Finally Going to Do It!! 44DD/DDD and Getting 550 Gms Removed from Each Side. -Muskegon, MI

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I am 48 y/o and have had 'bodacious boobies' since...

I am 48 y/o and have had 'bodacious boobies' since I was in about 6th grade. I have to be honest that in high school and my early twenties, I was proud of them! But after having two kids, gaining some weight and the inevitable gravity, I am anything but proud. I am so tired of constantly have pain in my lower neck across my shoulders and under my shoulder blades. I also find that if I stand for more than a couple of minutes, my lower back starts hurting. I have recently been making a concious effort to notice my posture when i am sitting or standing, and I always looking like I am slumping. I know this is related to the being 'top heavy'. I am 5'5" and currently weigh 185 pounds, however, my weight (other than my boobs, which gets MORE than their fair share) is evenly distributed, so I dont appear overweight, just 'average'. I wear somewhere between a 44DD and 44DDD although I have NEVER been able to find a bra that fits me well, I always have parts sticking out somewhere!
My family doctor made a referal to the PS after I discussed my concerns with her. I had my appointment with the PS in October. Pictures were taken and then I was examined (briefly) by him. He took some measurements and then explained that based on my height/weight combination, the insurance would require between 550 and 580 cc off each side. He said it would be a considerable difference, and would take me to a small c or large b. They seems small to me, but only becuase i can not begin to visualize what size that actually is. Either way, I am ready for the mass to be gone. My PS submitted his report to my insurance company and I was approved at 100%, but needed to get it scheduled this year as I had already met my deductible and therefore will have no out of pocket! So my surgery date is December 23rd and I will spend one night in the hospital and be discharged on Christmas Eve. I am ready for this to happen!! I am so tired of never feeling like I can find anything that looks good on. Dresses never fit on top, button down shirts can not be button and I have to wear a cami under them and button just the last 3 buttons (which only draws more attention to my chest!), forget about bathing suits looking good! I even have to be picky about the kind of pajamas I can wear, otherwise I look like some of those people you see in the pictures of people at walmart that people are making fun of! I have never been able to wear a sexy bra, I think it just makes me look ridiculous! How can something that has THAT much material be sexy???
One other thing I am hoping will be solved with this surgery is, i seem to get areas of lumps in my breast that get painful and achy and then go away. (it is not mastitis, just different lumps on exams and then tender when palpated and achy when my breasts hang). They were concerning enough that i not only had a mammogram done, but an ultrasound as well. Both came up totally clear, but I still get random areas of achiness and lumpiness, that i am sure has to do with excess fat/tissue.
Anyway, as the day draws closer, I dont know if I am nervous about the surgery or about having everything ready for Christmas before I go in, but either way, it is constantly on my mind! I am a nurse, so I think I know a little too much about surgical procedures and what is actually done from watching several kinds of surgery (not this kind though), so that is somethiong that I have to try to put out of my mind otherwise it makes me more nervous!. I know everything will be fine and i tend to stay positive on the outside and fight the demons on the inside...which leads to another little problem,... I have an ulcer!! I am hoping that is not going to be a problem post surgical, but right now, if I dont have food in my stomach, it is very uncomfortable. I am taking prilosec and pepto, trying to get that under control before the surgery, so we will see.
My plan is to update throughout the ordeal is hopes that it will help others.

Before photos

Well tomorrow is the day! I have to leave at 4 am to be to the hospital at 530 am. We are in the middle of a winter weather advisory and have gotten 5 inches of snow since thus am with more lake effect expected. May have to leave at 3 am to get there on time! I am trying to keep my mind bust by getting all my wrapping done and everything ready for Christmas. Wanted to get my before pictures up. I will talk to you all after!!!

Surgery done!

I am up in my hospital room and a little groggy but managing pretty well. My surgery was scheduled for 730 am today. But for some reason. Things were behind and I didn't go into surgery until about 810 am. My pay came in shortly before that and did his markings. I wasn't able to take a picture because they wheeled me away right after that but I was surprised at how high the placement of my nipples looked! I will be able to see them lol! I'm not really sure how long the surgery took exactly ( guess is about 3 1/2 hours). I was up to my room after recovery at about 130 pm. I did wake up in recovery to some nausea but was given phenergan and that took it away ( and made me very sleepy, so slept the whole time there, once up in my room I had to slide over into the bad and did it fine. Have had no more nausea and only pain between 2 and 5 so far. Just finished dinner and so far having no bad effects from it. I did have a foley during surgery but it was inserted and removed while I was under. Have been up to pee 3 times with no problems and have gone on 3 good walks without problem. I can lift my arms straight up with any restrictions or increased pain. I am having more pain coming now, despite having gotten toradol half hour ago. It is mostly on left side. I do have drains but my ps said the plan is to remove them prior to discharge tomorrow. Will try to update more later. Need another nap now!

Discharges and on my way home

Well I have just been discharged and it is an hour drive home. We got a ton of snow but the roads are clear and the drive is beautiful with the trees covered in snow! I feel a lttile groggy still from the pain meds but the pain is very well controlled. I was on norco 1 every 3 hours which kept the pain at very minimal, never more that a 3. I had a good night . Even though I woke up several times. I was groggy enough I was able to drift right back off to sleep, my only issues are when I pee, I have to kinda push it out, and some comes out and I have to push again. It doesn't just 'free flow'. Talked to dr about this and he thinks it's just a combination of having a foley in surgery, the surgery itself and the meds. They did an ultrasound of my bladder before discharge to make sure I didn't have any urinary retention and it was clear. My other issue is my face and hands are very swollen which he said is normal as well. He pulled both of the drains and I only felt a little pressure when he did that. I got a look when he did the dressing change and things look great! Nice and perky! Lol. I was able to get dressed alone and can lift both of my arms over my head... Something I was surprised by because most reviews on here say they can't lift their arms! Glad I can. Gonna nap now!

rested most of day after enjoying Christmas yesterday

I slept well my first night home, which was Christmas eve. I did sleep in the recliner with lots of pillows, but found it to be comfortable. I woke up several times, but not because of pain, just because I am a light sleeper, but found I was able to go right back to sleep. I got up and got the Christmas stockings all ready at about 6 am and then everyone else got up about 7 am. We opened all the gifts and had cinnamon rolls and coffee and I laid down to rest about 10 am. The pain was only minimal, and I took a motrin and one of my antibiotics. My PS had ordered a home care nurse to come out for the first dressing change and she came about 1130 am. She checked everything over and did a dressing change, with only minimal drainage from either side. My breasts are still quite swollen and were tender to touch, but am not in my pain otherwise. She said that the incisions all looked good and there is right now only limited bruising, but Im sure there will be more later. I have not been able to see them in an upright position yet, just from a lying down position so cant really tell size or shape yet. My face and hands are still quite puffy and she encouraged me to drink lots of fluids to help flush everything out. At 3 we went to the inlaws for Christmas dinner and presents. I did bring a Norco with me and was glad I did , because by about 430 I was getting kinda sore (about a 5 on a pain scale, more achy). I took the Norco and then we went home a half hour later and I crashed for several hours on the couch. I woke up, had a sandwich and then laid back down . I slept in the recliner again last night, but was not as comfortable and woke up several times during the night due to being uncomfortable. The discomfort was not from my incisions, but from my back and I couldn't seem to get in a comfortable position. I finally did about 5 am, and slept for several hours. Today, I only had 1 Norco at about 8 am and then 1 motrin at 6 and that is all I have had all day. I am still very tired and find that when I sit down and close my eyes, I am out and out hard. I sat at the dining room table for dinner and now am at the computer, but am getting very tired again so am going to go lay down. My daughter did the dressing change today with again, very little drainage. It is a little more tender when the bra is undone to do the dressing change, so have no problem with it staying on all the time. I finally today had a small, soft BM, so things are moving. Still a little puffy, but getting better. Hope everyone else is doing well, I have been too tired to check on others, but I will soon and catch up!

First look!

The home care nurse came today to check everything. I really don't think I need her to come but it is covered and it is good to have someone see the areas I can't see. Dressing change again went well with only a little but of drainage and a small amount of redness that we will keep an eye on under the left side. The swelling in my hands and face are almost gone and I am peeing a lot more and with no difficulty now. I only took one norco yesterday am and was fine the rest of the day. I ended up getting up about midnight and taking a half a norco because I couldn't get comfortable in the recliner to sleep, I also started last night with a frequent cough , but after the norco I was able to get comfortable and slept with no more coughing. I do remember having weird dreams though! I was given the on to shower today and on my own opt'd for a bath instead. I am one that takes a bath daily rather than a shower and longed more for that. I didn't fill the tub all the way up so was able to sit and soak without my incisions getting wet at all. I then washed my hair under the faucet in the tub in my hands and knees. Kept everything clean and dry and was relaxing. Got my first upright look at my new girls . I'm glad I had read all the reviews and how everyone said they look boxy at first. That was my first thought but was expecting that so it didn't bother me. I think I am going to be very happy with the size and shape!

1 week post op and doing great!

Well today was one week since I had my surgery and things are going super! I went back to work today (desk work) for about 5 hours, I had not had any pain medication since Friday and finished my antibiotic last night. I have very little dreaming on the dressings and am now only changing them each morning after my bath. I am totally independent in everything I do ( bathing, washing/drying hair, cooking meals, etc.). I am absolutely thrilled that I made this decision. The incisions are nice and intact and I have very little bruising, I know everyone is different but I would not hesitate to recommend this surgery . Recovery is going much better than I expected. Hope it continues!!

2 week check up

Had my 2 week check up yesterday (a couple of days late, 2 weeks would have been on Monday). Things are going way better than I ever expected. I have have ZERO complications, no pain since day 4 and have been back to work full time since day 10 without problems. I am still sleeping on the couch in the recliner, but that is more for convienence than necessity. I am very comfortable sleeping with a couple pillows around me and it is just easier to sleep there instead of in the bed with all the pillows. I will probably move to the bed after the weekend. I will try to post new pictures later, but the boxiness has already subsided and the shape is getting nice. I had one stitch on each side where the drains had been (they removed the drains before I left the hospital) and my PS removed those. I was given the ok to go about any activities as long as they were not overly strenuous or involved a lot of lifting. I just can not believe how smooth this whole process has been and how happy I am with the results. I still have areas on the incision that are healing, but they are all completly closed. It is weird, I thought it was scabs that were coming off, with a nice clean scar underneath, but he told me yesterday that he applies a blue glue to the incisions and that is what falls off when the incision is completely healed, so no scabs at all. The areas that have falled off the incision areas already has nice healed, scars underneath. So happy with all of fhis, such a relief!
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