67 Years Old Going on 36. - Murrieta, CA

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I wanted a fresher look. I did get that, my face...

I wanted a fresher look. I did get that, my face looks great, however I have been a widow for 6 years, very young both- mind and actions, and wanted to maybe start dating a little, lunch or dinner. Maybe a movie. I went to a board- certified plastic surgeon who seemed well credentialed, educated and nice. We scheduled a hairline brow lift and face and neck lift . The price seemed reasonable for my location, about average. I had the procedures and the pain was almost unbearable. I have a low pain tolerance and was told there would only be discomfort. They were wrong. At three months out, I still suffered severe itching on my scalp and was told up to that point it was "normal healing". At the three month point, swelling was gone, but the itching wasn't, so I went back to see the doctor. It was then I said "I have wrinkles on my forehead, and my brows are in the same place as before the surgery. He then said, "I decided NOT TO DO the brow lift (AFTER making a 10" hairline incision) because I thought your eyes might not close properly when you sleep, causing dry eyes. (He couldn't figure that out during the two pre-op visits or before he sliced me open?) I said "I paid you $3,500. to do the brow lift, and you didn't do the procedure? He then said (this is 3 months after the surgery) "I can give you a refund of the $3,500". I said I wanted the whole amount back ($13,500) and he said he couldn't afford to do that. He also stated he had severed 2 nerves in my scalp, and that hopefully in time they would heal so the itching would stop. I said no, I would see an attorney, and left. The next morning I was told there was a check for $10,000. waiting for me. Because I was on 8-10 Norco per day, I had my girlfriend drive me over and I picked up the check, but not before signing a release form. I now at 6 months out have no recourse for any damages he has caused. Last week I called the office and asked for a copy of my medical records and was told I was not allowed to have them, (that is a lie) except the surgical report. I got into a heated discussion with this woman who I knew to be the Esthetician and Office Manager, and was promptly told the doctor DID do the brow lift. I was stunned! I told her what he had told me, and she said he was mistaken, he did indeed do the lift. Then she told me "It was I who decided to write you the check for the $10K to get you off our backs. STUNNED!!! I said why you, and she said I AM HIS WIFE, and I WROTE THE CHECK--try to find yourself an attorney if you want. I said you saw to it that I can't . I was told never to call the office again and she hung up on me. I am DUMBFOUNDED. 6 attorneys have told me they will NOT take my case, I signed a release and there is nothing that can be done about it.

So when you go into a doctor's office ask who the office manager is, if it's his wife--go somewhere else. I have been told he knows nothing about what she has done to me. The Care Credit fee was charged to me, which is not allowed by the credit card company. That was an extra $650.00.

Photo of my face and neck with a wig to cover shaved head and incision

Not bad for a 67 year old, huh?

I will try to post a before, it is very different!


Before and after photos

Finally a before set of pics. The doctor had me lower my chin for all, and no smile. The brow lift was not done, but a huge incision was made. I now am getting little bumps on top of my head and they are starting to itch, OMG, not again! I cannot tell you how wonderful this past week has been - on Neurontin and using essential oils with cocoanut oil as a carrier oil. No itching 99% of the time. I never would have believed it, but my girlfriend insisted I try the oils. She has been after me for 4 years to do them, and I said no--until now!

A couple of others

I hate these selfies!
Not allowed to say

My face is great, I love my neck. I have not been able to go out of the house for more than 3 hours in the past 6 months due to severe itching, and open sores from scratching that have not yet healed.

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