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In 1995, I had breast implant surgery at the age...

In 1995, I had breast implant surgery at the age of 40. I used saline implants and for 10 years, I was the happiest woman on the planet. I felt desireable, sexy, healthy and loved my body for the first time I can ever remember.

In 2005, I participated in a clinical research trial at a Nashville teaching hospital for silicone Inamed implants. The effects were profound and horrific. I became desperately ill when I had a reaction to some of the chemicals in the implants. I was confined to bed for almost a year until I had the silicone implants removed and replaced with saline implants.

Because of the problems I had with the silicone implants, I was offered a free mastopexy. I don't recall a time where I had ever had so much pain- even birthing my 3 children! Post surgery #3, one breast was smaller and higher than the other. Additionally, the scars from the mastopexy were very obvious...something I was not prepared for. My chest looked like what you would expect to see in a "Frankenstein" movie, scars all around the areola and under the breast leading to the nipple.

Last month, I had revision surgery to correct the problems. I used Mentor saline implants this time, which will hopefully be the last. I feel good and I am not having the awful symptoms I felt with the silicone implants.

Ladies, there are a lot of risks involved with this surgery. You will hear a lot of positive information via the media and doctors' advertisements. Do your homework. Despite the terrible experience I had with one facility and the silicone implants, the vast majority of women will tolerate the surgery and love their implants. However, some women will have adverse reactions to any implants and unfortunately you won't find out until it's too late.

I have spoken to and met dozens of women across the US in the past 2 years who became ill like I did. I recommend that you use saline implants as the complication rate is much lower than with silicone implants. I have had both types and my experience is that there really is not much difference between the two. Some say that silicone implants are more natural. That was not my experience.

Choose wisely and make your health your priority!

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Vanderbilt- Nashville. The doctor there performed two surgeries that were not acceptable. I had to go elsewhere to resolve the issues he created.

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