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I am a 32 yr old mom who has been recently...

I am a 32 yr old mom who has been recently diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, which is similar to PCOS. One of the symptoms is hair loss. I've experienced a lot of hair loss in the last few years especially, but now my brows were almost completely gone. I decided to take some money and have them "tatooed" on. I've been using a dark brown shadow to brush on eyebrows where their missing all together on the ends and fill in as well as thicken them through what I did have remaining in the middle. I was tired of looking washed out and harsh without make up which made me look and feel older than I should.

I researched different technicians around my area, Nashville and decided to check into Faces Etc. which is located in Mt. Juliet, TN. I called to get info and did a phone consult to determine if I was a good candidate. There was an opening in a week from a cancellation so I book the appointment nervously and waited. I gathered pictures of my natural brows from when I was young and what I liked from pictures online to get some idea of what to ask for.

When I arrived I was nervous, but excited. Once we got started I felt very comfortable. One of the reasons I chose Faces Etc. was the fact that the tech, Tammy is a registered nurse. She made me feel at ease with her open bubbly personality.

We got started by taking of my makeup from the lower brow to the forehead. They took some pictures after I signed a release form and applied a topical anesthetic to numb the skin. Next I got comfortable in the chair which had a cool cushion to go under your knees which was very comfortable since I have pretty intense lower back pain and I was completely comfortable during the entire procedure.

Next Tammy performed a "scratch test" which is required by law to check for a reaction to the ink. Basically she takes a small lancet similar to the ones used for diabetics to check their blood sugar and quickly pokes the scalp repeatedly with ink on the tip of the lancet. It sounds worse than it actually felt. It sort of feels like someones poking you in the head with their finger kinda hard and then you want to rub it since it throbs a little. That was the hardest part, not rubbing it to avoid contamination.

After it was determined that the "scratch test" was negative since there was no itching or irritation she proceeded to take a small line of ink colors and draw a small line on my forehead to figure which color looks best. I chose the medium brown shade closest to my natural hair color and the color make up I use to fill in that seems to look most natural.

Next she made a template by drawing on the brow with a brow pencil and making adjustments as I suggested. It was really great having my son with me to help give his opinion since I knew he would be totally honest. I would definitely recommend taking someone you trust with you so that they can get a more 3d view and give suggestions.

Once she started filling in the brows I was shocked by the feeling. I've never had a tattoo so I didn't realize it would be such an intense vibration. As she started with the larger outer hairs that go deeper to create an outline I would say the pain was around a 3 from 1 to 10. Right when it would increase the individual hair line would be finished and there would be a small break before the intensity increased on the next hair. For me it was completely tolerable, but not something I didn't feel at all or something I enjoyed. At the same time it wasn't all together painful, mostly an intense uncomfortable feeling fringing on slight pain.

Once the template on the right side was complete, we took a break and applied more topical anesthetic. They cover your brow with a plastic type strip that helps to stop any bleeding, which seemed minimal for me. I seem to have an increased sense of nerve sensation in my skin. The only way I know how to describe this even though it sounds silly is that I don't like to be rubbed, messaged, scratch (when I have an itch) or anything else with much pressure like most people I know. I also have very sensitive pale skin that seems to irritate easily.

Next we started to fill in the brow between the individual larger hairs which was less intense since these are shorter and not as deep. After another break we drew up the second brow and repeated the procedure. There were a few particular spots that were a little more painful, but only little spots here and there, like right on top of my brow bone at the arch. Also I found it hard not to scrunch my face up when the pain was the first, because I like to rub or apply pressure on anything that's painful like a bruise, cut, etc. I'd say the most painful part hands down was the repeated rubbing across my brow bone, probably when removing blood or excess ink during the process. It felt as if someone had punched me really hard in the eye and then rubbed across where the bone was bruised, but since it only lasts for seconds it wasn't too bad.

Overall, I was totally glad when the procedure was over, but even thought I did experience some level of pain it will totally be worth it as soon as it's healed up. The entire procedure took about 2.5 - 3 hours from arrival to finished, but I was very comfortable whole time.

Once we left immediately after my brows were throbbing slightly and sore to the touch or when I moved them during facial expressions. Easy to avoid, just don't touch or make extreme faces. Ointment was applied just after and per instructions I kept the A&D ointment on for the next 4-5 days. I gut large band aid pads that were covered with ointment and used medical tape to cover my brows during this time at night since I'm a tummy sleeper. If anything dries to your brows it could pull the color out for the first few days. It looked silly, but wasn't too uncomfortable to sleep with and totally worth protecting my $575 investment.

Within an hour or so after the pain was gone, unless I applied pressure like using the q tip to remove and reapply the ointment. I took Arnica tablets and Bromalein per instructions which helps with the bruising and swelling. These supplements are easy to find at places like GNC or maybe even Walmart, etc. They're even used for plastic surgery recoveries, so they must work pretty good and aren't expensive. I think the Arnica cost around $5 and the Bromaline was maybe $10 or so, but there's enough of both to last until you're healed.

The color darkened that night and since then it's lightened up, but it's hard to tell the final outcome since it seems I'm still in the crusty stage. I was told that once the ointment is used for 4 days of so to leave the area alone as the skin forms a protective crust and then basically exfoliates. I didn't experience much swelling, but I bought some tucks pads and put the jar in the fridge so they were cold. About the 2-3 day my brows started to itch intensely for a few minutes so I grabbed a cold Tucks and laid it on to soothe. It did the trick and I didn't have any more itching after since then.

The color is now a greyish color which concerns me slightly since it's been almost a week and a half and not much of the skin has flaked off yet. It leaves a transparent color on top of the ink which is giving it a greyish color. I call it my molting stage, like a snake shedding it's skin. Today was the first day I got out of the house and had to use my shadow color and a fine tip brush to wet it and basically paint on my eyebrows on top of the ink because it was so dry anything powder finished showed up flaky and the transparent whitish skin on top that's flaking off makes the color totally unnatural.

Does anyone know how long this takes to flake off and show through the right color? I'm a little impatient b/c I've wanted this for a long time and just didn't have the courage to do it. Now I want the final results, but seem to be healing slowly as far as the new skin coming up.

Touch ups are $50 and major touch ups down the road (probably yrs later) are half the price you paid which would be about $290. Since I have dark hair and fair skin and I'm not in the sun at all I don't anticipate major fading in the near future. I figured I would just take $5 a week and put in the savings account to cover a major touch up until I see how long it will last for me. Should be plenty of money to cover within a year or so.

I'll try to post some more pics, but I haven't taken any lately since the whitish crusty skin has started in. I'm trying not to focus on it so I won't get frustrated waiting.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Color should develop fully in 3 weeks.

It's now been 2 weeks tomorrow. I sent a picture and email to my Tech to ask about the color. I wasn't sure if the whitish/transparent skin that was sort of greying the color underneath was just some crust old skin that would flake off and reveal the true color underneath or if it just faded more than expected and I would need a touch up. My Tech let me know to give it a full 3 weeks to determine the color. I'll probably give it at least 3 weeks maybe a little more and if it's not changed, I think it might need a touch up.
I'm also thinking about adding a warmer brown shade if a full touch up is necessary. The dark brown matches my natural hair color, but I think the warmth might go with my skin better and I think it might have looked better overall for a slight shade lighter, but I'm sure it will lighten more in the future, even if I do a touch up. I just want to make sure the greyish undertone is gone.
As for the shape, I think one turned out a little more angled and one is more rounded at the arch so I'm hoping we can adjust that to make them a little more even, but it's not very noticeable unless you really look and natural brows are rarely completely symmetrical.
Nothing much is changed since the last photo but I'll post more if I notice anything different.

3 1/2 Weeks

It's been 3 1/2 weeks and I'm all healed up. I still think after looking at my brows with no make up it was completely worth the pain and cost. I feel like I need to go in for a touch up because the color seems sort of gray and I've been applying a little eyebrow color to neutralize it. I think I'm going to ask for a warmer shade of brown as well to closer match the red tones in my natural hair color and warm everything up some. I still notice the slight shape difference which can hopefully be adjusted as well. When looking at the pictures the brow on the left is slightly more angled and the right is rounded more at the arch which makes it appear longer in length even though I've actually measured and it's in perfect proportion to my eyes and the overall length from end to end and the ends to the arch are exactly the same. I know no to eyebrows are perfectly alike in nature or when applied, but the shape difference makes it much more noticeable.

I'll make sure to submit new pictures after the touch up is completed and healed.

Almost 2 year update

My brows have faded some, but that's to be expected. I've been careful to stay out of the sun and not use harsh chemicals in my face products. Otherwise, I haven't done any touch ups since the original procedure and immediate touch up after.
Tammy O'Fallen

Tammy was great and made me feel at ease.

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