Woman with Traction Alopecia *3250 Grafts FUT* Los Gatos, CA

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I wanted to do a quick review. I August 2014 I...

I wanted to do a quick review. I August 2014 I decided to get a hair transplant for my 30th bday. I suffered from traction alopecia, I started wearing weaves very young and ended up paying for it in the worse way. I did alot research on Dr.diep before I decided to go with him. The main thing that I liked about him was that he specialized in my type of hair and he had plenty of videos to back up his work! That was a plus. I booked my apt in June with a required 1000$ deposit and in august a week after my birthday I was off to CA to get my hair transplant surgery. I stayed at hotel very close to the clinic, exactly 5 mins away. I was told to be at the clinic at 6am, I was not a minute late! I sat in the lobby for about 5 mins then Dr.diep came out and handed me a little cup with 3 pills in it (if I remember correctly) they kicked in pretty fast. Next I was took to his office where we discussed my goals and what he thought was best. At that time I also paid and extra 300 for Acell. He said that my grafts would be soaked in the Acell before being placed back in my scalp so they would have a greater chance of survival. Next I was off to the operating room and sat it a reclined chair/bed, he told me that he would proceed to shave my donor area. I ended up dozing off and when I woke up he was stitching up my donor area. I didn't feel one thing. Afterwards he more to my frontal area where the grafts would be placed and started to make incisions, while his assistants about 4 of them sat at a table with microscopes and started to separate my grafts. After Dr.diep was completed making the incisions he disappeared and I had one assistant on each side of my head placing the new grafts. I ate lunch at some point, had a very bathroom breaks/stretches and watched 2 and 1/2 men all day. I was done around 4:30pm my surgery went well and I was back off to my hotel. The next morning before catching my flight back home I went to the clinic and has my first wash by the a lady from the front desk (weird) but it was very quick she gave good directions on how the wash should be performed and gave me ointment and I was on my way. I did up suffering from a infection which was probably my fault because I kept a turban on my head once I got home and didn't allow my head/scar to breath. I didn't want my fiance to see my head (silly me) It took my scar and extra week and 1/2 to heal where the infection was. But I got past that. Oh I did end up with hypertrophic scarring where the infection was but I applied tea tree oil faithfully and it has went down quite nicely. I suffered from shock loss on both ends of my scar and under. Thankfully it's all growing back now! That's exactly what I didn't want. Also I did have two black eyes that lasted for about 8/9 weeks. I had ALOT of swelling and I did not sleep upright as I should have. Anyhow I have made progress and I'm very excited to see where I end up! I noticed my first signs of growth at exactly 3 months, I've read that most people experience major changes between month 5&6 so we'll see. I'm just happy I did this for MYSELF it was my biggest insecurity and I started feeling like a prisoner to weave. I definitely didn't want to live the rest of my life that way. I will keep you all posted and I hope I was a little help to anyone considering.

*6 month update*

Hello all I wanted come and let you all know how things are going so far, I will actually be hitting the 6 month mark this tuesday. I have seen more growth and some thickening in certain areas as where I have a few areas that haven't begun to grow or at least not enough for me to notice a huge

*6 month update

Hello all I wanted come and let you all know how things are going so far, I will actually be hitting the 6 month mark this tuesday. I have seen more growth and some thickening in certain areas as where I have a few areas that haven't begun to grow or at least not enough for me to notice a huge difference. I still have a ways to go but it's refreshing to see some progress. I'm able to part the new hairs a little and that makes me happy. Also all the hair I loss due to shock loss is finally growing in! I started back taking my hair vitamins so hopefully it will speed things up a bit. I will do another review at 8 months just to give it enough time to hopefully reach a huge difference

7 & 1/2 month update

I was going to wait till 8 months to do another review but I figured why not now... As you can see I chopped all my hair off! Between my new hairs coming in front and the hair that began to grow back around my donor scar (shockloss), I just couldn't take it anymore, it was too uneven so I decided to start all over. I see progress but I still have areas that are thin and just started to come in. I'm waiting on the thickening process to start. I'll be talking to Mr.Diep on Thursday to discuss my results thus far and I'm considering going back to get my hairline lowered just a bit more. I will come back with another update once I speak to him.

comparison pics

Comparing pics before transplant and 7 & 1/2 months after. I still have a ways to go but I have came a long way!

spoke to Dr. Diep

I spoke to Dr.diep briefly today, he said that my hair is looking great and by June I will be much thicker, we discussed me wanting to lower my hairline and he suggested that I wait till August to see my final results. Hopefully if it thickens up enough I won't need or want to go back.

One week shy from 8 months

At this point I think I'm in the thickening stage. I'm happy and I feel relieved that I will soon be free from my biggest insecurity. If there's anyone suffering from hair loss just know there is a cure and it's not in oils and hair creams

My Doctor Is Amazing!

I had a small concern so I called the office and I was able to speak with Dr.diep today! The conversation went well and I'm smiling from ear to ear :) Positive energy equals positive results!

10 month update

Seems like I haven't done an update in forever. However I have been calculating my time a month ahead so I am officially one week pass the 10 month mark. I will say that I believe all my hair has sprouted, it's just the area that were last to come in are thin and have to play catch up to the rest of the hair thus far I'm very happy with my results. I was told I can see changes all the way up until 18 months. I will be going back in September to get my hairline lowered 1 cm my appt is already scheduled. The photos are not the best quality I will definitely upload more soon.

Another Procedure!!!!!

I haven't been on here in a while...just a quick update. On sep 28 I went back to see Dr.Diep for another procedure. I wanted to lower my hairline a lil more and bring my temples out to frame my face. He did just that! I got around 600 grafts, he was very happy to see me! The feeling was mutual :) he has a new office and omg it is a major upgrade from his last location Fancy doesn't even describe it! The new tv's in the operating rooms have to be 70" or better.lol, but let me ge back on track, as stated I got 600 grafts and he redid my donor scar using the method were hair will grow through the scar. It's been exactly 2 weeks and my scar looks 100% better than last time. If you've been following me you know that I got an infection with my first procedure and my scar ended up hypertrophic (raised) it was annoying because it itched so bad. I don't know if my energy was different this time or I just knew what to expect but everything is going so good thus far, I had absolutely no swelling, no infection and my donor scar is pencil thin. He did shave a little of my hairline :( but I know when it grows back it'll be much thicker than before. I can say that hopefully this will be my final procedure seeing that my hair loss was from traction alopecia. I will
Post pics soon and keep you guys/gals updated as much as possible.

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