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Hope for good work and to be happy with the...

Hope for good work and to be happy with the results and straightforward recovery. Redustion is booked in Mumbai 12th Jan 2015 with a surgeon milan Doshi from reals self so optomistic he will do a good job for me. Not met this surgeon as yet and My mother went a bit mad when I told her i was thinking of surgery for breast reduction in India telling me of all the things that could go wrong.

2 weeks tomorrow BR

So not 100 percent this will happen as need to consult with surgeon, meet him the day before surgery due , but hopefully all will be well. I think it could be so amazing for me to have smaller breasts with no flopping over making a clammy underbreast area. Really hoping to get moving a lot more dancing cellercising ( mini trampoline) , as my current breast size puts me off doing these things that I love. It would be so nice to have normal, blend in the background breasts rather than embarrasing, oversized scruffy looking granny breasts that have been with me since they grew aged17. Its true I have managed my difficult emotions well and ignored the physical problem as best as I can, what an increadible thing that there is a possibility to have a remedy for this situation. I think it could make a very big difference to my quality of life, happiness and wellbeing .
Also I think this site is really awsome especially the breast reduction section.

30 hours post operation

So Im in Mumbai and Ive had my breast reduction performed here. This place is totally noisy and highly populated and crazy and I cant wait to leave on Saturday. I felt on a total high after coming around from surgery and could not sleep at all last night . I really was fearing going through all this and not enough being taken off and still having big boobs so I emphasised that I wanted to have 50% off I have not actually seen my boobs yet they are bandaged and in a tight compression bra, Im fearing now I might have ended up too small its really actually difficult to tell what size they actually are. Its not the end of the world I guess the weight has definitly gone so I will be able to dance and trampoline like I want. Ive not had a lot of pain and not taken any pain med since surgery. I had a Hall finlay with liposuction. I Liked my surgeon and felt he was competent. bit fed up with being in Mumbai . Also Im against allopathic medicines now. Im having to have antibiotics for the next 15 days and use antibiotic cream for a month after that. Currently just want to get through this stage in to a more healed up time

over reduced : (

Ok so I feel the job has been done ok i think but Im feeling upset about how very small my breasts are now I never imagined this might happen my big fear before surgery was being left too big and many people on this site have mentioned dissapointment at being left too big ,also maybe there was problems with language a s my surgeons first language is not english maybe I will feel better in time Im happy that all the weight has gone. I emphasised at consultation that I did not want to be left too big. Im processing the feeling of loss and it did not have to work out like this if I had managed to have better communication in the consultation. photos to follow I asked for 50% off what I had in the first place this has to be more than 50 %

photos in first 3 days after surgery

some photos of my journey

Another attempt to post photos

lets see If i can do this.....

day 6

Possibly I could have been a bit bigger but it took this reduction for me to work this out Im an accepting sort so settled with the shape I am now sometimes Im feeling exctacic about my look the shape is really good and sometimes I think Im a bit small . Pleased that the stiching is so tidy and I have nipple sensation fully in my right and a bit numb but not totally in my left Overall Mission Sucess nipples looking a really healthy colour ( Pleased happy grateful) little bit of soreness around right side where drain was removed . Im dryskin brushing my body a lots longer than normal taking MSM, bentonite clay to pull out some of these poisens Ive had to take Only eating raw food , coconuts and fresh figs ,doing upper chest massage lay in the sun today . Asked about tape my surgeon said It can cause more problems so this feels good for scars to get more air. Felling really yukky form the anti-biotics my surgeon has my taking ( 10 more days to go) really bloated intestines achy niggly very little appetite

day 8

Im very pleased now with the shape look and size dr milan has made me Im on day 8 so grateful to be getting a bit of time behind me now and more healed up. Been sunbathing to try and dry moist drain holes but asked question if this is ok and apparently it makes the scars darker and thicker and you should avoid the sun for a year. I have not been given tape to wear on my scars Dr said it can cause more problems makes sense. will be pleased when the drain holes dry up and heal up am hating taking antibiotics another 8 days of them to go


So apparently sunbathing soon after BR is not a good idea I did a fair bit of massage on my breast yesterday too and today my breasts are fairly hard with more swelling I guess its normal aparts form that looking fine

day 12

so pleased to be getting a bit of time behind me now healings good apart from drain hole particularly left side is slow to close up i was wondering if it was slightly infected. actually its because Im in india and have not been a ble to get a satifactory bra ,one i have is too loose, the other is too tight and agravating my drain holes I woke 3 am this morning inspired started cutting and sewing my too tight bra and have made something satifactory now . I have a pea sixed lump appeared exactly where the top of the drain tube sat in my right breast. Im disobeying my Dr and not taking the ciplox next course of antibiotics . I feel confident I will be ok.

day 13

Last night washing I noticed drops of blood coming from a stich site around the nipple which was looking quite pulled I have previously this week gently removed some of the black stuff from around the stichin on the nipples maybe I picked of a bit too much only a few drops of watery fluid came ut this part has opened up a bit so glued together with microporus tape. Right breast all down the side (exactly where the drain was) is bothering me a bit its particularly swollen and sore keep feeling paranoid this could be what a heamatoma is but I suspect its just swelling. . Finally after 3 hours of hand sewing got a decent bras sorted out for me . So nice not to be on day 2 o3 any more

small hole nipple

2 days ago a small hole opened on the nipple line inscision I have been using neosporin on it today realised there was a stich knot in side, could not see how it would heal with this knot inside so used tweezers to pull it it hoping this was not a stupid thing to do.

its a big long process

I would say to anyone considering having a breast reduction its a big challenging process and you need to be sure you can put up with a how ever long recovery. You need to have lots of extra time to care for yourself during recovery also.

small hole nipple nipple sensitivity day 14

So washing 3 days ago I noticed this small hole opened up yesterday I noticed there was a hard stich in the middle of this hole and i bravely with a pair of tweezers went into this hole and removed the stich, today it seems to be looking a bit smaller and like its healing up so maybe i did do the right t hing I could not see how it would heal with a big lump of hard stich in the middle My surgeon is 5 hours away. Also past 2 days Ive noticed my nipples are feeling very sensitive which Ive not had up to this point.

3 weeks 4 days

Things going well . Still have small nipple hole with what feels like a stich in it , that I cant get out , its not wet , closed but I wish i would properly heal t-junction is now nearly fully closed. nipples are fairly sore I guess its to be expected , still hard areas and numb areas in both breasts . Not really sure how strong a support my bra should be giving and if the sports bra I'm wearing is giving enough . breast still a bit misshapen not perfect but pretty good

4 weeks 6 days

Now Im all closed up turning my attention to the dent at the side of my left breast which I have been told is a suture stich which will slowly drop out over the 2 months from surgery I hope so really hoping my breasts will soften and even out a lot more over coming months


Still getting some times of feeling a bit over reduced not end of world my belly has been emphasised I really need to loose weight now. Noticed how much better walking feels no wobble at all feel light pleased about this.

6 weeks 2 days

still quite hard areas and dent in the side of left breast wanting things to soften and smooth out but generally healing well

10 weeks

still got a dent in side of left breast will it ever go. still got a bit of a sore area at t junction on right breast bras not feeling that comfortable still got hardness especially left breast that I hope will resolve

10 weeks 5 days

Still waiting for improvement of shape softening dropping a little side dent ect and to feel a lot more comfortable than I do but ok

11 weeks nearly

breasts seem a little small in relation to my belly if I loose weight will I look more in proportion?

Still not clear how I feel about my reduction

Always looking in the mirror at my breasts and getting picky about details Im not so fond of Like the right is pretty good the left is a little bit smaller , higher, harder more dented ect. Im waiting for both my boobs to soften more especially the left which still has some hardness in it though this is softening still not sure that I went a bit too small and that I could have been just a bit bigger. some times my breast just seem ODD nipples SO high breasts set so high my nipples must have moved 4 inches so near my armpit having trouble getting used to it. Im sure Im better off to loose all that weight from my chest (1 kg) Its a strange sort of trauma thing I think

approaching 4 months (on the 12th of May 2015)

Im a strange mixture of happy and bothered . Im sure lots of people would be quite unhappy with the mild deformity I still have on the left side of the left breast. If I tense my pectoral muscles the whole left side completly squishes up loads more than if I tense right pectoral its like the breast tissue is cut a bit close to the muscle. Apart from that Scars are really tidy, nipples pretty even , still some numbness in lower sides of breast nipples have 75% sensation , healing has been uncomplicated and not particularly painful, feeling a lot better with that kilo removed from my breasts, dancing and exercise are a lot easier. Breast continuing to heal and get more comfortable still waiting for hardness in left breast to go although it has improved a lot. Size is pretty good, right breast is a bit bigger than left. looking in the mirror every day and waiting to see how much left side might even out wondering if I will be thinking about getting a revision.

not perfect but pleased approaching 5 months

right nipple is placed more to off center right side left nipple is not really matching this positioning and is positioned more toward center. Have appointment to see a plastic surgeon on NHS here to check out left side dent generally very pleased with the lightness of my new breasts still getting used to them . Not doing any massage like I should be comfort is pretty good get odd twinges of pain not much still being careful not too jump around too much with out a really strong bra on ( ie dancing) pretty happy to have done this for myself

boobs side dent progress

In a week I go to see about a revision or what the conclusion is for the left side of left breast

25 june 2015 5 and a half month post op

I m going to have breast looked at tomorrow as I had surgery done in India they have not been checked over. Re dent in left side flobbery bit on left side and hard lump area within left breast which has ever so slowly been softening up I guess its fat necrosis which can take months and years to go. I keep noticing big boobs on women and feeling glad I dont have them any more and When I see someone with particularly big boobs I want to go and tell them to get a breast reduction why put up with it. My breast still feel really weird to me especially when Im lying down just really small and nipples high. Before I had my reduction I noticed how lovely my breasts felt soft sensitive. So if your reading this and youve not had BR yet be sure to enjoy unoperated breast sensations I think having surgery you loose some of the qualities of feel still lower outdsid quarters of both breasts are a bit numb and nipples not numb but decreased sensation

7 months

7 months since reduction still annoyed by dent in left side and still very happy to have much smaller boobs, better any day.

worth it!

just updated my status to worth it its taken nearly 8 months to get this clear in my mind for a long time I was bothered by some denting also hardness in left breast lumpyness and what looks like adhesions. This is starting to bother me less and Im just grate ful to have smaller boobs and appreciate that I have been able to make this happen for myself. Big boobs are a real drag, they really effected my confidence a lot all my life. I keep daily have the shock of realising I have smaller boobs still not quite got used to it. Still have a bit of discomfort around scars but not much if I massage I can find some painful areas. Happy

10 months

I have mixed feelings about my reduction, overall the look is a lot better and lighter. Ive just been bothered about how the left side of left breast has not been very well finished and plus there is some harder areas in that breast, Im sure if could be sorted out with fat transfer and revision. I live in the uk this will probably cost thousands to get this done here dont have loads of spare money for things like this, so Im not in a hurry maybe I will never get around to it I will say the truth is chopped up breasts are never going to feel as good as unchopped up breasts, every one must experience this.

Approaching 1 year ( 12th Jan)

Cant believe how quick this year went. Finally have started finding some bras that work for me 40 A sloggi romance is the best yet . Still waiting for some of the harder areas in left breast to get softer. Still have one painful ( when pressed) area under right breast and of course still have bit of deformity denting on side of left breast. Still have a fair amount of areas of numbness on both breasts though nipples are about 60 % back . Think Ive forgot what the big boobs felt like now Always looking at how other womens breasts look on them and sometimes wish i was a bit bigger. I am glad to be smaller though
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