43 Diabetic Mother of 6 - Murfreesboro, TN

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I have been overweight since middle school. I...

I have been overweight since middle school. I like others on here have two sisters. Both are naturally thin. I have a real self image issue stemming from years as the "fat sister." Later after college and the birth of two children. I blew up to a set weight of 274. I had another child who passed away. I ate my grief. I ballooned to over 300. We adopted three more children. Then came the diabetes and high blood pressure. I decided to get a lap band in 2009. I lost down to 209. Diabetes and high blood pressure disappeared. I started having problems with lap band 2 years ago. I had unfilled and refills. My band hurt me. I gained back up to 242. Now I am having the band out and the sleeve done. Since, the diabetes and high blood pressure are back and my band no longer works.

Obviously,I am nervous. I worry about my future and my children. The liquid diet is not going well. I am weak and starving. I ate two sugar free popsicles today along with my shakes and a boiled egg. I am getting out of the house tomorrow evening. So it may be easier to stick with the liquids.

Today is the big day!

I am heading into hospital for my sleeve. I am the last one for today. I hope it all goes smoothly. I am excited, anxious, and nervous. Hope they give a calm down pill when I walk in the door! Lol. Wish me luck.

Day 3 Post Op

The removal of the lap band and conversion to gastric sleeve was complicated by scar tissue but overall the surgery went well. I have been hurting quite a bit but I am starting to feel more like myself. I have no hunger but dream about food...the creamy rich good stuff LOL. I can see how head hunger will be a problem in the future. Keeping busy will help me to stay on top of my head hunger issues.

So far, I am consuming G2, water, sugar free popsicles, and sugar free jello. Today, I had a sparse 1/2 cup of a Bariatric Advantage protein shake. My tummy did not like the shake too much but my energy level definitely improved after drinking it. I will try another later on this evening.

Best wishes to everyone! Keep posting. I enjoy reading the journey of others. Thanks.

One Week PostOp

I am now one week out from surgery. This week has been difficult with feeling lethargic and weak. I am getting back up and moving. The soreness and pain are much better. Haven't had any Tylenol in a couple days. Tomorrow will have challenges of its own. I am beginning my soft pureed diet. I am thinking about having egg salad fortified with flavored protein powder. I am really curious to see what eating something with texture will feel like. Thanks for reading and supporting me.
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