45 Yr Old- Mini Tummy Tuck W/ Breast Aug and Lift - Murrieta, CA

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Dr. Newman is a perfectionist simply put. I am 7...

Dr. Newman is a perfectionist simply put. I am 7 weeks post op and really understanding just how careful and gentle his procedure was to my body after reviewing so many images on this website. I had no bruising on my breast or stomach, not to say that would be abnormal, but I was impressed by this fact. Dr. Newman takes every possible precaution to ensure safe and happy results. I have had weekly post op checkups up until today , which now I have been cleared to come back in two months. If am even slightly concerned, he will fit me in to have a look to rest my mind and his. I think he's as conservative as I am when it comes to my body. This is the first surgery I've had, making me a bit overly cautious I suppose, but that's also his style as a doctor.
His staff is friendly and well organized. His office has an operating room which I also appreciated as I was not exposed to sick people.
I would definitely recommend him and would go back to him for any future surgery needs. His reputation clearly matters to him and the results are seen in his work. The only reason that I put "unsure" if the surgery was worth it, I'm still healing and while that is going really well, I'm not 100% just yet but well on my way. I am far happier with how I look than prior to my surgery and look forward to being fully recovered and back to my full yoga routine, which he cleared me today to start back to (YES!!!).
I will upload before and after pictures soon.
I had saline implants, lift and mini tummy tuck.

43 year old, sagging, deflated breast with slight flab on lower stomach

I had my son at the ripe age of 19 years old. I've always considered myself to be in shape and mindful of my figure but no amount of working out would fix my breast or stomach and my breast were getting worse with age.
Fast forward into my 20's, 30's and 40's, my breast were still obviously sagging and deflated. I've been a very active yogi and a naturalist for the last 8 years or so. I'm 5'6 and weigh 115 pounds on a good day. I eat organic, don't wear makeup daily and am mindful of everything I put on my skin and into my mouth. Getting a "boob job" was something I was on the fence about because I just wasn't sure that I really wanted to stick a foreign object into my body and safety was also an issue, but I did want to have my damaged skin look better. I'm not the girl that wants to show off her breast at all. In fact, I don't want attention drawn to me. I simply wanted to fill out my swimsuit, bras and have my chest match the rest of my body that I had given so much positive attention to. Bras with underwires were not working, my breast would fall out of them as I had no upper pole tissue to fill them out. I had resorted to wearing a sports bra around the clock and even those my breast would try and sneak below. The last straw was months before surgery I was at the beach and in down dog (yoga pose) and my breast fell out of my swimsuit. Horrified!
After seeing Dr. David Newman, it was decided that I needed a lift along with implants. We discussed what size would look most natural for my body, which while small, I do have broad shoulders and curvy hips. It was decided a full C would be the goal. I opted for saline implants for safety reasons after much thought. Dr. Newman place them under the muscle and overfilled to hopefully avoid the chance of rippling. It should be known that I have fibroid cystic breast and made him aware of this. He ordered a mammogram prior to my surgery along with plenty of blood work. He assured me the implants would not be a problem with my fibroids cyst.
During my 2nd consultation he said he could improve my slight extra skin with a mini tummy tuck but I still may have a bit of flab. I am not quite sure if I will or not as my body has not quite absorbed the extra fluid but it is going away. I thought it over for the next week and decided that as I had the surgery room booked, it would not only be cost effective but also good to do at the same time as the lift and BA so that I could get the healing done and get back on my yoga and work life. I am self employed and was able to prepare a bit beforehand with the help of my husband to enjoy a nice recovery time.
Now here I am 7 weeks post op. Every day things are getting better. I did not have any bruising on my stomach or my breast and only had a drain on my belly for a few days, maybe a week at most, that time period is a bit foggy. I am highly sensitive to pain and discussed this with Dr. Newman beforehand. My pain tolerance to put it frankly is low so I did take the pain medication as long as I felt I needed.
After surgery I experienced quite a bit of stinging type discomfort and the obvious pressure, the pressure lasting a good two or three weeks. It was difficult to take a deep breath but now I know that is completely normal and that is no longer an issue. From time to time I still get the stinging but it's nothing like it was at first and I don't need to take anything for the discomfort. I discussed it with Dr. Newman and it seems to be the nerves coming back to life along with the skin stretching.
Morning boob also existed but now 7 weeks post op it's going away. I started sleeping on my side two weeks ago and that was a huge milestone. One can expect their back to hurt the first weeks after surgery. The stinging happens only rarely now and slowly my breast are starting to feel more and more apart of me, although not quite totally natural at this point. I'd love to know if there will be a day where they are 100% just not obvious to my mind. I think they will be because of the progress thus far. My stomach recovery in all honesty was nothing compared to my breast. Everyone is different and I'd say it was a bit hard even having an awesome surgeon who handled me with kid gloves. I'm so amazed that I had no bruising and very little bleeding.
My stomach has a bit of fluid still but that is also going away and I'm so happy that I can wear a bikini and not have the skin sticking out as I did before. I think the last straw for me before surgery was during sex with my husband, I looked down at my boobs and stomach and actually turned myself off. Ahhhh, that was it. I wrangled up my courage and decided to finally give myself the gift of nice breast and a stomach that matched the rest of me.
Today I was cleared to start yoga again. That has been the hardest part in all honesty. It helps my mind so much. I also miss hugging my husband without thought but he is so patient and reminds me how far I've come with each week. I guess I'm a bit impatient and just want to be back to my old self pronto tonto.
Dr. Newman is highly professional and I would not blink to recommend him. He saw me weekly up until today. My next appointment is in two months. I had a moment where I was concerned about redness and he saw me the same day. He takes ZERO chances and will even delay surgery if he feels there is a possibility that something could go wrong. His reputation is clearly important. When he drew me up the day of surgery, he kept saying to drop one shoulder or the other and to relax. I didn't even realize it was lifted but he was intent on making sure everything was even.
I'm happy with how I look. My areolas are even and much smaller, something I was so embarrassed about pre-surgery. My stitches have completely closed up. He's a perfectionist and I definitely trust him and would go back for any surgery needs. His staff is super friendly. I am ashamed that I forgot the nurses name but she was so gentle, caring and sweet; I didn't even feel the IV go in. I'm seriously the biggest pain baby ever, they took great care of me and continue to do so.
I will update my profile with images very soon.

The Before Shots

How I looked before surgery.

2 weeks post op

They are still rectangular at the 2 week stage but have dropped a good amount. The redness underneath is not bruising.

7 weeks post op

I bought a cheapo swimsuit to get in the pool, had to go large on the top. I definitely will be waiting for my breast to drop before attempting to get serious about bra and swimsuit shopping, this sort of stuff I'm patient with, as long as there is no pain and yoga is in my life, all is well.

Good Sports Bra

I bought this Champion razor back sports bra, it's super comfortable and supports me well, thought I would share. Purchased at Target for around $16.99. Support me well and the elastic falls under my lift scars. They come in small, medium and large. Not sure about x-large.

Will my breast ever feel apart of me?

Exactly 2 months post-op today and it occurred to me that I didn't feel my breast. Today was the first day that I truly felt they were apart of me. I smiled a huge smile as this had been weighing on my mind. I'm a yogi heart and very in tune with my body and mind. I had been seriously questioning if I had made the right decision because I just wanted to feel normal again, i.e. not feel two foreign objects hanging from my body or making themselves present in one way or another. It happened and I wanted to share in case you may also be wondering the same.
Happy 2 month anniversary to me.

3 Months Post Op Update

Honestly didn't think I would mentally or physically settle into my breast but alas, things are changing. From time to time I notice them, mainly when trying to swim or do some yoga moves, but more and more they are feeling more natural. I really think a person has to have them for awhile to really decide if it's something they want long term. One can't possibly know if they are for them until they actually try is my take away. With that said, I'm enjoying them to the fullest. I bought a few 34D bra and one large. I could possibly fit into a 34DD. The one huge benefit that I didn't expect was I feel incredibly sexy and find they are fun.
As for the mini tummy tuck, hmmm, not sure. The scar is really big, I wasn't really expecting it to be so large. And above and below the scar is what I described as puffy still. I was hoping it was fluid and would go down but it remains. When I go to see the doctor in August I will get his opinion. The picture I'm posting only shows the scar, not the puffy skin, which is only seen standing up.

Me enjoying a dress with no bra for the first time ever.

Being sexy because I can. No bra. No t-shirt. No cami. Fantastic!

Four Months Post Op

Today I saw Dr. Newman for my 4 month post op and all is well. He's a kind man who I actually enjoy talking to. He did a good job with my BA and lift. When I look back at my before photos, it's night and day.

To follow up on my last post regarding the puffiness around my stomach scar from the mini tummy tuck. He stated this edema and will take time to go away, so time we shall give it.

Somethings that I have observed over the course of 4 months that may help other people going through post surgery moments.

1. Give your body time to heal before making any conclusions about the results. I practice yoga daily and many times found myself down that I could feel my breast constantly. I questioned many times if they would ever feel normal or not there and if I had made a good decision. I just got to work and tried not to focus on them so much and allowed myself to get used to them. At the fourth month mark, they feel 90% natural. My nipples are no longer super sensitive and both breast are softening up a bit to the touch. I have saline slightly overfilled so they are naturally harder to the touch. They both have dropped in nicely and evenly.

2. Give your mind time to accept the change. My husband so thoughtfully reminded me that for 23 years my mind has made a mental map of how my old breast looked, felt, moved and sat on my body. Now that I have changed my body, my mind has to remap all of these things. At first I thought they were too big, now as I get used to them, I'm seeing the 34D a lot smaller and a good fit for my 5'6 125 pound frame. Before I make any final decisions, I'll give my body and mind a bit more time to get used to them. I know I would not go bigger, but I wouldn't go a lot smaller either. I think Dr. Newman did a good job at hitting or coming darn close to hitting the mark on size.

Conclusion. I would have taken them out the first month if I didn't give myself time, which would have been a very costly mistake. Now at the four month mark, I'm really happy with my decision. Many times I grew impatient during the healing process but I just needed to settle down and give things time. I'm back to forearm stands in yoga and a daily practice. YES, you can do yoga with breast implants. I plank, do crow, forearm stands and wall assisted handstands. It just takes time, for me four months. I still can't swim the breast stroke but it will come in time.

My son just visited and he did not notice. If he asked I would be honest but it's not something I am advertising. I can play them up or down. It's fun to be able to wear tops that I could never consider before due to the incredible amount of sag.

4 month post op images

These did not upload with my last review. A few more views of how they are looking at 4 months post.

10 Months Post Op Update

The struggle is real. I wanted a full C cup and have a DD and after about a five pound weight gain, could be at a DDD. They are too big for me. No offense to anyone reading but I never liked big boobs, and nothing has changed there except now I have huge boobs. They look great naked and in bras but truth is, everyone that sees me knows I had a boob job.

I've gone back and forth trying to accept them and trying to give it time but my inner voice despite my best effort can not seem to talk myself into feeling ok with the size. They are wide. They are in my way. Shirts either are form fitting and make them look even bigger or they hang from my boobs not hugging my waist line making me look larger and dumpy. I have no idea how to dress anymore so I don't. I work from home and just look dumpy.

So, the end result is I traded in one problem for another. My surgeon says I needed to be this big to make it work. I know when I get them out they will look worse than before. Going smaller isn't an option. Nor can I financially make any move right now. So here I sit Google'ing how to dress, how to play them down, how to live with them etc.

The point of writing this is to say be very clear with what you want. Clearer than clear. A lot of women will want them bigger true, but there are equally as many woman out there like me who mean what they say when they say they don't want large breast. If I would have known that I would have to be a DD or DDD to make breast implants work, I would not have done it. No matter how beautiful your breast are after the BA, if the size is wrong, it's wrong and coming to terms with that is difficult, not something I've been able to do in 10 months.

If anyone has any recommendations for clothes, brands, stores etc, please leave me a comment. Feeling pretty down about this situation. I don't like feeling hyper sensitive about my body, that was not an issue pre-BA. I just didn't like my boobs. Now I look at myself and I see an entirely different body that just doesn't seem to fit me.

1 year & 3 months

I have saline unders. My doctor did a lift as well. I must say it has taken me a full year to really adjust to my new boobs. I am still think they are too big but not overly big. I've accepted what they are at this point. I've found shopping for clothes and bras at Victoria Secret has been a life saver. Their clothes and bras fit me to a T, helping so much. Long gone are the days of fitting into a Target swimsuit. I've settled into a 34 DD.

I also had a mini tummy tuck which I will show later. Unfortunately, my edema around the scar has not gone away and I'm starting to think it won't. I have a lump of skin above the scar that is a roll of fat that the scar stops from falling. I can live with it but I definitely shouldn't have messed with my stomach as I feel I traded one problem for another and my original problem wasn't that bad.

Salines Soften Over Time

Salines do soften up over time.

1 YR & 10 Month Update

It's official, I LOVE my boobs. It has taken me nearly 2 years to fully love them. Here are a few things worth mentioning if you might be struggling.

1. It took my boobs a full year and a few months to fully settle. They no longer look unnatural and actually have the perfect amount of hang to make people wonder.

2. It took nearly a full two years for my mind to remap my new body's look. The boobs felt too big because they were so much bigger than what I had previously. The mind is powerful.

3. Give it time. If you would have asked me in the first year if I wanted them out or regretted the decision I would have said yes.

4. Everyone is different and moves at a different pace. Mine did not feel apart of me 100% until now nearly 2 years later. I don't feel any sort of "foreign object" in my body. If you are a hyper sensitive person like myself, it may take you some time to not feel them.

5. Yes, I can do yoga. I'm back 100% and have been for quite some time. I do inversions. Yogis have no fear.

6. Oddly, I can't swim as good as I used to but, not a big swimmer so I forgo to have boobs that I love.

My mini tummy tuck still has the edema around the scar. I'm really on the fence about the tummy tuck. In some cases it's nice because the loose skin was just a hair above a bikini line and now it's tugged down. But the bulge from the edema is not nice either. I may ask my doctor if there is anything that can be done.

Overall, Dr. Newman new way more than me in terms of how things would look down the road. I'm so happy now for the size he gave me and that he overfilled them, I have no rippling. I think my boobs are gorgeous. When I see him April I will see if there is anything that can be dome about the edema.

My first consultation opened the book for more questions. I scheduled a second and decided to go forward with Dr. Newman. He's a funny, concerned and conservative doctor, meaning extremely safe. If there is for instance an issue that he feels may jeopardize your health and/or results, he'll put surgery off until he feels your body and condition are safe and ready for surgery (this happened). Again, he takes no risk. As for his work, he's a perfectionist. When he was drawing me up, he kept asking me to drop one shoulder that I didn't even feel I had raised, his eye is well trained. My areolas are perfectly in line with one another, when prior to surgery they were not. They are also smaller, which I am VERY happy about. It's pretty impressive.

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