My Quick Lift Better Than Dreamed

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At 60, I HAD drooping neck, jowls, etc. After much...

At 60, I HAD drooping neck, jowls, etc. After much investigation of mini facelifts, I chose the QuickLift instead of Lifestyle and had the surgery done in April.

The results have been amazing. I look like I had a complete face lift without the "pulled" look. My neck was an immediate success. The pain and swelling were minimal but more than I had expected.

The recovery did take longer than advertised. I was self-concious about the swelling for 3 weeks and would not have been able to go back to work for at 2 weeks. However, I would do it again tomorrow!

My husband loves my new look, as do I. My 35 year daughter was amazed and swears she will do the same when she needs it. I would recommend that anyone wanting to try this make sure they have complete confidence in their doctor as this IS surgery. I am so happy I found a great one and decided to go ahead with it. My results have been fantastic!

Bellevue Oculoplastic Surgeon

My doctor was very through about making me aware of every aspect of the procedure. She explained it very well. Once the surgery was done, her follow up was as professional as her pre-op. She took this very seriously and required a thorough understanding of my medical history before beginning. I appreciated this concern. After consulting with some other doctors, I felt they all had a slam-dunk, grab your money and cut attitude. She was the opposite. She was concerned with whether or not I should do this and only when she felt I was a good candidate did she schedule me.

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