21 Years Old, V Line Thread Lift in Korea

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I had the unfortunate experience to be talked into...

I had the unfortunate experience to be talked into doing a thread lift in Seoul during a consultation. I was never really considering this procedure, but they promised a V Line face shape and quick/painless recovery with a $3000 price tag.

I see now the horrible results and what an unnecessary procedure it is for a young adult. Maybe the thread lift would be good for somebody over 50+, with lots of sagging skin, but I had no wrinkles or saggy skin. The only thing the thread lift has done is give me intense headaches and pulled my face so tight that it has stretched immensely wider... my face now looks extremely unnatural, creepy even, and has pulled and distorted my features (ie - my nose has been stretched wider, making it look bigger/wider and stretched upwards so that now I have a short pig nose.)

After doing research, there have been so many negative reviews about thread lifting and it is even banned by the FDA in North America. In Seoul, they do many procedures deemed to be unsafe and unnecessary in North America... perhaps this is due to different perceptions of beauty in the west vs east, but either way... when going for a consultation, please don't make the same mistakes I did. Do your research first and if you're still unsure about it, take your time. I regret it so much now and there is no way to reverse the consequences.
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