32 Years, Single Male, Need to Correct my Eyelid Retraction - Mumbai, India

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Hi fellow patients and respected doctors, I am...

Hi fellow patients and respected doctors,

I am going to write about my experience, ordeal, and solutions to my problem.

I had a major road accident on 17th may 2012. My motorcycle collided with an on coming truck. My lover jaw broke in 6 pieces, front four teeth got damaged and the glass from my eye wear pierced my eye, splitting my eyelid into 2. my eye was sutured and it looked fine in the beginning with vertical sutures but as my eye began to heal i noticed that it was pulling my eyelid up causing the retraction. A string like substance grew inside my eye attaching itself to my eye ball and the inside of my upper eyelid, causing my eye to feel tight and pulled (it is the same to this day) Doctors were not interested in correcting it. For them it was more than enough that i had survived. Of course i do not blame them for not being concerned about my look. But i had to live with my self. Besides physiologically it was not correct to not be able to shut my eye while sleeping.

A year later an eye doctor from my gym suggested that i see him in his clinic. I went to meet him and he suggested i see an occuplast, he revered. I put my faith in him and went to see this doctor who didn't give me much time in his office but confidently assured that my eyelid can be corrected and the string like mass will be removed for a hefty fee. Well of course i was relieved and happy. I began to look at my old pictures trying to visualize how close ill look to my old self.

On the day of the surgery, the doctor told me that the earlier doctor did not perform well since she didn't not fill in the eyelid with skin graft and just pulled the eyelid together and sutured it. Well, he did what the previous doctor did not and opened the suture scar and fixed it. The string like mass was also removed. Every 3 days i would go to see him, 30 kms away just for 5 minutes. The day he removed the suture, to my horror we saw the eyelid still retracted. I questioned him about it and he assured me that it will get better with time. I was skeptical, so i visited the doctor who recommended this occuplast and he assured me too that if the occuplast is confident that it will heal with time then i should have faith in him since after all he is the best in Mumbai.

My eyelid was healing with time but the retraction remained as it is. To my disappointment the string like mass grew back. I went back to the doctor and he recommended another surgery. I asked him the cost of this surgery, he refused to give me any answer and deflected the topic by saying that it would be minimal cost. I kept telling him that i won't be able to pay a lot of money for another surgery as the possibility was not informed to me. He still did not give me a quotation.

This time he grafted skin from behind my earlobe on my eyelid. The string like mass was cut out too. I was expecting the doctor to charge only the OT fee since he said the cost will be minimal. He charged me a considerable amount of money and told me that this time my eyelid will be almost 100% perfect. After few weeks of healing i realized that i was conned. The retraction remained and the string like mass grew back.

Now i am back to square one. Disappointed, lost faith in medical experts and still looking for a solution to my problem. I still sleep with my eyelid open.

Hope you guys will make sure that none of you go for the surgery unless and until the procedure is explained to you in detail and the pro and cons will be laid down in clear terms.

God Speed.

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Dr. Seema and Dr. Vasani

Dr. Seema was utterly careless and Dr. Vasani is an over confident occuplast, who does not think it is important to lay down the pro and cons properly. He barely gave me any time and attention. I feel conned by him.

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