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Hi all!!! So I just joined and it seems everyone...

Hi all!!! So I just joined and it seems everyone gives a little back-story. First off, let me say I have been religiously reading everyones reviews and looking at tons of pictures on here, and it's just so great to have a community like this!! I have learned so much; maybe now I can be a part of it! :) I have wanted this done since I was in high school. I chickened out once when I was younger, then decided I was just going to be me and be happy with my small boobs. Well, yeah, I'm happy with them when they're in my VS padded bras underneath a shirt. Bathing suit.........now that's a different story!!! I am tired of wearing heavy padded bras and my fiance finally told me he would pay for them for me! YAY!!!

So I went to my slightly awkward consultation on September 3rd with Dr. Brad Medling here in Murfreesboro, TN. He was so super nice and answered most all of my questions without me even having to ask! He has worked on a couple of my coworkers and I am fully confident that everything will go perfect with him. Even got to try on the sizers and WOW, I am so so excited to finally have boobs. It's official now, my surgery date is set for December, 20, 2013 so I will have plenty of time to recover over Christmas break without having to take off work since my work shuts down from Christmas Eve until New Years Day....Have I said how excited I am??? LOL.

My pre-op is on December 11, 2013 to decide final sizing and type, etc. and also to have all the tests done prior to surgery!!! I swear I have looked at so many pairs of boobs and the one thing that has helped the most is reading REAL reviews on this site and watching the progress of real women! You all are so inspiring!!!

Before Pictures....

So, here are some pictures of my pre-op tiny boobies! Can't wait til they're bigger!!

Two Weeks til Boobs!!!

I'm so excited! It's finally all becoming real now. I guess I never thought it would "really" happen. We got all of our finances in order and are paying for everything this coming Wednesday at my final Pre-Op appointment. Gosh that's a lot of money to put down at one time, but I guess it's an investment. The fiance told me that's my Christmas/Valentines/Birthday/Everything present...hahaha.

I've been mulling over sizes and 350cc's just seems way too small for me now. Maybe it's because I've gained some weight or because the more I look at boobs the more normal the "big" ones become to me. Dang, I just don't know. I'm going to try on the 400cc's at my pre-op. I think that's what I want to go with since I'm going with silicone under the muscle. Or maybe 425...haha.

Things I've Bought:
- Victoria's Secret Velour pants and matching zip hoodie for recovery and leaving the hospital
-Two front close soft cotton low-rise bras (seem to fit with rice sizers in)
- Shea butter lotion for stretch marks

I've been trying to find the Bio-Oil everyone seems to be using, but I just can't find it ANYWHERE! Maybe I just don't know where to look :( Oh, and the Arnica Montana Pills. I've searched the supplements section to no avail . Where do you buy that (if I even spelled it right) ??/

Oh, and in other news, I thought I might have to put my surgery on the back burner because of my fiance's herniated/bulging disc in his spine. This poor man has been in some serious pain the last few months and we thought he might have to go into surgery himself! Good news is he seems to be healing with with physical therapy. Crossing my fingers that he'll be well enough to take care of me :) His health comes first though. If I had to choose between him being able to walk and boobs, well that'd be a no-brainer.

Anyways, I'm rambling. YAY FOR BOOBIES!! I'll post some pics when some of the stuff I've ordered comes in. I've been instructed not to post any "nakie" pictures...hahah...we'll see.............

Wish Pics....


Oh my gosh so tomorrow is the big day! I'm excited and freaking out at the same time. I've been going back and forth between being excited and thinking "why am I doing this? My boobs are fine the way they are." But then I think about the padded bras and how much I hate them and how insecure I am in a bathing suit etc etc. I've wanted this forever and I have to keep reminding myself. This time tomorrow I will have boobies!!

Side note, there was a little awkwardness with my dad asking me what size I'm going with. We never talk about stuff like that. Lol I guess it comes with getting older. He seems to think I'm going to look like Dolly Parton. Oh he will be sadly disappointed lol

Oh wow can't wait. Hope I can sleep tonight!!

On the other side!

So ladies, sorry for not updating sooner, I've just kinda been in a routine of sleeping, wake up and take a pain pill, watch tv for a bit and sleep some more. That's pretty much been my life since I got out of surgery. All seems to have gone well, though I can't see what the girls look like until Monday since they're wrapped up all tight with ace bandages.

So I'll go through everything from the start on dos. Woke up around 7:30 on Friday. Showered making sure to wash my creases extra. Don't want any infections :) oh and I don't need to forget that I started my period the night before which kept me up all night long tossing and turning (I have pmdd) and in ungodly amounts if pain. Yay for that! Anyways I guess it was better to go ahead and get that pain over with before starting new pain.

Ok so I got off track. I arrived at the surgery center around 10:15 and was directed to go take a pee test. Got back and was given a buzzer and fifteen minutes later thy had me back in pre-op changed into a gown with my extra fancy leg warmers in and my IV all ready to go. I started to get a little nervous at this point cause now it was all "real". So they let my fiancé come sit with me for about an hour or so I guess while he worked on another girl who was ahead of me. Apparently he had six girls that morning and I was the last. This man was busy.

So in comes the nurse and shoots me up with "I don't care" juice and of they wheel me to the OR. I remember having to scoot myself onto another table and looking around the operating room at all the tables and lights and people, but then it was lights out.

Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room and dozing in and out for what seemed like forever. Then once I could stand up my nurse dressed me and put me Ina rolling recliner chair and wheels me into an area for my fiancé I come sit with me. Needless to say, we didn't sit there very long cause I was pretty alert and was ready to go home.

Car ride home wasn't bad. Bumps didn't seem to bother me, it was the turns. Oh god, every time the car turned, oh the pain! Once I made it home, the fiancé tucked me into my little spot and we waited for my mom to come over so the fiancé could go get my meds. Oh and one thing, all I wanted was water! I probably drank at least two bottles between waking up and comin home. I was sooo thirsty. Luckily I haven't had any throat pain or anything from bein intubated.

My left boob is the painful one. Apparently that muscle was smaller so he had to do a lot if cutting and stretching on that one and boy can I tell! That sucker hurts!

Other than that I just feel like someone slammed two rocks into my chest and strapped em there. Pain seems to be getting better already compared to yesterday.

Ok well I'm rambling. Hope everyone who recently had their surgeries and is having a good recovery. I'll update more after my post op on Monday :).

Tiny update

So just a small update on what I feel like are accomplishments today......

1. I haven't slept once today, which is awesome compared to yesterday where I slept and sweat on and off all day
2. Pain is completely bearable now. More like pressure than pain
3. I was able to brush my own teeth!!! Yay!
4. I can now go pee by myself and pull my own (baggy) pants up :)

Not so awesome:
1. Still no #2
2. Metamucil is gross an has the texture of snot.

Pretty much a good day today. Have a friend bringing me soup and salad from Jason's deli so pretty excited for company other than the fiancé. Even though he has been doing an amazing job taking care of me and keepin my water full and cooking :)

In love with the new girls!!

So I had my first post op appt today and got to unwrap the new girls and I am IN LOVE!!

They're riding a little high as I expected but no frankenboob so yay for that! They're already kind of soft too. My surgeon did an amazing job! Getting that ace wrap off made me feel like a different person. The tightness and pain is gone just little pinches here and there on the lefty where he had to so more work.

Getting ready to wrap Christmas presents and do some normal daily things if I can stop touching my boobs lol

Hope everyone else is healing well!!!

Before and 3 day post op comparison pics

Feeling good today

I'm feeling pretty good today. Haven't taken a Percocet since before bed last night and actually slept through the whole night. Bit jug soreness today. I did try for about five seconds to roll over on my side to get comfortable...BAD idea! Left boob was sore for about 30 minutes after that :( guess I'm stuck on my back for a while. Gonna try to just take ibuprofen from here on out. Still no #2 and it's starting to make me feel nauseous. I feel like my super bloated stomach is overshadowing the new girls :(.

Other than that, I'm completely happy with my decision still and love the way they look. Can't wait for the upcoming weeks to see how they progress!

Happy healing to all you ladies with recent surgeries!! Xoxo


Not much soreness today NOT bit jug. Lol
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