33 Years Old. Tired of my 12 Year Old Implants. Murrieta, CA

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Got my implants when I was 22. I had a D size...

Got my implants when I was 22. I had a D size before but after getting into running my perky boobs became sagging pancakes. My surgeon Dr Newman suggested a lift too which I agreed to do. I've was very satisfied with the results but 12 years and 3 kids later I just want to be my natural, healthy self. Also I have constant pain in my breasts. I've had the necessary check ups and all seems to be okay. My breasts just feel irritated all the time and I can't help to think the implants are to blame. I'll be using Dr Newman again and I'll also be getting another lift. I can't wait!!

Forgot to add......

My doctor said I'd probably be a B size after the procedure. I haven't been that small since junior high, but I have to admit.....I'm excited for little boobies!

My official Explant date is Feb 20!!!

So I had my pre-surgery appointment to get everything squared away. I wish it was sooner but I'll be patient. Ironically when I got them in, it was just before my 22nd birthday, and now they're coming out just before my 34th birthday.
I have to add what a fantastic doctor dr Newman is. He's so honest and throe.
I took more pictures. I love seeing all the brave ladies out there with all their before and after pictures. It really helped me so I hope to do the same for anyone else in my position. :)

Dr. Newman.....

I just noticed a grammar mistake....I wanted to say that Dr. Newman is very "thorough" not throe! lol Sorry Dr. Newman!

Surgery tomorrow......

I'm nervous, excited, anxious, so many emotions.
Tomorrow morning before I leave, I'm going to weight myself to see the difference in weight afterwards. I've been carrying these holders around for 12 years and I can't wait to feel light and free. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm able ladies.

Weight post surgery


Home sweet home...

Surgery went well. A bit more painful then I imagined. Taking Tylenol. Thank God for my Hubby.

1day after....

Still a lot of pain from incisions.
I can take dressing off Monday and showers. I'll post pictures them

OK I broke the rules and took a peak

They still look a bit scary but I'm glad to say I still have a lot of tissue and from experience, I know the stitches and scars will fade.

1 week after surgery.....

So it took about 4 solid days to feel better. The pain was pretty intense but when I woke up Tuesday, I felt great. The stitches are still in and cause some irritation and Dr Newman wanted me to continue with a tight compression but overall I felt normal again. I was able to drive, hug my kids, off the meds etc.
Here are some updated pics.....

2 weeks after surgery update....

Feeling so much better. It took 2 whole weeks to actually feel really good again. The stitches and my skin were burning and so darn uncomfortable. I can finally see the light....

Over a month now....

It's been a little over a month now and I'm feeling fantastic!
My PS said the girls are still a bit swollen and will continue to go down but even now I love my smaller size. I feel weightless and comfortable!

2 months implant free....

Feeling great. Doing chest strength training and building up my muscles.

About 6 months after surgery

So it's funny.... I've read a few reviews where the PS seems to stress at how small and unperky breasts will be after an explant. Once I was open with people about what I had done, I too heard so many women that wanted the same thing but we're scared after talking to various PS, that they'd have nothing left. One friend in particular, her PS (who did her first implant of 10 years) refused to do an explant and lift stating that her, "nipples weren't low enough". The PS convinced my friend to replace her current implants with smaller ones. After the surgery, she was the same size!!!!
My nipples weren't low. Although my PS was weary of me not liking my results he did what I asked for. I appreciate that!
If your PS won't explant, find a new one!!
Any-who, I'm feeling great and don't regret a thing. And guess what ladies? The boobies grew back. My own squishy fat! My Hubs loves it and doesn't mind the scars. My boobs hang low enough to cover the worse scars underneath.

Over a Year Later.....

Feeling great. Breasts filled in with my own fat. I think I'm around a C-cup now. So much easier to run without the big boulders bouncing around. If you've been considering an explanation, I say go for it but consider a lift too. If I wouldn't have gotten a lift I think I would have been very unhappy with saggy breasts.
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