I Do my Own TCA Peels and Am Loving It!

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My motivation for doing a TCA peel was to remove...

My motivation for doing a TCA peel was to remove some old sun damage, scaring etc etc....the pros are my skin looks lovely! The scaring has faded to a bit of nothing, the sun damage, hyperpigmentation are history! The only con to a TCA is the burn, but I'm a tough one and can handle it for quite some time with no fanning. I just do the "omg this hurts like hell" dance :-) I didn't take photos as I didn't know I would be asked to do a review. But there you have it...I am in love with TCA and why pay a "pro" when I can do it myself?!?! This economy makes it hard to spend hundreds of dollars on something I can very easily accomplish myself. It may not be for everyone, but for me it's a face saver. I'm 45 and pass for 29-30ish ... Yep, that makes it worth it. Plus my kids and hubby tell me I'm lovely (after the ugly phase of the peel) I also do glycolics in between the TCA's for maintenance. So 15% TCA (5 min, wash off, add again for 5 min, wash off, all done) wait a month and do a 50% glycolic, wait a week and do another glycolic, and yet another week, do a glycolic, then I step off for 6 months ...then a TCA. So that's my routine. Oh and one more thing...After a TCA peel, I keep cold water on my face for about 30 min (I'm very fair skinned and am one who's skin turns brown after a TCA) then I apply a light coating of vaseline all over my face. I leave it on until morning, use CeraVe face wash and gently wash my entire face, then on goes the vaselene again. I do this until I'm almost done peeling. I also hide like a vampire during the day, but if I MUST go out, I slather CeraVe SPF 50 face lotion all over (like TONS!) just to make sure I get good coverage. Hope this helps! I'm in the ugly brown phase of my current TCA peel now so maybe I'll post "after pics" later. Enjoy!
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