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I scheduled my tummy tuck two weeks ago. I have...

I scheduled my tummy tuck two weeks ago. I have four children and have been wanting a TT since child #1. I gained 65 lbs with each child. I managed to lose most of the weight then I was given meds for a chronic disease that added 20 lbs in a year. I've been feeling really low. I've lost 9 lbs and hope to lose another 15 before surgery but that has been slow going. Anyway, I spend most of my free time reading stories so I can be prepared as possible. Thank you to everyone who shares their story.

Less than two months to go

I have read so many reviews. I can't wait to have my surgery. I'm 5'3 and weigh 164 as of this am. My goal was to get down to 145 before my surgery. Now, I'm just hoping to not gain during the holidays. I have a wish list on Amazon that includes cloth pads, heated back massager, big wedge pillow for my body and a knee pillow, and lastly button up pjs. I ordered some magnesium citrate to help with constipation. Otherwise, I'm not doing anything new or different, just reading your reviews.

Pre-op Done

I met with my surgeon and nurses on Monday for my pre-op. There wasn't much new said except...I have to give myself Lovenox injections for 7 days starting the day of the surgery. I HATE needles. Lucky me though, my mom is a nurse so she will give me my shots for the first days. After that she goes home and I'm hoping my boyfriend will do it. The needles don't look too big. Agh.

My doctor is very confident that I will love the results. I've gained about 4 lbs since this started and have been battling my depression so I feel like a giant blob. I'm hoping I get better as surgery approaches. Time is speeding by.

I have one more medication to pick up then I'm all ready. My surgeon provides the garments I will wear for the 1st week, and then for the following weeks. He also provides the pads to put in my chair for when I leak from the lipo. I want a wedge pillow for my head and for my knees. I need to order those soon, but they are not a have to have.

To sum up, I still dread the drain removal and now the darn shots. We are hoping for one drain and only 3-5 days. After surgery, I'll be put into a compression garment that has to stay on for the 1st 7 days. It will go from my arm pits to my calves. So, I can sponge bath but there will not be much to bathe. At 7 days, my drain should be out and my belly button stitches will then be taken out. Then, I can take my 1st shower. I'll be sent home with a separate garment to wear for the next several weeks. I was told to sleep the day of surgery as much as possible, then walk around the house 3-4 times each day after that until I'm back to my normal self. No running for 4-6 weeks or heavy lifting. Other than that, I can do as I feel.

I'm planning on starting back nurtisystem after my surgery. I also plan to take Miralax and Colace starting the day before surgery. Hopefully this combo keeps things moving. I'm at 170 and by my 6 month check up, I'm hoping to be at 145. I want to look good in my post pictures!

Made it to the Flat Side

Hello everyone! I made it. I slept from 11pm until 5am last night and have been fairly awake today. I'm pretty sure my Percocet has been making me nausea so I've switched to just Tylenol. I feel super tight and a slight burn here and there but it is really manageable. I woke up with 2 drains, I expected one..but oh well. They aren't draining much. I haven't made it to the bottom line yet today. On the other hand they drained a bunch yesterday. I'm walking hunched over but I can get in and out of my recliner on my own. I have to use a step stool for my bed so that's a bit of a trick but my husband has been very helpful. I'm so excited to be on the flat side. My dear doctor lippoed my thighs and flanks as expected but also hit my bra line. He said well I was there so why not. :) I should look super hot after the swelling goes down. Right now I'm in a garment from boobs to ankles. I'll post a picture in 7 says when I'm revealed.

Day 3 Post Op

Its day 3 post op and I'm feeling pretty good. Its been 9 + hours since I took pain meds. They make me sick to my stomach so I plan to only take them when necessary. I've been undergoing my daily Lovenox shots; there are three left. They sting so bad for about 3 minutes. I'm ready to be done with them. My drains are at 12 ml and 25 ml for the second day. I could probably call and get the ok for them to come out but its a 2 hour drive to the dr's office so unless they get uber annoying I'm leaving them be until then. I'd say I'm standing 90 % up right at the moment. My only concern at this point is no BM. I drinking Miralax twice a day and taking colace with every pain pill. I'm thinking I'll try a hot drink next, and if that doesn't work ex-lax. Today's positive is my husband has agreed to wash my hair for me in the sink, I'm super excited to be as clean as possible. I'm in a neck to ankle garment so no bathing until Monday.

One week, drains out!!!

I had dreaded getting my drains out since I first discussed tummy tucks. So much so, I took a Xanax last night and this morning. I get to my appointment and the nurse takes off the garment to my lady parts. Then she snips the stich, says breathe in, and.... nothing. I felt nothing except embarrassment over being so nervous. My second drain was more attached so a little owie on the wiggling loose, then one two three...and nothing. It was wonderful ladies. Now the stitch removal around my belly button was a bit more pinch and owner but it was over in less than five minutes. No tears were she'd and I'm now drain free.

In other news, I took my first shower. It was splendid. My belly still feels number but yet it itches. As you can see in the pics, I'm very, very swollen, but underneath the puff is a beautiful I'm told. I just see bruises and puffiness.

If you have questions, please ask!

Highs and Lows

So far I have coughed, sneezed, and now spent a night throwing up. My poor tummy, but it wasn't as awful as I thought it'd be. I look smaller, and weigh 160.8 -I started at 172, but none of my pants fit. They are literally 4 " from button to hole. I'm super swollen from waist to lady parts. I'm hoping this passes sooner than later. I can only imagine the difference when the swelling does go down. I'll be one hot mama! It Post Op Day 10, I'm walking 30 minutes a day and helping with usual household chores. In truth, I could probably do everything I usually does but my husband is helping and I'll take that as long as it lasts :) I start back to work on Tuesday. I'm unsure what I'll wear as I'm in a binder from shoulders to ankles. I'm hoping it will warm up so I can wear dresses. Otherwise it may be yoga pants and sweaters. For now, my focus is NO MIGRAINES. I had one yesterday and the day before which caused me to be sick to my tummy.

6 weeks the day

These pictures were taken at exactly 6 weeks. The swelling has gotten much much better. However, if I run or drink soda it comes back with a vengeance. I still have pants that don't fit from before. I'd hoped to drop a pant size or two like some ladies posted but no such luck yet. My big complaint is I'm still extremely sensitive, sore where the liposuction was done, as in husband can't touch without me yelping and twisting away. I'm sure this, like the swelling, will fade in time. Good luck ladies and lots of patience.

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