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Hello all ! So my story... I work out ALOT and...

Hello all ! So my story... I work out ALOT and have actually gotten very small just thru diet and exercise however the battle of my saggy belly is soon to be over ! The stretch marks and saggy skin on my lower abdomin makes me so sad and my tummy tends to protrude out even though I'm pretty fit. It just won't go down and firm up like the rest of me. So! I am so excited and nervous! But mostly excited!!! My pre op is next Thursday!!!! Yay!
I plan to share my journey with you wonderful people. I haven't taken any yet but plan to post before pix tomorrow...should be fun. Lol

Before Pix.....

These pictures were hard for me to take. Lol. I love my adorable children (2 girls 5 and 9 ) I did not realize just how much I hold in my tummy like ALL of the time :\
I actually would not let my boyfriend stay in the room for some of the pictures. I was actually having some doubts about going thru with it. I have never had any kind of surgery before. But after this fun little photo shoot I'm totally ready to do this! Looking forward to my pre op oppoibtment in 4 days!!!

Getting Anxious !!

Kind of starting to get anxious I and think of what ifs. Also the thought of being completely helpless scares me. Lol. Single momma of two in used to doing pretty much everything! I've started a detox of mainly veggie juice and salad. Some lean proteins. Absolutely no alcohol. :/ lol. I want to be in tip top shape. What questions did you guys ask at your pre op? Mine is in a couple days. Immdrawing a blank :/

9 days Pre Op!

Okay is getting real!!!! I get my blood work in and purchased a teeny tiny white polka dot bikini!!!
Haha. I'll take a before pic later my phone didn't work in the try on room. But daaaaaaang! I'm so excited ! To think I'll be able to rock this cute little two piece and not hide my jiggly belly. It still feels so unreal!!!

I more DAY!!!!!!

Okay emotions are running high!!!! Just trying to take care of all these last minute things and going a little crazy. I'm feeling every emotion right now I am definitely on an emotional roller coaster right now ! Lol But I'm mostly excited :)! Finally got the courage to take some before shots of my new bikini bottoms. It will be fun to compare after!

Low incision plz!

Ok also hoping and praying for a nice easy to conceal insicion scar ! I'm definitely going to be wanting to wear my bikini like everywhere. Lol! So excited :))))!!!

TT Time!!!!

OK ! It's real. We are on the way to the surgery center. I'm so all over the place with my emotions !!! Praying all goes well! I'll check back in when I wake up (:!!

I made It!!!

Home now keep falling a sleep Lol. In some more pain then I anticipated. And im nauseous. But U.S. Doable. Thanks for all the prayers and positivity my gals ! I'll post more tomorrow xo!

Day 1 post Op !

Feeling so much better so far this morning. No more nausea. YAY! That was the worst!
Getting up and getting down is the worse but even that isn't too bad. Come to find My boyfriend is an amazing excellent nurse! Taking very good care of me :) he even had beautiful roses for me set up!

Drain seems to have slowed down.bitbwas totally full last night. Only like an 8th full this morning I only have one drain. I'm so curious to see my new tummy!!!!!
Tomorrow is the big reveal! Until then I'm feeling good and walking around doing little laps around the house. Doc says I can walk outside today just for 10-15 mins so I'm excited for that !
I guess I will have to upload my pic later. There won't upload for some reason.
Happy healing brave queens!

Pix from my operation

Everyone was so sweet and calming and chart with me. Really a great experience.
So far so good!

1st day post op

Day 4 post op

Well. Yesterday's doc visit was a little tough. I got my compression garment which was super I'm comfortable I was pretty swollen up. It's better today but I have seeking on the left side of my incision that I'm a little concerned about. Anybody else experience that??? Over all I do feel better I'm walking pretty much straight which is very very cool!
I think Im going to call my doctor today about the swelling over my incision though. That's a little troublesome. I'll take some pix soon getting out of this compression garment is NO joke. It zips and clips on the sides. So Im gonna look for a more functional one today. One that doesn't require help getting in and out of. Lol!

Day 3 post op

Still very swollen but flat and happy!!!

Day 6 Got the blues :/

Yesterday I was triumphant !
I attended an event that I was super nervous about I got thru with flying colors. Came home slept amazingly. Woke up feeling great. Then around noon I just got so down. I want to see my results minus the crazy swelling above my incision !!!!! It's driving me nuts. Not to mention I feel like a puffer fish and all I ate was a bowl of tomatoe soup and a tiny bit of bread :/
I know it's temporary. But I'm so ready to be past this part !
My upper tummy looks awesome!
I also miss showering so much!!!
I'll post some
More pix as soon as I don't feel like the state puffed marshmallow girl. Lol

Day 6 PO

Feeling better mentally and physically today. I cleaned. Probably more than I should have but I just could not stand it ! Lol Swelling has gone down a tiny bit. I'm eating pineapple and lots of fruit to help with swelling. Hopefully it goes away sooner then later! I seriously miss working out and sweating it out at the gym ! I have my appointment tomorrow so we will see when I'm good to go at least take a spin class. Happy healing beauties !

1 week PO!

Yay!!!!! no Narcotics all flippen day!!! And I feel fine ! Okay. So. My day started off awesome! I went to the mall. I walked around. Felt kinda weird in my tight as heck compression device but what the heck I was happy as a clam to be out and about and driving my own car! Then I came home exhausted and irritated and in the most horid mood. Lol !! And Then I realized that I have hardly eaten a thing all day! So. I ate some eggs and some Quaker Oats squares and Ima a happy girl again! I can't believe it's been a week !!! And I'm so so so glad that I took time and gained the courage to take before Pix. Cause I really didn't realize how much different I'm looking already. So take those pix ladies! Trust me you will need a reminder and plus it's an awesome motivator for when you get a little down on yourself! Happy healing everybody!

2 Week Update PO !

Hey all!! Well I am at 2 weeks. Yaaaaay!!I'm feeling great. I do have little moments of sadness. Inthinknirbhas happened like twice. Seriously ! And at night when I've done too Mich and feel swollen and in comfortable. But seriously seeing these pix is a real motivator!!! I cannot wait to get on the gym my thighs ! Haha But is all good. All part of the process. I really have no complaints. I wear my binder like ALWAYS. It feels better when I do. And it helps with swelling. Looking forward to my 2 week appointment today. I'll check back on with you all :)!

Sneezing....Ouch baby. Really Ouch.

It was one of those triple sneezes too. Oh em Gee!!!! PAIN!

2 week post op check up:)

All went well!!! I am cleared for super lite work outs!!!!! Eeeeeeek!!!
I've been so waiting for this day!
Obviously Nothing to intense and nothing that required abdominal work. That leaves stationary seated bike legs and arms baby!
Can't wait!
Feeling better and stronger every day :)

3 weeks Post Op!

It is that time:)! Time for my weekly update :) It's been three weeks. I am really shocked at how the time is flying by! I am super happy with my decision!!! I think the hardest thing for me has been to make myself slow down. Its really hard for me to do I am always doing a million things at once. Lol So this has been tough for me More so than I'd anticipated. But this week. I made a promise to myself to actually sit more. I have already noticed a change in my swelling. I've also decided to go on a 10 day veggie/fruit juice fast. I have always been really big on juicing and letting The body self heal so I'm going to juice for 10 days. To help Get swelling down and to help my body detox from all the meds and toxins. I'm on day two and my upper abbs already look flatter!! If there's anything I'm not 110% happy with it's the center of my incision :/ just because it is up a tad higher than I'd wanted. Not a huge deal though. I mean I look amazing and am feeling great. I have my doc appointment later today. I'll check back in with you all! Happy healing. And take it from me...Take it EASY! Lol xoxo

Week 3 post op:)

Skinny jeans! No muffin top! Week 3 !!! Super happy!

Week 4!!!!

Wow. What a difference a week makes!
I still swell don't get me wrong. And still a tad swollen but I'm pretty much active all day and I feel great! Just finished up my 10 day juice fast. I was careful to add protien Rich veggies in to my juice and I believe this helped a great deal with my healing and swelling as well.
I am down a little over 10 pounds!
I have no idea what size I am but my pants and shorts a definitly looser fitting which is Amazin!!!!
I'm over all very pleased with my results! It's the coolest thing to put on some cute jeans and NOT have to worry about concealing any muffin top action!
I'm planing to start my scar therapy tomorrow. My scar is actually looking pretty good and so I want to help it along in anyway that I can so I can rock some sexy little bikinis soon!
Happy healing ladies :)!

Week 5!

Feeling great ! Still have some swelling in my lower abdomin it is improving by the day. When I bloat from doing to much it goes away much faster as long as I rest and put my feet up.
Super happy I just started going back to the gym minus the abb work out and I'm still shrinking !

6 weeks ??!

Time is flying !
This was my First time wearing a two piece in public since my TT! I'd be lying if I said I was not uncomfortable or self conscience. Truth is I was a little un comfortable at first, well. Very un comfortable. Then I realized. I don't care what others think and I feel amazing and I'm so thrilled to look down and to not see rolls of flesh hanging there! And it's amazing to be able to get up from sitting with a bikini on and not have all that jiggling going on.

Finally some definition !

So I Took a much needed nap today. I pretty much do too much like everyday and I pay for it.
Anyhow, so when I woke up from my nap feeling amazing thought I'd go to the gym And was thrilled to finally see the beginnings of some abbs !!!

Almost been 2 months!

I think I am approaching week 10? I'm so so happy with my decision. My swelling is slowly subsiding. And I can now lay completely flat on my back with no discomfort at all! And no sir would I have ever attempted to wear a minni top! This outfit was a moment for me. Cause I am so happy at all the wardrobe possibilities now open to me! I'm seeing more and more definition in my abbs as days go by and in loving it ! My workouts are minimal just cause I've been moving and been too busy to get back in. But I've been working out mostly cardio about twice a week. Cheers girlies!
Dr. Newman

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