My Tummy Tuck, No Regrets, Glad I Did It!

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Pros: Youthful abdomen, feel restored, beautiful...

Youthful abdomen, feel restored, beautiful incision, proportionate, one day of pain, forced-to-relax

Cons or better worded strong advice:
Need to do your research, try to be healthy, not for everyone, need to follow physicians instructions, you must take it easy and not do anything strenuous

I am 50 years old. I have 3 children, with one child having been born close to my 40's. Though my skin laxity was beautiful through my 20's & 30's, my body just didn't bounce back after the last child. Exercise and diet brought me back to my BMI, and I was able to hide my imperfections under clothes. However,there is nothing like that feeling of balance and having your stomach proportionate.

My decision was fairly quick to undergo the surgery, but I did research that would suit myself. I had pondered the idea for a few years, but took it more seriously around at 50th birthday. Not only did I examine the background of the physicians, I spent hours looking at samples of their work, especially their incisions. Sometimes the reputation on paper, and incredible references are not going to match what you are looking for. I wanted someone who was detailed, with good beside manner, and had pride in their work. I found a female and she was perfect for me.

It's been 4 weeks; my incision fits perfect beneath my undergarments. I'm still a tiny bit beat up from the surgery, but the swelling has gone down so much I can see my small waist again. Most of all my abs are flat. The hardest part was the tightness I felt in the beginning. I really still don't feel like I can eat as much as I used to. For the most part, my biggest challenge has been to not be overactive and taking it easy. I had one day of pain. I think it's because I believe in exercising every day and most of my body is fit. This was a good experience for me, but I think it was because my doctor was someone who is very experienced but informative about plastic surgery and all the different procedures. Her office staff is trained as well. What I like most is that I have a packet of instructions, that I can refer back and forth to make sure that I'm doing the right things. I don't have any regrets, and I'm glad I did it.

I used to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and met at least 300-400 doctors per month. I understand that each doctor has a certain combination of traits that is important for patients. She demonstrates great knowledge of her work and experience. She is personable and has great bedside manner. Her work is impeccable. Whatever criticisms she has undergone, I felt she was right for me. I did like that fact that she was a woman as opposed to a male physician. She understands the aesthetics of why we would want a procedure in the first place. It was well worth the money. If you are going to do something for yourself like this, it's because you care about your appearance. You need someone who is conscious of that.

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