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I am 40 years old. In a few months I will be...

I am 40 years old. In a few months I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with my amazing husband. I have two teenaged boys who are my pride and joy! I own a successful business and employ some of the most supportive, wonderful people on earth. I truly am blessed in my life! We have gone through our hard times but honestly every challenge I have faced has led me to today. I have most everything under control but my weight!

I have recently lost 40lbs on the HCG protocol diet. This has been an easy diet for me because it makes sense to me and I have seen results with myself and my diet buddies! One gal has lost 80lbs since 2011 and looks like a new person. The other 60lbs and looks beautiful. We have all had results we can be proud of! The more I lose the flabbier I look and feel. My stomach has a zip code of it's own. I often wonder how I let myself gain so much to create this little monster. My breasts which were always perky are now trying to join my stomach down south. Last year I was sporting size 38d bra - filling it nicely with great shape but now each pound lost makes them look like empty sacks. My butt and thighs were where I had issue in the past but the stomach has just thrown me over the edge.

I started researching plastic surgery. This was my little secret. All the bodies looked amazing in their before pictures to me! Lol! I would wish for a little muffin top or slight tummy bulge. Two years ago I saw my PS for Botox and we talked about healthy weight loss and how you need to get close to your desired weight goal before having surgery. This made me realize surgery was years away for me. But with my weight loss and sagging body I started my quest again. This time I consulted with a surgeon from Newport Beach, Ca. Her photos showed women who were my size having amazing results. I expected her to tell me to lose 20+ lbs and then maybe I was a mommy makeover candidate. I am currently 218lbs. She said the opposite. She gave me the thumbs up for a two stage program. Tummy tuck and flank lipo followed by breast augmentation and thigh lipo. I was thrilled and shocked and excited! I was ready to get my body back! Being diligent I went for a second opinion and saw the nicest PS ever in La Jolla, Ca. She was willing to do a TT and BA followed by all over lipo in a second surgery. I actually scheduled my first surgery for March 6th. My amazing, supportive and adorable husband freaked out. He was on board (well kind of) with all of this but did not like my surgeon being 70 miles away. So to come full circle I went back to my Murrieta Botox doctor. I just knew he'd say cut 50lbs then he'd consider surgery. He's known in our area as a conservative doctor. Well he gave me the green light and I am scheduled for TT, BA and flank, thigh and knee lipo for February 24th!!! Worst part of all this was canceling with the La Jolla doctor - but I am very happy with my decision. My doctor is only 5 miles from my house. I'm excited and scared but I feel that this will enhance the healthy lifestyle I am now living. I will continue to diet and am ready to excersize! It's now time for me to look on the outside like I feel on the inside!

Friday will be here before I know it! Only worry...

Friday will be here before I know it! Only worry is that I haven't picked my implant size and type. My ps recommends saline. I've heard such great things about silicone based on feel and look. His reasoning is that I have enough breast tissue for saline. I'd love your opinions of saline vs silicone. I trust him just would love to hear from gals who have implants or are getting them.

Two days before MM! I spoke to my nurse yesterday...

Two days before MM! I spoke to my nurse yesterday and confirmed my desire for silicone implants. I haven't paid the extra $1,000 yet so I'm hoping I don't get talked out of it. : )

My EKG and bloodwork all came back normal so as of now all is well. Only issue that came up at my preop last thursday was my blood pressure was high. I had to go on BP medicine. On Monday it was still high so they doubled the dose. I go back Thursday for one last check. Hopefully that will not be an issue. I've read all the q&a's regarding surgery and high BP and feel comfortable.

So thankful for realself! Such a great place to share and learn. hopefully my story can help someone else like all your stories help me!

Yesterday I met with PS. We discussed implants for...

Yesterday I met with PS. We discussed implants for the last time and settled on silicone. As for size it looks like 500cc's range. I'm trusting him to make me proportioned. My biggest fear was them feeling unatural. He's going to use sizers to pick the best size/fit for my body. My blood pressure was 130/74 and pulse was 62. So the medicine is working to lower my BP. It must also be making me calm because I feel very zen about all this. In 24 hours I'll be heading to the surgical center. I can hardly believe it! I think I have everything I need for myself, husband and son. I was wondering if there's certain foods or drinks tat others found they craved or felt help with healing....ok zen me is starting to get a little worried! : ) I'm sure I have everything covered.

Valium or no Valium? Trying to decide what to do....

Valium or no Valium? Trying to decide what to do. Lol! Anesthesiologist suggested I take one tonight and one before we head to surgical center. I don't want to oversleep. So I'm afraid to take one tonight. I've never taken them before. We have to leave the house at 6:15am. I will probably be ok. Well I'm going to try to relax. I thank all of you who have taken the time to read my story. I appreciate the prayers and well wishes! Good night!

The Valium was great to relax last night! I slept...

The Valium was great to relax last night! I slept until 3:00am! We leave in 15 minutes. I can't wait to post better pictures!

Omg..the hard part is over. Here's my play by...

Omg..the hard part is over. Here's my play by play as best I can remember.
Took 3 blood pressure Pills and a Valium. Took th 10 minute drive to dr newmans.
1. Got IV from Cindy the sweetest most supportive nurse. She gave me a big hug and made me feel secure.
2. Sat up and got drawn on by doctor. He told me some silly jokes and cracked me up!
3. Talked to the adorable and nice anesthesiologist. She told me she gave me a zofram (sp) for nausea in my IV as well as all something else we decided to call a grey hound cocktail. Lol!
4. Walked into OR. Stood on a stool and got a betadine scrub down and that's all I remember. Lights out!
5. Woke up in recovery at appx 1:30. I LOVED my recovery nurse! She was so good! She took me to the bathroom where I proceeded to bleed profusely from my left thigh lipo incision. So gross! She pushed and pressed until it slowed down and redressed the site. Kinda funny they used panty liners on top of the gauze! The surgical tech suggested because they are so absorbent! Then the right side decided to blow as well but no where near what the left side did. They're placed the dressings on my knee incisions too. I did throw up twice while n the bathroom. Nurse said because I was up too long.
6. Through all this my pain was probably a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Best description was that I felt like I was sunburned!
7. Drive home was super easy. Got settled in my chair and felt good. At appx 3:00 the pain got worse. I wasnt due for pain mess until 4:30. I went to the bathroom and my thigh lipo sites were very saturated! I ticked my husband off because I made him take of the dressings and redo. He was so mad. Oh well, I wasn't going to sit in all that blood.
8. Took one Vicodin at 4:30. Took short nap. Think I'm going to take two next time. One cut the pain but I would have liked to have slept more.
9. Weirdest part of all this is that my thumb, pointer and middle finger are numb. I noticed during recovery and it's not going away. Doc is calling at 8:00. I'm going to find out why this is happening.
Lastly...I'm dying to see myself! I have dressings taped to chest and all around abdomen. I can tell that my knee and thigh areas are smaller?

Day one post op! The day went by pretty...

Day one post op! The day went by pretty uneventful. I ate cereal, a bagel, some chicken, and strawberries. Tried to drink às much as I could. Going to the bathroom was much easier today. I have the toilet riser which helps. I made sure I took my pain pills and antibiotics on time but played with dosage. I can have one-two Vicodin every four hours. I tried taking one but I suggest two because the pain sneaks up on you.

My chest bandages were very loose and fell off tonight. I put on a tank top and left my bottom covered. My hubby has been so sweet and washes me off with a warm wash cloth. I feel better than expected!

So today is day two post op. My breasts are so...

So today is day two post op. My breasts are so funny looking. They are super high on my chest. My silicone implants were placed under my muscle placed through the nipple. My right is 421 cc's and my left five is 456 cc's. My tummy feels great. What little I can see below my chest looks tight and smooth. My belly button looks great. I have not seen my scar yet but it feels a little sore in the corners. My two drains are almost clear. I do feel a little puling on my right tube but it's nothing major. So far the worst part of this is not being able to walk upright and getting up and down hurts. Other than that I'm great! I woke up at 3:30am in total disbelief that I did this! I'm so excited!

Day 4 post op. went to doctor for first post op...

Day 4 post op. went to doctor for first post op visit yesterday. They took off all my dressings, cleaned staples and stitches. That said I a m healing perfectly! My drains are doing great. In fact I am probably getting one out today! I just woke up and looked in mirror and I no longer have that huge roll of fat! My tummy is swollen but when I look down I see an inscision not a big roll of skin! I really need a picture taken of me so I can get the full view. I'm just amazed! My boobs are still big up top. Can't wait for them to drop into place. They feel so hard and funny looking.

Here is my major tip for the day. My doctor prescribed Vicodin and Valium for me. I can take the Vicodin 4xper day for pain and Valium 3x. All the Vicodin does is hype me up. It must take the edge off but it puts my brain on overload! After speaking with Terry the nurse sent from heaven yesterday I went and got 500 mg extra strength Tylenol. I took 4 because I was afraid I'd be in pain. Instead I was a happy camper! No pain and I napped! Last night before bed I took it again and slept like a baby. My doctor gave me 5 mg of Valium, bottle says take one, post op instructions says take two. I suggest for best results take two. It relaxes the muscles and takes away any anxiety you may be having. One just did nothing for me. I will get pics today and drag out my computer to upload. I want to give you chubby chics out there some hope! : )

Day 6: 2nd drain removed! Yay! Most of my...

Day 6: 2nd drain removed! Yay! Most of my staples were removed too! Got my first compression garment. Love it! I feel very secure as odd as that may sound. Tomorrow I can take a shower. I'm actually beginning to feel human. There is a light at the end of my plastic surgery journey tunnel!

It's 2:45am. Can't sleep. My remaining staples...

It's 2:45am. Can't sleep. My remaining staples feel like little daggers! I had to take off my compression garment to relieve the pain. Also tonight was our first night sleeping in bed. Maybe I just wasn't ready for this. I'm a back sleeper but keep trying to roll to my side. I repositioned myself sitting upright with pillows under my knees. I'm getting more comfortable. Just needed to vent! Thanks for listening.

***7 day po*** Great news! My staples are all...

***7 day po***
Great news! My staples are all out of my tummy! My implant stitches are removed and I feel great! A little tired but on the mend. Doctor says to start moving around more. Got to take a long shower! It was glorious!

***day 9 post op*** Was hoping to be down in...

***day 9 post op***
Was hoping to be down in weight but I know I'm still very swollen. Good news is that as of yesterday I was appx 6 lbs down from surgery day! I WILL be under 200lbs by the end of this month! I don't have that nasty hanging tummy anymore and my breast are taking shape everyday. My thighs are swollen and bruised and my lipo stitches itch like crazy! I'm hoping my compression garment will help to shrink my legs! They are not that tight..wondering if they should be? My tt scar is healing beautifully! There are a few area that still sting but I feel great. My biggest complaint is my two drain incision sites. They just sting so bad at times. Any ideas on dealing with that would be great. I see ps on Tuesday for final lipo stitches removal and check up. I love following up with all of you! Keep up the good work girls! You are my motivation!

Big outing today! My son took me to lunch and...

Big outing today! My son took me to lunch and SAMs club. My compression suit goes to my calves so i needed some pants to wear while I shrink! : ) my closet is filled with either jeans or short dresses.

Anyway I bought two pair of yoga pants in size 12/14! They are tight with mesh up top so thought I'd have to go back for the 16/18's but they pulled right up! Made my day!

***11 day po*** Got my lipo stitches out today! ...

***11 day po***
Got my lipo stitches out today! Yay! I've been itching like crazy though! Had to take a Benadryl. I'm not a fan of that stuff...it knocks me out. Also the nurse told me I really need to scrub my incision sites. I had too many scabs. My left implant is still sitting a bit high but they say it should be dropping soon. No straps or massaging needed. I'm down to taking two extra strength tylenols a day. Lastly my blood pressure was good. I'm going off the bp medicine. Overall great visit! I'll be back on Monday for another checkup. Dr Newman is so thorough! Hope you all are doing ok!

***15 days post op*** Great day today! Friday...

***15 days post op***
Great day today! Friday was probably the worse day I've had! I had a major headache! I threw up and couldn't leave my recliner all day! I had no fever and can only guess that I pushed it on thursday. We went out to lunch, shopped a bit at mall (got an adorable dress that covers my compression suit), sat at a track meet for two hours and then sat in the car for a while so my hubby could shop at Lowes. Obviously that was just too much for one day! Today we stayed home until dinner time when we met our family and friends for a lite dinner at one of our local diners. I did take a 10 minute walk to not go to stir crazy. Moral of the story...down time is important!

***19 days post op*** Have to share a funny story...

***19 days post op***
Have to share a funny story...I own a real estate company and I've been trying to slowly start back at work this week. I worked Monday all day...way too much for me. (Dont make that mistake girls. Baby step back to work.) I mostly sat in meetings but it was exhausting and I paid the price Tuesday! Tuesday I worked from bed until i had a lunch appt, ran some errands, got a mani/pedi, had company for dinner that they cooked and was exhausted. Today I started my work day like normal at 7:30am after dropping my son off at school. Getting hair colored now after 1.5 hours at office. Feelng like I'm going back to real life! Here's funny part of story...one of my real estate agents, who is a former plastic surgeon office manager just called and busted me! I got the mom lecture. She said even at 19 days po I shouldn't be walking upright! I thought I was doing so good! Cant believe i was ratted out - cool that she cares though! My stamina is building and I feel mostly good. She warned me that even though I may feel good on the inside that I don't want to wreck all the work on the inside! So girls...how do you feel about this? I am so lucky that my business is pretty self sufficient but I'm going stir crazy at home. I can do a lot of my business from my bed or recliner. Should I still be walking like a granny and staying home? Should we still be off our feet? It seems like most people resume regular life at 2 weeks. Thoughts?

****24 day po***** Doctor visit today went great....

****24 day po*****
Doctor visit today went great. I'm a little more tired than I thought I'd be at this point but I am doing great overall. My bb has had a little separation but the nurse cleaned it out and the doc said its on the road to recovery! Still supposed to scrub incisions with soap and water everyday. Easy peasy! I'm also supposed to start walking 2-4 blocks each day. My husband is excited to take a walk with me! My whole family runs so they are waiting for me to start doing 5k's with them. I guess that could be fun..lol! Happy healing to all you post op gals and be patient all you up and commers! I swear for me waiting was harder than healing! Lol!

***post op day 31*** This has been the fastest...

***post op day 31***

This has been the fastest month of my life! Full of ups and downs! My ups to name a few are the massive support from my husband and coworkers! My doctor and his staff are still top on my list of favorite people! My clothes actually fit! No gut to work around. I've been able to wear dresses I've had in my closet for years! Some still with tags! My downs have been my energy swings...I can feel full of energy one minute and wiped out the next! Luckily I'm having more consistent energy. My other downs would be the sunburn feeling I get on my tt scar and my nipples are extremely sensitive. I guess it's better than being numb! I am beginning to feel swollen and my appetite has increased. I'm trying to be good so I can reach my 200lb short term goal. I'm at 214 now. My biggest downer has been my belly button. It has not dried up and has caused me the biggest issue. It gets a greenish yellow film on it in a few areas. Today I went for a follow up and I am now doing a wet/dry gauze system. I pack my belly button with damp saline gauze. It stays in until it completely dries. Hoping this works! I'm sick of my gooey bb. I'm ready for it to heal. I'm still amazed at how everyone has different ways of dealing with these kinds of issues. I'm forbidden to use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and Neosporin.

Fun stuff was shopping at Victoria Secret Saturday! I was able to buy a new bra! I was sized at 38DD. Expected to be a D. Once I got past the huge cups and tried the bra on I fell in love! It's super cute and comfy. It does have a gel coated underwire. (The double d bras dont come without underwire.) Nurse said I'm okay to wear it because it doesn't dig into my skin. So happy! According to my doc my swelling is down and this may be my new size. I also got a new dress at Macy's. Not purchased in the woman's department!!! Yay! I'm enjoying my short walks! (I used to hate walking!). I feel like I'm on the road to recovery and the body I deserve!

*** 6 weeks po (day 43) *** I can't believe...

*** 6 weeks po (day 43) ***

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks! It's been a weird week. My left breast (which was smaller originally) has been a little painful. It still sits higher than right. I saw the doctor on Thursday for my weekly checkup and he used the cc words. Possible capsular contracture. I've been doing research - I am no where in the position of some woman. On some woman you can see the skin tightening around the implant. Its crazy to see! If I do have it I'd guess it's in stage 1. My breast doesn't feel hard all over just on the top...It seems like I can feel my implant move when I touch the outside perimeter of my breast down low. There is still no massage, banding or meds ordered - my doctor doesn't find that these things work for contracture. I got very anxious Thursday night. Everything started to hurt! My TT scar was more painful, my boobs ached and even my hips were more sore than normal. I'm not sure if I'm just getting my feeling back, psyched myself out or if something is really wrong??? My gut says it's my mind playing tricks on me.

Good news is my belly button is almost all the way healed. I've been doing wet dressings and it has helped a ton.

I have been trying to walk everyday and I just got "Just Dance 3" for the Xbox kinect. It's fun to dance...you don't realize how much cardio your doing because your concentrating on getting the moves right! : ). I still can't break 214 but maybe the dancing will help!

I'm going to see my husbands family for Easter tomorrow. None of them know about my mommy makeover. It will be funny to see what people say or if they will notice. They are super nice so they probably won't say anything! Now I have to figure out how I respond if they do say something....

Well, Happy Easter and Passover!

*** 7 weeks po (day 51) *** Good news! My left...

*** 7 weeks po (day 51) ***

Good news! My left breast is finally dropping! I was given some exercises by the nurse at my weekly doctor appt to help the process and it's working! My belly button is a dry and healing. It finally looks normal. Now I'm trying to figure out scar therapy for my TT scar. I really want to use the silicone strips but don't know which ones are the best. Any input or advice would be appreciated! My doctor doesn't really suggest or believe in anything special for scars.

Since my healing is going well I now only need to see the doctor monthly. Basically all is good!! : )

*** 8 Weeks PO *** Has it really been two...

*** 8 Weeks PO ***

Has it really been two months since surgery? Crazy! I've just uploaded some more pics and I wish I had better results on the outside to show. But I have to say 90% of the time I feel absolutely amazing on the inside. On the inside I no longer FEEL like an obese person. I feel like a 41 year old woman living a healthy normal lifestyle. Does that make sense? I am taking vitamins and supplements, walking, eating stuff I never would have dreamed I would eat and overall just trying to think of my health first! I do have to confess that my eating habits have not been good lately. I beat myself up when I make a bad food choice. How can I have gone through all this and even think about eating candy or greasy hamburger or any of the other tempting things all around me...I am not on a "diet" right now. I think my head is set to two speeds - extreme dieting or eating whatever I want. Being fat is very mental for me. I just need to remember that everyday is a chance to make a choice. Today I chose to make good decisions when it comes to my eating! If I have more good days then bad I will eventually reach my weight loss goals and I will be proud of my good habits and even better external body. I am still bouncing around 214-218...I honestly thought I'd be down to 200 by now but I am going to quit stressing over the number and make good choices with my eating and walking. I know I will get there! It's my choice!

My belly is still numb in places. Especially around my bb. It's such a weird sensation. My left breast has dropped but I still worry about it. I can feel where the implant is on one part of my breast sometimes and it freaks me out a bit. Luckily it does not feel hard so I think cc is not going to be an issue for now. The last few days I have felt it shifting and my chest has felt a little heavy but I think it's just finding it's way into the pocket. I can really feel my stomach muscles. If I laugh too much or do too much they really ache. Nothing that requires pain meds but enough to remind me I had major surgery 57 days ago! My vajayjay is still swollen. One half has gone down and the other half is just a bit more "puffy". I have to say it is so weird to say this. It's been the biggest surprise side effect from surgery. I should be wearing compression garments more because I notice they really help but all of my work clothes are shorter dresses and skirts and the spanxs or flexees show. I think I need to sleep in the long cg the doctor gave me every night. Just sort of a pain and they are not very sexy! And that leads me to my last complaint. I was really hoping I would have an amazing sex drive after having my stomach whacked off! LOL! TMI, but my hubby and I have only had sex twice since surgery. It wasn't as fulfilling as I hoped for...not really sure why. Guess I'll just take this one day at a time.

Fun stuff: I ordered the Silicone FX strips for my scars. I wore them last night and I swear my TT scar already looks better! I bought one 1'x22' strip and one 1"x12 strip. I used the large one for my TT scar and had to use a few more inches from the small strip to cover the remainder of my TT scar. I cut up the rest of it for my breast, belly button and lipo scars. I am excited to see the progress. My doctor doesn't really recommend anything so I am using this based on what I have seen on this site and youtube.

Lastly I am going on vacation in 9 days to visit good friends in Lexington, Kentucky and go to the Kentucky Derby!!!! I am so excited to go. I need to get my big hat and cute sundress. Oddly enough, I can't wait to put on the seat belt in the plane. I've never used an extender but usually the belt is very very tight on me. I'm hoping that will no longer be an issue working around my donut of fat!

Hope you are all having a great weekend and are healing well or are excited about your up and coming surgery! I am so happy that I am able to be a part of this journey with you all. Sorry for the the long update. Just wanted to get all of this out of my head! : )

Vacation update! We made it to Kentucky late...

Vacation update!

We made it to Kentucky late last night. I was so thrilled when I was able to buckle myself into the airplane with room to spare on the seat belt! I love to travel and fly approximately 4+ times a year. My biggest worry was always quit insane...not what to bring, would i have a good time, etc. I was so afraid that I would have to ask for a seat belt extender! Thankfully I have put that fear behind me! I will never go back to that! Anyway, my friends think I look great and keep asking me how many inches I've lost!

We went bourbon tasting today, heading to an amazing dinner tonight and have lots of Kentucky Derby events planned for the week. I'm so happy I have my new body for this vacation! : )

Appx 14 weeks po Well it's been awhile since...

Appx 14 weeks po

Well it's been awhile since I've been on this awesome site. I have to say I am still happy I had a TT, lipo and BA but I've surprised myself by not taking as good of care of myself as I should be. I've gained between 4-6 lbs from the surgery date which really equals 14 lbs because I did lose weight during my recovery. My stomach muscles ache so I'm afraid to excercise. My insicion area is sometimes tender too which takes me by surprise and I am still numb in my stomach area. I am wearing size 14 and 16's and really wishing to be forever out of the womans department. Food just has this powerful effect on me. I thought I would check the progress of my surgery buddies. I'm looking to be inspired and re-motivated to win the battle of the bulge!
Murrieta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Newman and his staff are amazing! His preoperative nurse Terry is super sweet and helpful. She tells you the straight story! And most importantly makes you feel so comfortable. Mali, the office manager is amazing. She is nice and makes the payment process easy breezy, she'll even email you on the weekends when your desperate for an appointment. Sharron the esthetician is gorgeous! If I could just have her body I'd be set! LOL! I can't wait for her to get her hands on my skin! We use similar products so she is exactly who I was looking for to finish my overall transformation. Cindy, my OR nurse and personal friend is the calming force of the office. She is super smart and willing to listen to the same questions over and over again! She'll even talk to you about personal things having nothing to do with plastic surgery. Thanks Cindy! Then there is my recovery nurse Mrs. Mace. OMG! I LOVED her! She made recovery "fun" if you can even believe that is possible! I was leaking all over the place and even threw up and I didn't feel bad at all with her by my side! I hope she remembers me because I would love to be her friend sometime in the future. LASTLY...the man, the myth, the legend. Dr David Newman. This man is my hero. He is honest, caring and supportive. He knows that plastic surgery is a journey, not a destination. I know that he is not ever going to give up on me. I am still a bit on the plus size for now but with his help I assure you that I will be shopping on the first floor of Macys in no time! I trust his guidance and wisdom. He does not want his clients addicted to plastic surgery. He wants clients to live a healthy lifestyle. Having my tummy tuck was truly a "quick fix" for me. I recently lost 40+ lbs but just looked worse. Having a flat stomach is going to give me the confidence I need to continue my weight loss and to start a healthy work out routine. Maybe one day I will run a 5k with him! I can't say enough about Dr. Newman and his team. : )

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