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In 2006 I had a full face resurfacing in...

in 2006 I had a full face resurfacing in Czechoslovakia uder general anesthesia. Everything was smooth as silk. I had 4 days dripping and healing.. and on day 5 you would not believe my skin . 56 yrs old, no makeup.. you'd be amazed. I have great photos. I have no idea why we are all being recommended to go through visit after visit after visit with so much down time each time.. maybe no one is doing that particular procedure anymore. I don't know. this doesn't make sense to me. nevertheless... reading that this is what EVERYONE is doing.. I went to the plastic surgeon who did my facelift some years ago, ..I was completely pleased with that, so felt confident to go back for this work.. now that age is taking it's toll again. In reading other's reviews here, I am no longer feeling as though I had excellent care here. this time around. I had both treatments done without numbing cream.. no one mentioned anything about cooling anything, or compresses.. or ice... or benedryl.. etc ... no one called afterwards to check on me.. ( as I would have, if it were MY business..)..nevertheless I lived through this VERY uncomfortable proceedure. and I feel fairly sure it will work out. I had a combo treatment on Tuesday.. and used aquaflor for that day and the next. now it is 3.5 days from proceedure. . My skin is TIGHT and like sandpaper, and I thought I understood that I was Not to moisturize.. I even called to double check ( Spoke to office mgr though).... I was sure that it is supposed to dry out.. etc etc. In reading posts, many of you are moisturizing..
I have screen like marks in several places..and today a few spots little bloody.. guess from cracking.. and last night one area became bumpy and very itchy like insect bites. thought that was odd as it was already 2.5 days after..
Should I moisturize?

Facial herpes after lASER

SO.. Its been a full week and those itchy bumpy like insect bites? Herpes. yeah and who knew ? I didn't. it's been afull week, they are not healed, and I got a new one.. ( I prob spread it ) I called dr.. I seem to sense annoyance from him that I did not call and ask for oral meds for viral complications. I mean, I have had herpes before, but on my lip. I thought this was just spots that maybe she hit with more intensity.. or what.. who knew? I did NOT look good, recovery was more than anticipated, thought this was part of it. He prescribes an ointment ( my insurance wants
$ 350 for it, guess who is not taking it ) and also a pill.. so i take acyclovir and inside of 1/2 hour dizzy and nauseous .. no freaking way can I do this for one day muchless ten. Now I am starting valacyclovir. hopefully I won't react to this. He is insisting that I take it, and in reading about it. for effectiveness..it should have been started 4 DAYS ago. i had decided to go for the next treatment as recommended but now? I think not...also not sure that I am happy that I did this.

Jan 2014 laser photos

It has been a full five months now, I will post some new photos. These are photos of the Jan session
and the herpes that came later. At this time, I feel I should have gone for the third treatment, I still have some center of face brown spots.

I still feel the way to go is to get the full face resurfacing under gen. anes.. and get the ONE down time, ONE expense. If anyone wants to see the photos when I did that procedure, post and I will do that. I have a friend who needs a LOT of skin work as she has tanned, and has brown spots, aging skin.. It looks to me as though she will need a package of six visits. SIX VISITS ??? Not only is it maybe 450 each time ( why?) but the amazing discomfort and down time, well, you need to be retired. My downtime was a week when I had my full face resurfaced, and I understand my dr here in NY Will do it under $ 3,000. way to go. trust me.

to explain those photos

There is a tag under the photos but you can't see it. The first one is how i really look,..and prior to laser. There are brown spots you can't see.. but the other photos ?underplay. the truth.. I was pretty purple. In my camera it looks like how I did, but these here, come through mild in the computer.. I don't want to downplay recovery, I was an unhappy camper. I guess I thought it would be less recovery than the more major procedure I described that I had under gen anesthesia in Europe. In stead it was more. Next: the shot of the herpes is not something you should expect unless it is in your system already. this came out later in the week following the laser. and won't happen to everyone.
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she was intelligent, friendly, seemed conscientious but simultaneously casual. Seems like they do this so often, perhsps they don't "GET" that we dont. I am not happy now, that I wasn't offered numbing cream, or recommended to do icing etc.

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