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Having been overweight my entire life, and after...

Having been overweight my entire life, and after losing about 75lbs, I've been thinking about a tummy tuck for years. I've never, ever had a flat stomach and I'm continuing to work hard in the gym and feel like I deserve a little help. I finally decided to pull the trigger, found a great surgeon, and I'm now sitting here with my finger over the "send" button on the down payment- and I'm losing my nerve!

I've been so excited about this for so long, but all of the sudden sh%t got real and I have a voice in my head yelling, "Am I really going to pay $8k to risk my life and look better in a bikini?!" I'm thinking about what else I could do with all of that money and I'm so nervous that I'm going to disappointed with my results:/ I've had 3 dreams in the last week where my tummy tuck started coming undone or I wasn't happy. Is this a sign?!

HALP ladies, talk me off the ledge!!

A few pics to make it official

Taking and posting these was harder than I thought. I've been having second thoughts the last few days about whether I should really be getting a tummy tuck, but just looking at these has removed any doubt. I can't wait for the time when I can look at myself in the mirror and not feel awful about myself.

January 18 2017 officially booked!!

I did it! I made the payment and secured my date. I've been walking around on a little happy cloud all day:) It's crazy to think of how many years have gone by that I've spent being unhappy in my own skin. Seems too surreal that 2017 will finally be different!

Just had second appointment with my surgeon..

and I definitely feel like I made the right choice. I had my first appointment back in August, waaaay in advance of my surgery date of Jan. 18. With the holidays and surgery being so far away, I haven't really been thinking or worrying about it at all. But now, almost a month out, it's getting real!

Brought the hubs with me so he could hear everything from the horse's mouth; he looked like he was going to pass out as the doc described "pulling down the upper curtain of skin and fat" lol. I have to say, he's been a good sport.

So that's it, just re-checking in, time to start gathering supplies, making meal plans, etc. It's really starting to hit me that it's going to be a long, long time before I feel "normal" again; that I move without thinking, no zips and zings...right now that's the scariest part. So many of you ladies seem to have breezy recoveries, you make it look easy!

The Jaws of Life, or: What's Required to Extract Myself From This Damn Compression Garment

Looking for advice on the overwhelming topic of compression garments: I purchased a Marena size M garment (which should fit according to the height/weight guidelines on the package). Tried to squeeze myself into this thing last night, and let's just say getting it on required holy water and a stick of butter.

After wrestling around on the bed like the crocodile hunter for 20 minutes, the thing fits (verrry tightly) everywhere except my gut. No chance to fasten even the lowest hooks. It's theoretically possible I'll be able to do it up after said gut is removed during the tummy tuck, but my questions are:

1) If I'm likely going to be swollen, should I get a garment that fits my current size?

2) How do you best estimate what size you're going to be after surgery (swelling included)?

3) How in the hell do you get it on after surgery?! There's no way I'm going to be able to do it alone, especially only a few weeks after surgery when I'm still sore. It's easily a two-person job; what have you ladies been doing??

The struggle is literal. Any tips would be great!

3 more sleeps til the flat side!! Down 5lbs, pics added!

Hey ladies! Pre-OP and labs were done last week, everything looks good. Have a little tickle in my throat that WILL NOT turn into a cough. It's been between -5 and -20 degrees here the last weeks, my poor husband has been walking the dog so I don't risk getting sick.

Check in time on Wednesday is 12p, surgery will start at 1p. A little bummed 'm not the early slot (doc only does two operations a day), cause going that long without water is going to be hard. Just doing last minute things this weekend like deep cleaning, getting my "station" set up with power cords, meds, water, TV remotes, etc. I'm mostly calm, but starting to get scared.

I'm so worried that my results are going to be disappointing or not exactly what I want. I'm trying to keep my expectations low. Who else is headed to the flat side this week??

Made it to the flat side!!!!

I'm still in the clinic so will have to wait to post pics til tomorrow. Went in at 1p yesterday, surgery took 3 hours and the doc removed about 2.5lbs. I'm also thrilled that he was able to keep the scar 100% horizontal with no "T" as previously thought.

So far so good with the pain, slept the whole night through. Just had my two drains and catheter taken out, both were weird but painless. Clipping the stitches holding the drains was the worst part, and that was only a pinch. What DOES suck are the heparin shots! Anybody else hate those?? I felt like someone hit my leg with a baseball bat for like an hour afterwards. I have to administer two shots to myself once I get released from the clinic tomorrow, don't know where I'm going to summon the courage to do that!

For now, I'm so grateful that everything went well and the pain is totally manageable (only taking high-dose Ibuprofen). Have to stand and walk for the first time today, se we'll see if I'm singing a different tune after that;)

How is everyone else that had sx not eh 17th or 18th doing??

Rough patch, but home now

Everything was great until the night after my surgery. I started feeling incredibly uncomfortable, like my garment was 10 sizes to small and I was being squeezed to death. Nurses quickly determined I was having a stomach reaction to all the Ibuprofen I'd been taking, but not before I got super nauseous and dry heaved.

Holy shit.

That is a pain I hope I never experience again. The burning was so excruciating that I was convinced that I'd destroyed the muscle repair, so my poor doc came to the hospital at 4am to examine me. He did an ultrasound and everything looked fine, he's such a lovely guy. Finally got the nausea under control and was able to sleep a few hours before checking out and going for my first bandage change at the doc's office. Have to get the pics off my husband's phone, but everything looks amazingly good. I'm swollen like hell, but my belly button and scar are perfect and I just can't believe there aren't any rolls!

I've been at home since yesterday, I have to shower and change bandages myself today so will take more pictures. Pain is still very manageable, it's the extreme tightness and pulling feeling that I can't wait to be rid of. Back is killing me, but that was also expected. Hope everyone's doing well, I'll be back with pics later.

First pic and struggling:(

Ugh ladies, I don't want to bring the negativity but I could really use some support. I wanted to post more pics after my shower yesterday, but I was so done I couldn't even muster the energy to take them. The pic is from 2 days after surgery at my first bandage change. My doctor said I was completely flat after surgery, so as you can see, I'm swollen like a freaking balloon.

I've been mentally preparing for this for so long; I'm doing everything right: eating the right foods, drinking enough water, staying on top of my meds. Last night was awful. Another coughing fit which had both me and my husband in tears because he was so scared for me. I haven't slept in more than 24 hours, I can't relieve the pulling feeling at all and I'm so swollen I don't even recognize myself. Like, I'm absolutely massive; objectively I know that it will all eventually go away, but I'm struggling with the fact that there's been no "instant reward"- I don't even want to look at myself in the mirror:(

I know I'm only at Day 4, but WHY DOES THIS SEEM SO MUCH EASIER FOR EVERYONE ELSE?! I'm so uncomfortable and so hunched that I can't imagine I'll be walking upright by the time I have to go back to work in two weeks. I'm seeing ladies flat and running around here in cute panties going grocery shopping on Day 3 and I'm thinking I'm losing my damn mind.

I KNOW it's so early. I KNOW this was always going to be a long recovery. But I feel so bad that I'm losing sight of the bigger picture. Help me ladies, please remind me that I'm going to be be in a very different place a week or two from now...

Feeling a little better, pics added!!

Hey Ladies,

Today has been a better day, trying to just focus on the early healing stage and not be too hard on myself. My best friend came all the way from Texas to be with me while my hubs is on a business trip, and I rewarded her loyalty by making her help shower my naked blimp self first thing this morning. Belly button looking super cute, incision seems to be doing fine, just slightly leaky. I'm starting to get some zingy pains along my incision line, I'll take it as a good sign.

So...6 days out....am I overreacting about the swelling?

Day 11, swelling slightly better, incision closing up!

Here we are at Day 11. Muscle pain has improved significantly and I'm off all pain killers. Standing a bit straighter, and made it out to my 1-week post op appointment on Thursday. Everything on track, although my scar is weeping a bit in one spot on the right. Belly button still looking good, and I'm supposed to start working the stitches out with q-tips on my own.

So what else...though I'm walking around easier and trying to rebuild some stamina, I'm mostly exhausted. Even though I still feel like an over-filled blimp, when I overdo it, I absolutely notice the extra swelling and increased blimp-ness. I'm starting to see a little bit of shape coming through under my rib cage, which is exciting, but I'm still so swollen above the incision that the swelling only seems more exaggerated. I'm feeling much better overall, physically and mentally. There's such a difference between day 3 or 4 and 10 or 11, it's really remarkable how much progress your body can make in a week.

3 Week check in!

Tiny break through this morning: I rolled over to my side as was able to stay comfortably for about 5 mins! Sounds completely idiotic, but it felt so good I almost cried.

Half my belly button stitches got pulled today, I have a little raw spot that's bleeding a little, so doc wants to wait til next week to pull the rest. I've apparently been taking it too easy on my scar as there's still bits of scab which have to come off before next week when we start scar treatment.

Snapped some pics a few mornings back when I was feeling' myself,I can't believe that's my tummy!
Dr. Eugen Spirk

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