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Hi, my name is Annika, i'm 22 years old and...

Hi, my name is Annika, i'm 22 years old and originally from Switzerland and I'm so glad to have found this site. First I want to thank all of you for writing such honest reviews about your experiences. I have been reading many stories in the last three to four months and it has helped me to realize that I am not alone with these thoughts and that I dont have to live with my nose all my life.. I understand now that thinking about rhinoplasty is not something to be ashamed of, it doesnt mean I am a superficial person or doing something wrong in any way. I have scheduled an appointment with one of Germany's leading plastic surgeons and even though it is still almost two months away I am very excited to go. I felt so much relief after scheduling the appointment : ) Anyway I'm getting mixed responses from my friends and family when I tell them about my plans so I hope that you might give me some honest feedback concerning my nose.. xoxo


So I went to see Dr. Hundt for a consultation with my mom and my sister and he left me with a very good impression. He looked at my nose and made a simulation of how my nose could look after surgery. Further I received an information booklet about what is going to happen on each step of the process and some answers to FAQs. Now I just received the simulations but I have really hard time deciding what I am going to do. I am just really afraid of everything.. also my boyfriend keeps telling me he thinks the simulation doesnt look very different from now, and it's not worth it. what do you think..?

surgery date set!

Thank you for all the nice encouraging comments. I really appreciate your honesty. So after long considerations I have decided to go on and have the surgery even though I am so scared of having anaesthesia.. : ( what if I feel pain or wake up during it.. and what if it doesnt look better than now: / what if it doesnt fit my face, or makes my smile look weird.. I guess no one really knows that before doing it but i cant stop thinking about negative consequences, nevertheless I feel that I need to do this now or never. And I really dont want to continue on living with this nose. So I set a surgery date yesterday for the 3.9.13 ; ) I'm sooo excited!!

changing the simulation ?

I have a question- do you guys think the simulation nose is too pointy? I feel like it should be a bit more roundish at the end. I just really need my nose not to stick out of my face anymore as much as it does now.. I dont need it to look similar to my nose now - I'm not sure if it does.. I guess if I already go though the procedure it should be the best it can. The doctor offered me a phone consultation but I am not sure what I would tell him. I guess I start to be nervous for the operation: )

surgery in two weeks!

hello; ) I just finished my exam period yesterday and realizing how close the surgery date is to now I am starting to freak out a little. Am I really going to have rhinoplasty??! It seems so surreal. I am really afraid of how it will turn out and of how people will react to it- what if everyone can see it once I get back to university in october. Also I am really worried about having to have so many needles stuck into my body... I hope I am not making a huge mistake. There's no way back now, I am scheduled to have surgery and I would have to pay for it anyway and I DO want to do it but its the scariest thing I have every wanted to do. I try not to think about what could go wrong too much - and I know I don't want to live with this nose anymore..

Surgery tomorrow!

Hi, I thought I'll write a quick update for my review. I am going to have surgery tomorrow (the 3rd of september) in a private clinic in eastern switzerland. I'll have check in at 6.30 am which means I need to get up very early to leave at around 5 am with my sister and my mom. I don't know exactly when the surgery will be but my assumption is it will be around 8 am. From what I read in other reviews most people seem to be allowed to go home pretty much immediately after the surgery but my doctor keeps all his patients over night in the hospital to make sure we are well taken care of etc. I don't like hospitals at all so I am not too happy with this but I guess I dont have a choice & it might turn out to be nice to have nurses taking care of you for 24h before going home. My dad will pick me up on wednesday form the clinic and my sister planned to stay with me around the clock for the first few days. I am really trying not to think about it too much and just keeping myself busy with organizing supplies and fixing the room I'm going to stay in. I have started taking some homeopathic (is this how you write it?) medicine that is supposed to help against swelling and help the body heal where the cut the skin. I'm not absolutely sure it actually will have an effect but I am doing it anyway. Also I have tried to keep a low sodium diet, which is more difficult than I thought. its now 10.40 am which means in about 24h I will have a new nose! thats just crazy!! I'll go into town to buy some supplies now and things I found on angiemcc's list of useful things to get, such as lip balm etc. I also read on a Q&A page that drinking pineapple juice can be beneficial so I am going to buy some and see if it helps; ) -> also I opened a forum for people who are having surgery in september (everyone is welcome of course even if you dont have surgery in this month) so we have a small support group there and everyone is welcome to join!

Day 3 (or 4 ?)

Hi everyone, So I had my surgery on tuesday. It went more or less like I had described it here, except that I had to wait until 12 to be operated. I checked in with my mom and my sister at 6.30 am, had to fill in some forms with the doctor responsible for the anaesthesia. Then they gave me a gown to wear (like in the movies - the ones who are open in in the back so everyone can see your butt :P) and I had to take 2 pills one for the stomach and something to calm down. Soon after taking it I fell asleep and about 30 mins after I woke up they came to take me to have the surgery. I was a bit weird to be driven around in a hospital bed given that I felt I was completely able to walk in the OP and lay down there myself. Anyway, then they moved me to a different bed which was harder and narrower. I felt like there were 20 people in this room but probably there were between 5 to 7 people. Someone put a warm blanket on me. Then the anaesthesia doctor put this needle into the vein below my thumb (I have no idea how all this is called in english) which actually hurt less than I thought it would - parallel to this another lady put some electrodes on my chest and I saw a few monitors starting to show probably my heartbeat or so. It was confusing - so many things happening at the same time. different person then put a liquid into the IV entrance the doctor had made. This burnt a bit. I saw the surgeon for a moment and he promised that he would make it very beautiful. the anaesthesia was really weird: THe anaesthesia doctors touched my cheek and said something like good night and I was like, this is ridiculous I am fully awake but I felt something streaming through my body making it feel heavy and tired and I told her about it and next thing I know I wake up in the room and my mom is there. The afternoon was hard I suffered mostly from having a really dry mouth and not being allowed to drink anything also I was a bit in pain but the nurses helped my fast with some pain medication given through the IV. it sounds a bit funny now but I was really suffering most of the afternoon because I needed to pee and I knew I couldnt get up yet - you feel so trapped. Good thing my sister was there to distract me (she read aloud to me from her game of thrones book). I had a very low blood pressure when I woke up from surgery so the nurses checked it every 15 minutes or so and eventually when I couldnt wait to go to the bathroom anymore 3 people came with me:). I had no appetite all day and I was very afraid I would throw up ( I am sensitive to most pain medication pills - I always throw up) so only in the night I unpacked pralines that my boyfried had sent and carefully ate 2 or 3. I think the overnight stay was a good idea especially since I had such low blood pressure and the nurses to really good care of me. In the morning they removed the needle form the IV and they found out why my arm hurt me more than my nose! the vein had an inflammation.. Later my sister came to take me, which was a bit stressful for me since it was her first time driving a car alone since getting her licence so I couldnt relax completely ;). Since then I have been at home mostly watching movies and relaxing on the sofa. Its a shame actually, the weather is fantastic in Switzerland these days and I am stuck inside. I'll see I am able to add some photos. & thank you for the comments and thoughts! xoxo

Day 4 (or 5?)

Hi everyone: ) my sister has all the pictures of the first days - so until I have them I thought I'll upload one of today. I feel like its not at all like the simulation :( i am a little pig.. and the nose is not cute and tiny like I wanted. - I know its too early to say but so far I need to distract myself at all times in order not to be depressed already. The only thing I really like at this point is the septoplasty - my nose is really straight inside and the nostrils are beautiful and even. : )

<3 dry shampoo!!

Thanks to the september-rhinoplasty support group I looked for dry shampoo in switzerland and found some! I thought this was a exclusively american product ;) well apparently I was wrong. I feel much better after using it now so I decided take a few more pictures.. xoxo

Day 5

Good morning dear realselfers ;) I have been feeling very well yesterday and today, I can basically go about my day completely normally. Except every 2h I have to put a cream into my nose and I take ca 3 painkilling pills per day. I feel like the tip is dropping a bit every day :) but it still looks pretty strange to me. I just need to try not to look at it too much since there is anyway nothing I can do about it. I wishing everyone a great relaxing and painless sunday!

Day 6

Hi everyone. This is my day 6 post op and nothing much has changed - I feel good in general just my oily face and hair are annoying me.. Tomorrow at 3 pm I am going to get my cast of at Dr. Hundt's office! I dont know whether I am ready to see my new nose yet - i feel like its still large and long and I am just worried about it being a huge expensive and painful disappointment:/ No it wont be a disappointment completely since my breathing is much better now ;) I feel as if my lung moved closer to the air! Just fantastic

cast off - well kind of ;)

Hi I just saw my doctor 2h ago and he removed the cast (Verryyy painful!) and cleaned out my nose (very uncomfortable). He gave me a small hand mirror to have a look and I was in shock- I just couldnt believe that this is my new nose! I am me but a much better version: ) I couldnt say much out of shock and I even had a hard time not to cry from all the emotions I was feeling so he asked me if I didnt like it at all ;) no I loved it it looked natural and not like plastic surgery at all. Unfortunately he always makes his patients wear the cast another week so I literally saw my nose about 10 seconds and now its back to how it was before ;) - maybe its good this ways so I can get used to the image I have of it in my mind before I really need to face it again;)

Day 8 & 9 - more waiting..

So I just started the second week with the cast on and I am starting to think about how it might turn out constantly.. I dont really remember much of my nose and I think it is still pretty large : /. I know everyone says you cant say yet but it looks still somewhat high and piggy and I really wanted a big change.. well I'll just have to see and wait. I guess the fact that I had to go out of the house and actually take a flight back to Israel today really increased my anxiety- everyone was staring at me like I was from a different planet and now I cant stop thinking about how it might not end up looking good at all. Anyway my boyfriend saw me for the first time today with this cast on and he says its not looking too bad (but that it is very annoying for kissing etc ;) ) I hope everyone is recovering well - I love keeping up with you guys xoxo

Day 10

I am worried.. I wanted a small cute nose and I am not all that sure what will come out of under this cast on tuesday.. anyway I promised myself I to wait with the ultimate judgement. Have a good day and to any of you fasting for yom kippur - have an easy fast

Day 11 & 12

Hello everyone, I am still waiting for tuesday so all I have now are more cast pictures ;) I'm just trying to keep my mood up and not worry too much. I decided to just let it happen now. I can't believe its almost two weeks since my surgery! Happy recovery everyone

Cast off tomorrow!!

I'm really excited and nervous to get my cast off tomorrow- actuallly, I have to take it off myself, which is even scarier;) Today I went out and did some shopping but I didnt feel very good.. my nose got so dry and my stitches started to hurt. I think I should not be out too much in this heat (30degrees celsius) even with my lovely new hat. okay so that's all for today, I'll keep you informed about my big day tomorrow : ) xoxo

Day 14 & 15 cast off

So I took my cast off yesterday.. it was very difficult and took me a bit over an hour.. I was in such a shock when I saw my nose.. its upturned and with a large tip and it just looked so weird. So I called my bf and he left work to be with me- he thinks it looks fine and so do his mom and sister which makes me think that it might not be as bad as i think. It just looks nothing like the simulation.. well maybe it will change some more. I hope. anyway here are some photos so you can build you own opinion ; ) - thanks for all the comments and messages-> i'll answer soon but I have to leave now to prepare for the next holiday, which starts tonight. All the best & pray it will look better..

Day 16 trying to be patient..

Okay here is day 16 ;) I am not too happy with how it looks at the moment but again I'm trying to be patient. Its always soo difficult to take the cast off in the morning and this is also the moment where it looks the worst. I wrote my doctor to ask if I can help the tip settle by taping it differently but so far I have no answer. Also I'm planning a vacation in Greece ;) hope everyone is having a great day! xoxo

Day 17 & 18

Hello! I cant believe its already day 18 : ) I really calmed down somewhat and I'm taking everything day by day. I feel like the nose looks different everyday and also changes during the day! The tip came down substantially which makes me think that it might eventually look similar to the simulation. I already feel like my self-esteem is getting higher .. i hope it will stay like this. Have a good week everyone

Day 19 & 20

Hi everyone so I'm almost three weeks post op, as of tomorrow and I guess I am currently about 75% happy with the look of my new nose. I know I need to be patient but of course I want everything to look great right now. This week my nose started to hurt less when being touched which makes it feel more like a natural part of my face and not like a huge potatoe..;) other than that not much is happening. only small changes I guess due to swelling going down. I am still on vacation so I havent seen a lot of people yet and I am really afraid to meet certain people.. I wish I wouldn't care what they think but sadly I really do. I dont want people to think I am really vain. Anyway I'm going to the movies now to see the millers movie with jennifer aniston, i forgot the name, ;) hope it will be fun! have a great evening everyone

Three weeks post-op!

Hi ; ) so I decided I am posting wayyy too many updates so I'll start doing one per week or so. Just today since its 3 weeks post op now I'll make an exception:) Maybe you noticed that I havent posted many profile shots.. i just cant handle seeing it.. I really dont like it, the tip looks huge and its still way upturned compared to the simulation. Anyway I'll try to take a few and upload them soon. Maybe you guys will see some hope for me ;) Everyone's comments really lift my spirit! its sooo nice to receive emails about comments in the middle of the night - I guess since that is when you are most active : ) so thank you!! have a great evening everyone xoxo

1 month post-op!

Hello dear realselfers!! I cant believe its already been a month since my surgery! wow time passes really fast when you are on vacation ; ) I am about to fly back to zurich for a check-up at my doctor on the 8th. I feel pretty good about my nose and I feel that the swelling has gone down a substantial amount in this past week. one of my nostrils had been more swollen than the other but now it is almost equal on both sides. also the tip feel a lot less numb but still somewhat numb overall. My sense of smell came back partially as well. I still cant smile really but my facial expressions are already much more normal than two weeks ago; ) I think I could tell people I got botox :P well maybe thats a little weird for a 22 y old : ) I forgot to say in the beginning but I had a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty together. Also I apologize for my english ; ) It is the reason why it takes me time to answer to comments.. I have to think of answers for a while . Anyway I'm posting pictures of the last week and of today AND I found picture of day 1 & 2 post-op ; ). So here you go..

almost 2 months post op

Hi everyone I'm sorry for not having posted any updates recently. I know that the months after the operation are actually the most interesting for realselfers to see since its only then where you can see the nose taking shape. I still haven't regained full functioning of my nose - the climate inside feels dry and my tip is still numb but overall I feel like the nose is again part of my face and not a hard potatoe. I feel like it change look daily and I really start to understand what all the doctors say.. it does take a lot of time for the swelling to subside and for the nose to take on its final shape. I am pretty please with the result although I have an indentation in the left side which will probably stay. I had a consultation after 5 weeks where the doc said that if in a years time it would bother me he does a free surgery to correct it (well I'd still have to pay for anaesthesia & a night at the clinic). For now I don't think that I would actually do the procedure again as I do believe that a little imperfection make the nose look more natural ; ) & thank you soo much for your comments!!

life changing experience

Hello; ) I hope everyone's surgery / recovery is going well. Now can someone explain to me how the day-calculator works? in my calculation last tuesday I was 2 months post op but somehow its says I'm one month post op.. I really dont get it ; ) Anyway back to the nose; I havent really talked about just how life changing it is to have a new nose! I dont have to put my hand in front of my face anymore when I laugh or turn my head to the perfect angle so people wont notice my profile. Its this feeling that makes all the money, pain, worry etc worth it. the moments when I walk on campus and I see guys looking at me and I dont think anymore that they are probably only thinking "OMG such a huge nose!" The nose is not perfect and the tip is still numb but it is a million times better than the original me. - the only thing I think about sometimes is what if my daughter grows up to have a nose like I did? But then I am thinking like Rachel from "friends" said: in the worst case she will need to have a rhinoplasty as well : P

uploaded a picture twice sorry ; )

4 months post op

Hello! I'm just uploading some pictures since I passed the 4 months mark last week ; ) I'm happy with my nose although it is not perfectly symmetrical. I'm gonna go see the surgeon in summer to see if I have to do some further procedure but I'm not sure I want it. I love how my face looks different and I actually started to enjoy wearing sunglasses (OMG!!) ; ) xoxo

6 months post-op

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well & your operations go smoothly. I can't believe it is already 6 months since I had my rhinoplasty. I have gotten quite used to my knew look and I really like the way it has turned out so far. I feel that there are still subtle changes especially around the tip of the nose. I don't have much feeling in the tip of the nose, if feels a bit like when one of your limbs goes numb. But it doesn't bother me too much. The bridge of the nose is still quite sensitive so i try not to wear too heavy sunglasses, although I technically could according to my doctor. Overall I feel much better than before about my apperance, I am experimenting with new hairstyles and I am wearing sunglasses without worrying that my nose would look even bigger if i did. I haven't missed my old nose for a second. Most people have not noticed that I had a rhinoplasty done. Some have noticed that I look different but then couldn't point out why. Most importantly I have noticed that this change has affected my self-esteem and the way others perceive me. I am convinced it will have a positive effect on my life not only because I look better, but because I come across more confident and less insecure. If I can help any of you with your preparations or other things regarding rhinoplasty feel free to contact me ;)

9 months?

Hi everyone! I just thought I'll give a quick update and upload a few pictures so you can see the progress. My nose feels good;) its getting softer around the tip which is a big change however it still feels numb somewhat. I am aware that my nose is not very symmetrical but I still really like it : ) Also I went blond.. please tell me what you think!

11 months.. I think

Hey my lovely realselfers,
Thank you soo much for your sweet comments. I can't believe i am almost 1 year post op. I am feeling good about my new nose and I have gotten really used to my new look. I feel like I have learnt how to do make up and hair with my new nose, now that I don't have to hide my nose anymore ;)
I am about to move back home to switzerland and I am going to meet all my old friends again so I'm a bit nervous about them seeing my new nose. But I am also happy to start meeting new people that have not met me with my old nose. Okay there's something I have been recently thinking about... let's say I will meet someone new and we will go out etc do I have to tell him that I had a nose job? and if so, when to I have to do that?
Thank you so much for all your support my loves!
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