a sexier me for my 40th Bday

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I'm looking forward to having perky breast and a...

I'm looking forward to having perky breast and a 6pack abs after my tummy tuck and breast lift. Ive thought about having the procedure done for years. I have 2 children and breast fed both. During my pregnancy I was up to 200lbs. I now weigh 156 and want to be comfortable inside and outside my clothes

My big day is finally scheduled

I finally got the call today for my surgery. It's officially set for October 3, 2014. There was a delay due to the my wanting the pain pump. I am not going to have my breastfeeding lift again I'm just not to thrilled about possibly losing sensation with my brest, but my tummy tuck is definitely happening. The count down is real.

compression garments

Are there suggestions for the best type of garment to get. I need to purchase one prior to my procedure.

Before pictures

I learned to camouflage the fat and extra skin after losing weight but have hated it for the longest time.

day 2 post op pics

Stay on top of the meds and b sure to walk around but not to much. Don't try to stand too straight or for too long As it is exhausting.

day 2 omg

so I was the day has progressed I'm getting more uncomfortable its not pain just discomfort. Walking to prevent a blood clot is important however it's really tiresome and too much can cause swelling.i still haven't had a bowel movement but I'm not worried as I took a laxative on Wednesday so I think I'm good. The hand sanitizer and alcohol were important I just wanted to keep everything clean and sterile. The back pillow with arms to support yourself is vital so having a good night sleep comfortable throughout the day you need to have as well as additional power to support your back and you'll be able to sleep well I didn't get a hospital bed or an electric recliner I just wasn't in the budget but I went to rock I'm department store and pushes the 16 by support pillow on the neck pillow for support like for traveling and combining that with the additional pillows for my bed I slept like a baby so I'm definitely well rested. Make sure to have someone to help you initially and take small steps not to an impact you in that way.make sure to monitor is how much you are draining and say on top of the times you take your pain meds. It's easy to forget and I will definitely come in handy later on. I recommend having benadryl on hand just in case your like me and the meds cause itching. Gatorade, water, and oj are great staples to have on hand to keep u hydrated. Feminine wipes to help you keep fresh is a must as no shower, your compression garment, and all the peeing is enough to drive u crazy.

day 3 post op

I'm feeling tired today, back is aching from walking slouched over. The pain is still bearable abs just tight. Taking your meds on time is important.I had no meds in my system this morning to have my temperature checked and definitely felt the difference. make sure everything looks good and definitely could tell the difference. I'm glad I only have the one drain, the left side is a little more irritated than the right. The fluid is draining steady at about 25 to 27 cc. I can feel the swelling. No bleeding from my incisions but I keep them covered with the panty liner just in case. My garment rubbing on my skin is a little irritating so I put on my big girl panties to act as a barrier. Benadryl has been my friend. The pain meds make me itch. I'm of to take another nap. Happy recovery everyone

day 4 review

Sorry I'm late but the first day out was busy. Went to the Dr today and everything looks great. My drain will come out on Friday and i was given the OK to take a shower .I'm going to wait until to my drain is out. Still no bruises and swelling I'm still eating my fresh pineapple. ..taking a stool softener and making sure to go within 2 days of surgery is going to make your life easier. I'll post again later

No more meds or drain

everything is still going great no complains so glad that my dream came out on Friday. Spent the day relaxing Since I overdid it on yesterday. I'm so glad that I was anxious and nervous for nothing my recovery has not been anything like I expected. for me to be a person that has a low pain tolerance it's actually been really really good so glad I decided not to spend the extra money and get the pain pump. I'm almostable to stand straight up still a lot of tightness in my abdomen but not in pain which is a great thing sneezing coughing still hurts really bad overall it's been well still wear my compression garment is just more comfortable than not being in it swelling is still low but there is still some swelling but still really flat looking good I'm very excited to see the end result. I haven't seen my belly button yet its still covered I'm a go back to the doctor on the 22nd I think. hopefully I'll be pleased with what my bb looks like.no issues as far as draining since my drain has come out that's not been a problem at all.

Don't over do it

today I think I overdid it I was feeling really good everyday I'm able to stand a little bit taller still sucked over but a little straighter I'm I decided I was going to do a little work in the house bad idea bad bad idea I'm paying for it now thank God I have my muscle relaxer. Tomorrow I'll be taking it easy and have just conceded that the house cleaning and cooking things of that nature will just have to be on hold until I'm further along in the healing process. ..The less tension on the incision ie standing, reaching, stretching the thinner the end scar. .say no more I'll b still until my appt. At the end of the month. I'm still loving the shower but my how exhausting everything is. ..I did find a great deal at Walmart on another alternative to my compression garment..I'm more comfortable in the garment so I went to Walmart and found an extra from um, that comes up under the breast but it's more cut like a pansy but it still gives you the firm control through the waist and the stomach area without the clasp in the crotch ( so sick of the fastener and it doesn't have a zipper) I bought a large..to much work to get into the medium.

2 weeks 3 days post op

I'm so loving my new body. Even with the swelling I'm still loving it. At this point in my recovery I still get tired easily but can still get around. I'm driving myself around, and can cook for my family. Still haven't seen my bb, but I will surely have some ab definition when it's all over:-). I'm taking it easy though. Still not comfortable sleeping without the elevation in my bed or not wearing my compression garment. Lots of itching around my incision and my pubic area is still swollen. It's healing fine but it's swollen and very sensitive. I can't shave and uuggh o_O, I'm so looking forward to this spot closing. I'm still not standing up straight but am not completely slouched over so my back is not as bad but my muscle repair is definitely tight. No pain just tight. 1 more week until my tape comes off my incision and hopefully my scar is thin and flat. happy healing

more pictures

tank dress

Tried this on, and even with the swelling im loving it...look out 40..

3 weeks exactly

i still havent seen my bb and some of my tape covering is coming off but its all good. slowly but surely im standing a little taller. not in a hurry though i want my incision to heal as thin as possible and not put any added strain on it . i have had more itching with my incision but nothing unberable. im still quite tight. still not at 100% i get tired easily so take a lot of breaks and nap as i need to . i want to have the best results so ill just take my time. i wear my garment everyday to keep the pressure even and have no areas of numbness on my stomach or sides. my pubic area is definitely still swollen and im praying this goes away soon....still very jappy with my results. once i go to the dr on 10/31 im hoping to be able to start my scar treatment which im ging all natural. im going to use pure cocoa butter and shea butter whipped together with some almond oil and just massage my scar. no problem with keloids.

tape finally off

tape is finally off. My belly button looks gross but it won't be a slit in the middle of my stomach. So glad about that. I'm going to get it retaped tomorrow but my incision looks good. Nice and thin barely visible in most areas.

belly button

Changed the photo.. It turns out that was just a scab from healing which fell off and this is what I'm left with. .pardon the tape residue. I'm afraid to scrub it.

on my feet and swollen

I felt really good today so I was up in about in my house cook dinner vacuumed cleaned out the couch and set up a lot on the computer instead of my normal relaxing off of my feet in bed. And I'm paying for it now. Didn't have on my normal compression garment and I'm swollen. So uncomfortable. I'm hoping after the sutures come out the area above my pubic area will totally heal. It doesn't hurt it Just looks bad. I'm in bed with my feet elevated again

The itching is real

Healing is coming right along no major complications. the incision healing is so itchy now. I've scratched and had a little bleeding but nothing major. I'm walking straight now. I'm still really tired after being up doing things I need a nap. I'm taking my multivitamin but I'm still tired and the swelling is still happening. I have to get off my feet and chill the next day then I'm OK. I'm tight but laughing and sneezing don't hurt. Sex is a go also. I'm so ready to get back to the gym but not yet.i dont sleep completely elevated but i cant sleep flat on my back yet it's not comfortable. Everything otherwise has been good.

Before and 1 month after

more pics

I'm loving how everything looks now.

1st day back at work

Yesterday was my first day back at work and I was exhausted. I got home at about 630 on and I went to bed. Slept all night and at 1120 am I can still sleep. No major swelling as I sit most of the day. I did go to the Dr on Friday for my 8 week appt. And was cleared to work out starting lightly. I'm excited about that.

updated scar pucs

one thing I was concerned with how my scar would look as it healed especially with my darker skin. I tried to post often for others that may have the same concern so that they can see how my journey has been. Hope this helps someone else.

40 and fabulous

Turned 40 last Friday and I had a blast.

Still healing

Went in for my 3 month follow up and everything looks good. I was still having a problem with the area right above my pubic area healing. Turns out it was an issue with the suture there so they had to be removed. I think they called it a suture abscess. ..A few shots to numb it and about 5 minutes he was done. Back to healing. Scar still looks good

8 months out and loving it

Dr. Schimpf

I was originally going with Kevin Delaney com Musc plastic surgery dept. That did no work out. They do not honor the car credit card do I had to go with a new plastic surgeon. I met with Dr Schimpf of sweet grass plastic surgery and loved him. Dr. Schimpf and his staff were fantastic and gave me all the attention and information you could want or need. He made me very comfortable all the way through from consultation to post operative csre6

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