Regret Black and Grey Upper Arm Tattoo

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2 month ago I got my Tattoo on my upper arm. Since...

2 month ago I got my Tattoo on my upper arm. Since that moment I've been regretting this so much. Now I'm thinking about to get a tattoo removal.
I went to my first consultation at "Tattoo X" in munich.
They told me that I have a good chance that my tattoo will fade COMPLETELY with several treatments with their Picosure Laser. A Cover Up Tattoo is no Solution for me! They said that I will need approximately 7 sessions. But I am a little skeptical that 7 sessions will be enough.
What do you think? Is that realistic?
I'm feeling very depressive right now and have no more fun in life. I'm afraid of that my tattoo won't disappear completely and it's going to look more worse than now. In that case I would lose my self-confidence completely I guess.
My hope was that I can deal with this tattoo on my arm and get used to it but after 2 month I think I lost that hope. Maybe I should wait a little longer before I make a final decision.
Sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand everything ;-)

Feeling so depressed

Hey all :-) now I my final decision is that my Tattoo has to be removed!! But in the moment I'm so down and so depressed, I can't believe in what kind of stupid situation I brought myself. It feels like I Will Never be happy again. It's a torture for me walking around in T-Shirts because of my Tattoo.

I'm also super worried about the Tattoo removal. What should I do If everything goes wrong and the Tattoo just wont disappear?? Than It will look much more horrible than now!
If that Happens my life would be over I guess... that how I'm thinking right now.

What If I can' stand It anymore?
What If I'm too weak for such treatments?

I cant sleep anymore, everything I'm thinking about is my Tattoo.

Right now it's just the worst time of my life!
I could cry...

Still to afraid to make an appointment!!

I decided to upload a second row of photos. Do you still think that it has a good chance to be removed completely?
I'm really uncertain.
In this photos it looks much darker as It looked in the other photos.

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