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Dr. Pearl did an amazing job with my mommy make...

Dr. Pearl did an amazing job with my mommy make over and fat grafting to the face! My entire experience was such a positive one, from the surgeon, to the anesthesiologist, to the nurse and the entire staff. So accommodating and helpful. The results of my surgery surpasses my expectations. The fat grafting to my face, that was losing it's plumpness, makes me look 10 years younger! I also know 3 people that Dr. Pearl did face lifts on and he did an amazing job! I would recommend him for any procedure!

Upon request, More detail on my mommy makeover and fat grafting to the face

I had been thinking about a mommy makeover ever since my second child was born 12 years ago. I had gained 75 pounds with each pregnancy on my small frame, not to mention I was 39 when my first was born and 41 with my second. Your lose a lot of the elasticity in your skin at that age, as a result I had extra skin on my stomach which I was so self continues about. I wore a size larger so nothing would show the tummy folding over my waist of my pants and never wore anything snug. My tummy tuck has made a huge difference and took the entire "roll" away. I wear a size smaller in my pants, now I don't have all the extra skin. My stomach is flat. I had already had a scar from my 2 c-sections, which the scar had turned white over time and you couldn't see the scar, so the incision to the tummy tuck was right on top which was also below the bikini line. It's a little longer but will fade in time. You don't even see the scar when I put my undies on and I will take a slight scar over rolls of lose skin any day! The procedure day went smoothly. You basically go to sleep and it seems like just moments when you are waking up and it's all done. I waited until my youngest was 11 years old and a little more self sufficient and less needy, as opposed to when she was a baby or toddler where they really need you to help with everything. You are bed bound for about 3 days, so would be more of a challenge with little ones, but people do it! I spent 2 days, by choice, in a health care center to help me since my husband couldn't get time off work and I had nobody to come help me at home. To me, it was worth it and hugely helpful to have someone waiting on me and bringing me the meds I needed. I am soooooo happy I had this done!! I can actually wear clothes again, any style and am proud to wear something snug, finally! It's been 15 years since I could do that! Since I was going under for the tummy tuck, I figured I might as well get my breasts done at the same time. I have always been very small and challenged to find bras that fit, given I didn't fill an A cup. As I grew older, being flat chested starts to look unhealthy. The implants are so natural looking and I went with a c size, which actually makes the rest of me look even smaller! Again, clothing options are now so much more and everything just looks so much better. There really was no discomfort. I opted for the upgrade of having the time released pain killer that they actually put in you with the implant. It must have worked because I wasn't in any discomfort. I have no scars. The doctor did it through the nipple and sub muscular. It's very natural and nobody notices other than I look good. The fat grafting was much needed, as my face was loosing its plumpness and fullness, at age 53. This made me look drawn, tired and unhealthy. When they did the tummy tuck, they were able to take some of that fat and inject it into my face. It did not change my look, I still look like me, just a subtle fullness which makes me look fresher, more rested and that subtle change took 10 years off! There's a little swelling after this procedure, however, icing it brings that right down. I didn't even have bruising from the injections, this truly made me look 10 years younger! I feel so good about my new look and would recommend it to anyone who has a similar situation. So well worth it!! I had thought about this for so long, just doing it was the right thing. My husband was supportive but made it clear he loved me as I was, but this was for me and to make me look like I felt! Glad to have done it all in one shot, one anesthesia, one set of down time, one explanation to the kids. It certainly helps when you have the best surgeon, anesthesiologist and best nurse working on you, as your discomfort is minimal, the outcome is amazing and no regrets!! I will add before and afters photos when I get them. Didn't think to take them myself, so will ask Dr Pearl's office if I can get copies. Amazing before and afters!!!

My interactions with each member of Dr. Pearl's office was a wonderful experience. Dr. Pearl is the best. He did an amazing job on my procedure, he is very patient and detailed, going through everything in detail ahead of time. I felt comfortable and well cared for. Everyone that works for Dr. Pearl has been there for many years, which speaks volume. Everyone was amazing. His nurse, Shelley, was so great! She was right there when I woke up from anesthesia and just made the experience that much better with her caring heart and experience.

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