My Abs. Are Lumpy After a Ual Liposuction

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Please help! On 4/1/09 I had a power assisted,...

Please help! On 4/1/09 I had a power assisted, ultra assisted liposuction of my flanks and abdomen. I just thought I would look more muscular, "defined" since I am already pretty tight in that area, but instead I have a lumpy stomach! I am so depressed, I have never looked this bad in my life!!!!! I have always worked out at least 3 X's per week with weights & aerobics. Everyone use to compliment me on my abs.....I thought this would just make my abs. more "defined".......I wish I had my old stomach back!!! I have been doing 400 crunches per day in hopes of getting rid of the lumps and wearing my "spanx girdle". Is there anything else I can do?

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For my breast implants (A+) I don't think this was his "mistake" I just think it happens sometimes

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