nervous about hurting me or worse, having a crash.
Once home safe and sound, I rested on the recliner in no pain at all. My husband waited on me hand and foot. That took some getting use to! Didn't take me too long though ????
I managed to go upstairs by climbing like a monkey. I was so hunched over, which caused me to have so much back pain.
As the days went on I started improving no end. I wasn't so hunched over, I didn't take pain meds after 4 days as it just wasn't needed. I would say the most challenging thing for me was goin to the toilet. I have to wear a all in one body suit for 6weeks plus a binder on top for 4weeks, 24hours a day. I can't even take it off to go to the toilet.
I have a small hole which allows to pass what I need to, needless to say this took me a long time to get use to. At first I kept peeing on it where it would just run down my bum and leg. I soon found that if I sat as far back on the toilet and lent forward I could avoid this happening. It's very unnatural to pass anything whilst wearing clothes and I found running the tap really helped me, otherwise I would sit there for ages.
Another thing which is hard is having a poo! ???? I know this is probably too much information but you need to know. You get so constipated, it was 6days before I passed anything, I overdosed on laxatives just to be able to go. When I did it was such a relief and the tightness on my tummy went down.
Again with too much information, plan your dates. I didn't once think about my period! It wasn't till 3days post op when this occurred to me because I had come on. It's absolutely horrendous and if it can be avoided, avoid it!
I was told I can't bath or shower for 3weeks! I fell absolutely disgusting but managing with a good wash and a hair wash every now and then.

I had a check up at 7 days post op when I first got to see my new tummy. It looks great, obviously still looks a mess with blood and healing etc but overall I am very happy with the way it looks. The cut is very neat and low and my belly button looks petite. I can't wait to see the full recovery soon. I only managed to get pictures of my new tummy laying down as my blood pressure goes into a friendzie when I take my body suit off so I can't stand for too long. I start seeing stars and then pass out ???? I'm hoping this is going to get better.

I am now 13 days post op and still walking with a little hunch. I couldn't imagine going back to work right now and wouldn't advise it for anyone. I am due back on the 3rd Nobember and hoping I'm going to be ready.
I am doing a lot more walking and getting in and out of sitting and laying down by myself. Everyday I am getting stronger, needless to say I have bad days of low energy and tightness. My tummy seems to swell at night still and if I do too much during the day I really ache.
My advise would be rest and let people do things for you. It's a long process and we just have to be patient. I have put some picture on here for you all to look at. I am due for my two week post op appointment on the 17th October so will try and get a few more pictures for you.

Pictures from pre op to 7days post op

Just a few pictures for you all to browse.

Pre op pictures

Markings done and ready to go down

I had no nerves at all, just excitement to be free of this body.

Back from surgery

God I was tired after, couldn't keep my eyes open. I stayed in for two nights and I couldn't advise this more! The nurse were great and so helpful.

First look after four days

So today I had my first look, 4days post op. I can officially say they were they worst night sleeps I have ever had but the medication really did help.

I found it useful to lay on my back with five pillows to sit me up and three pillows under my knees to keep me bent in the middle.

7days post op

First look under the dressings. I am very happy with the results. I think the incision is neat and low like I wanted. Shame I have the cut up towards my belly button, not sure why he had to do that but I will ask and let you know.

I have red sores all around me which has been caused by the garment, it's super tight.

Can't wait for ge swelling to go.

14 days post op

So a little improvement. Incision looks very healthy and healing nicely with a nice light pink colour.

There is a horrible smell from my tummy, it's a little musky and old smelling. Hard to explain sorry. Anyway, the nurse said this is usual for someone who has had vaser as they inject a solution which lets out an odour as it seeps out of the body. That was such a relief to hear, I thought she was going to say I have an infection.

Today I had my stitches out and to my surprise is didn't hurt at all. My tummy is so numb I did feel a thing.

I still can't bath and have to rest up and will need to see the nurse again in 7days.

I do have a little disappointment which is really upsetting but I think I can get over it. I use to have my belly button pierced and if you look above the incision which goes up you can see the scaring. Not sure why he didn't just remove this?! I will be asking him why and if he can do anything about it. I'm not too bothered by it as I'll still be able to hide it but why should I after spending all that money. I guess I'll have to wait, there maybe a reason for it.

A requested picture of the leaving scar from belly button piercing

@Ariel20 this is what my scar looks like. It's like I could put the belly bar back in. Sorry about the quality of the picture.

3 weeks post op

So three weeks has now past I'm a blink of an eye. I've had my ups and downs! When people say you feel really low and depressed some days they weren't joking.

When I had my stitches out at two weeks it made me so paranoid. I kept thinking my incision had opened and I couldn't look because it was covered by the dressings and I didn't want to risk getting an infection. I hung out for my three weeks post op appointment with the nurse and to my excitement I was healing just fine and couldn't be happier with how it looks.

I have added some new pictures so please let me know what you think.

I still can't stand straight and I still have marks over my tummy due to allergic reaction to dressings and the garment rubbing.

I know I shouldn't compare yet and wait for it to be a surprise, but I couldn't help myself

At only three weeks and I already love it

Sex after the operation.

Not sure how anyone else has felt, but not having sex was so hard!? My husband kept saying he didn't want to hurt me even though I felt fine to try.
He made me hold out for three weeks and three days then finally gave in. To both our surprise it was easy and pain free.

I took control as he was worried about hurting me. As my garment is a body suit that is open between the legs I didn't have to take it off, guess that's why it was easier?

If I was going to give any advice about sex after the operation it would be to listen to your body, if your feel ready you probably are. Just take it easy and lead

Four weeks post op

Four weeks now and feeling great. I'm finding myself doing a lot more. I seem to forget I have not long ago had major surgery and need to calm down on the super women act lol.

My husband is still being awesome, definitely could not have done it with out him. I will for sure not let him get away with not cooking now I know he can cook! Hehe.

I started to drive to and it wasn't to bad. I have a mini so getting in and out wasn't the easiest. I felt every bump and the steering was heavy despite having power steering.

I've uploaded a picture which I've cropped so hope the quality is ok. I just wish the marks on my tummy from the garment would go so it would look nicer.

Is anyone else finding trouble with this?

Is anyone struggling to maintain a healthy diet? I just want to constantly eat or binge. When I first had the op done I was never hungry, I've now found my appetite and more lol. I'm just worried about putting weight on and ruining it all.

My skin is also extremely flaky and peeling like mad and it's not just my tummy, it's everywhere. Does anyone else have this problem?

Dissolvable stitches coming out of my scar

I've done a lot of walking over the last two days and worn some of my trouser which I have to admit to being too tight! I feel bigger now then I did before. My thighs are massive! When will they go down? I am now paying for over doing it with uber swelling to my right side.

I had all my stitches out at two weeks and today I found what must be the dissolvable stitches coming out from my scar in two places. I tried to pull on it but it was stuck in and I don't want to do any damage. Anyone else experienced this?

Got a small hole :(

Today is not a good day!
I'm an emotional wreck today and not really sure why and to top it all off my tummy is the size of a football!! I've been back at work now for the past two days and haven't really been doing to much so can't make out why the bad swelling all of a sudden.
I have also found a small pin prick hole which is not good and I'm worrying like crazy about. I'm not in any pain and can't see any signs of infection which is good I guess. I plan on ringing my surgeon first thing in the morning, just hope they can see me before my next appointment on the 16th.

I really under estimated the healing time for complications and effort!

Need some cheering up!!


God I wish this heartburn would go away! I've been experiencing it for two weeks now and thought nothing of it. I started researching it and it's a common problem after a tummy tuck. It's worse when I lay down and when I eat, I get a feeling of the food getting stuck and scratching as it goes down. I have a hard lump on the right side which you can't see but feel when I push down. I've had from day one but it's started to hurt now, in a little paranoid it could be a hernia.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

On the plus side the pin prick hole has now healed.

6 weeks update

So I'm now 6weeks. I have taken off my garments and it feels great but weird. The sensation it hard to explain but I'll give it ago.

So having the garment off it's like having to learn how to stand and walk unaided. I almost feel like I'm head heavy and can fall over head first at any min. I constantly hold my breathe and forget to breath. I know that sounds stupid but I think it's because I'm tensing my muscles as I don't have the tightness of the garment anymore. I don't feel secure without it.

I'm healing nicely but still have these dissolvable stitches poking through which is really annoying.
I'm seeing the nurse on Wednesday and I'm hoping she will say I can keep the garment off. I have a feeling she will make me put them all back on as the swelling is terrible since I've taken them off.

Thought I'd upload a few pictures of what I look like now. I should have down it this morning when I was less swollen so you can see a true reflection but I didn't, sorry.

Love this Comparison

9.5 week post op

So I'm 8weeks post op and I feel great. Still carrying a little swelling but it really is starting to decrease now.

My confidence has improved 110% even my husband says how different I am now. I finally feel confident in myself. I'm still in the heavier side of where I want to be so I'm slowly working on that.

My scar from where the garment was rubbing is slowly fading but you can still see them.

I'm really happy with my BB, it looks real which was so important to me.


So I'm 10 weeks now and my stomach is absolutely fine and all healed amazingly!

I mentioned before about making sure you get a wax done prior to your surgery this is because of the dressing they apply.
Well now that I am 10weeks I am still having trouble because no one told me to wax before hand. I now have loads of in growing hairs which are so painful and I am having to pluck them out using tweezers and a needle. I now have red spots all over which are so sore! I have these because when the hair was growing back after shaving they had no where to go so the stayed under the skin or came out and went back in.


After care

I am currently 4months post op and should have seen the surgeon by now for my checkup, but nothing. I had to contact them and chase my appointment which I think is unfair. I have an appointment on the 2nd March which will make me 5 month post op, this will be the first time I get to see my surgeon since I was in hospital. I really don't think this is acceptable. Due to this I still haven't been able to discuss the issue with him leaving my old bb but I'll be sure to discuss this with him. Despite the after care I am still happy. I'm starting to notice that my tummy is getting looser and wish I had an extended tuck as my flanks still fold when sitting. Shouldn't complain really as it's an amazing difference.

Going for a consultation for revision surgery

So it's turns out now that I am 6months post op me and my surgeon share the same views and both are not 100% happy with the overall results. I still have some loose skin especially when bending over, it could just be a little tighter and flatter. Although I am over the moon with the results, I want better! But will I always think this? I think so, guess we're never really happy despite what work we have done.

We are looking into removing the old belly button piercing which he left (unsure why) and a little more skin removed with some extra lipo.
I feel even more nervous this time round then I did at the beginning of this journey. I still don't know what to expect but will know more on the 20th April at my consultation, can't wait!

I guess I could also do with loosing a few pounds/stone but I'm in fear of the skin getting looser again.

I also love my belly button and don't know if I want to take the risk of it being messed up after the revision surgery.

What do you all think? Should I have it done or just leave it alone and sort my stupid brain out lol?

I also still have the marks the garment left me with, I really thought they would have gone by now, any advise on how to fade these?

Waiting for my revision date

So been and seen my surgeon and his hoot for me to go ahead with revision. He wants to do scar correction, remove a little excess skin and the old tummy piercing. I'm now just waiting on the revision team getting back to me which should be in the next 10days to then set a date ????

Thought I would upload a picture of my tummy as it is today at 7months. The scar looks so much darker in the picture. I've also uploaded a picture of the scar up close which shows it's true colour.

Revision booked!!

So I've got me revision booked for the 5th July, very excited!

My pre-op is tomorrow, so all moving very quickly at last. I'm a little nervous as I have a holiday booked which will be 4weeks after my revision, not sure if it's a wise choice but fingers crossed it will be ok.

Couldn't ask for a better surgeon!! His not always the most talkative person and can come across rushed or uninterested, please don't let this put you off, you will regret it. He is lovely and works to perfection with a real eye for detail and listens to what you want. After my surgery I found that he went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and talked to me about other options where needed. I couldn't be happier with my tummy tuck, his made a total difference to my life and I will be forever grateful! His not a surgeon who is just after your money, if that was the case he would have done my breast implants at the same time and not declined to do both at the same time due to the risk to my health and my recovery progress.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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