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Hello I am a 27 year old female and I am also...

hello I am a 27 year old female and I am also battling the Apron stomach.. I have been approved for the panniculectomy scheduled Nov. 4th im Excited because now my weight is in my own hands from here on out and I can maintain it but im nervous because I dont know what to expect... im ready to go for it ive prayed on it now its getting closer and I really want some good advice from people who have had it and people who are having it done what are yourfeelings is it what you expected and are you happy u done it


4 more days and its going down im excited to have this just gonna keep praying for a safe surgery and recovery

Today is the Day

Hours away from the surgery. Im still having a calming spirit my nerves are settled and im just ready.. keep praying forme as I will for all you ladies... I will update later

3 days post op

I was in the hospital for 2 days.. I woke up and I was excited about the results.. still very swollen and very sore I do have staples that has to be removed and I also have two drains which I go have removed next Tuesday... my stomach itches and I feel a lot of pain but I just take my medicine and zone out.. I just keep falling asleep but it's better than hurting... also I've been sleeping in my big chair with like a pad under me the big ones. I have to use the umm spirometer to help me with my breathing because my garmin is so tight that I'm not really takin deep breaths.. and it's also to help reduce getting pneumonia.. speaking of pneumonia I was also offered a pneumonia shot and the flu shot I refused them. I have a cough that started after surgery and it really hurts everytime i cough so I have a pillow that I put on top of my stomach and I hold down all in all this surgery was definitely worth it just waiting to see my final results after all the swelling has gone down. but I will start walking here soon are all the rest of you ladies doing have you started working out what kind of exercises do you do and when you got out of the hospital after surgery what did you eat

day after

not much of a difference because im really swollen right now and I don't like this feeling.. also having problems with using the bathroom very constipated... Please help its been a week now im miserable... staples come out tuesday in sections.. painful... ill update more later

still miserable but Glad I done it

still in pain on meds and now I have a foul smell coming from my incision.. I still have problems with swelling and using the bathroom... Dr. says if im not going by tuesday he is going to go thru drastic measures as well as with swelling ive only had 7 staples come out sad...

surgery update

Well today I went to the Dr. and we are still trying to take staples out and after today its official going back in surgery to have them removed to much pain involved to get them out... other than that finally using the bathroom and altho im still swollen and have pain but im ready for the gym so I can shed more pounds... Be Blessed

Staples out Monday the 9th

I get my staples surgically removed on monday... Please just keep me in your prayers...

before pics

Here are some before pics sorry


Before pics sorry



1 month and a half update

well I went to the doctor on Thursday and the nurse checked me out I have a scar under my stomach from where i thought may have been a staple left in but it turned out to be an abscess and now I have a large bruise type scar in that area.. I was given hibicleanse soap to clean the area where with and also back on antibiotics. As far as swelling goes it is still a major problem the nurse told me that I will still be swollen for some time that what I see is all swelling she asked the doctor was there anything that they could do to help speed up the swelling process and he told her no because they took so much off and also had to remove a lot of scar tissue that I was going to be slow and healing so on the brighter side of things I'm OK still sore but maintaining and I am blessed to have my son and my boyfriend here to help...still praying for all you ladies that have had the surgery and are planning on having the surgery best of wishes to you all I really like how were able to communicate about the surgery it makes things so much easier but in the meantime be blessed because I know I will be

a little down

Hello ladies well I just wanted to make a quick update..... well I am 2 months post op and so far guess it's my emotions causing me to be down. .. I'm not happy with my results I wish I could have done a tt instead of a panni.. I see no results and just more pain and alot of abscesses keep coming up in miserable and feel horrible.. guess I'll express this to the dr on Thursday. ... Other than that pray for me please I need it. . Maybe these tears will stop

photo update

Just a few pics. No change


Well I'm off to the dr tomorrow for a follow up not healing nor feeling to well but I'm happy anyways life is great and my family is amazing couldn't ask for more but I am tired of being in pain already


well as you all know I have been going through a little bit with my surgery but I go back to the doctor on Tuesday and my primary care doctor told me that I should ask my surgeon is he would do a revision surgery simply because my surgery was not done like everyone else isI guess because I have scar tissue and right now my stomach is o unn even and I have scar under my stomach but I'm praying that he will agree to it and hopefully if he does then I will be able to have the surgery done again please pray for me and keep me in your thoughts and I would do the same for you
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

love my dr. he has really been helpful as well as his staff very loyal n respectful like family

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