Inner/outer thighs, knees and arms followed by upper/lower abs, waist and flanks. - Mountain View, CA

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I have genetically, disproportionately large...

I have genetically, disproportionately large tree-stump shaped thighs and I hate them. By the time I find pants to fit my thighs, they are a foot too long in the leg, or inches too long in the seat/rise, and huge around the waist. I hate the way they look and I hate having so much dead weight there. Apparently, it's genetically where I'm doomed to store my weight, especially since having children. In fact, my OB/GYN has told me that fat is more likely to store there because that's what my hormones are telling it to do. Great. So, I finally decided to take the plunge and look into lipo. I had traditional lipo on my thighs 15 years ago and had meager results and tremendous bruising and pain. But, procedures have come a long way, so I'm hopeful that tumescent lipo carries improved results. I hope to achieve a more contoured, slimmer looking leg when all is said and done.

I'm nervous about the pain and bruising, but with tumescent, the recovery is a lot different than with the traditional lipo I had way back when. I'm going in on a Friday and will be back to work on the Monday.

I had my pre-op appointment this afternoon and all seems to be in order. So, in about ten days, I hope to be on the recovery side and seeing obvious results.

Since I've decided to go for it with the thighs, I've decided to add upper/lower abs, waist, hips and upper arms....spread out over two appointments. I'm hoping by the holidays, to have a more flattering contour and less stumpiness.

The pricing is $3800 for the first area plus $1800...

The pricing is $3800 for the first area plus $1800 for each additional area. I'm having several areas done, so I'm planning to spend quite a bit.

Just a few more days. Getting really nervous about...

Just a few more days. Getting really nervous about how sore I will be and how bad the bruising will be. I'm doing upper arms, inner/outer thighs and knees on Friday...then back to work and at the end of next week, upper/lower abs, hips and waist. *gulp* I'm also currently recovering from a breast reduction. I hope it's all worth it in the end! While none of this is intended to make me skinny, I do hope it helps me feel healthier (less strain on my back, with the breast reduction) and more comfortable with my contour (not having such stumpy lines).

I had my first of two lipo appointments yesterday....

I had my first of two lipo appointments yesterday. The procedure itself was a piece of cake. But the preparation was tough. First, they have me some oral pain meds and an injection in my butt cheek with something to help relax me. They also gave me an IV port in my hand, but I'm jot sure what it was for since they didn't end up using it.

Next, the doctor came in to mark the areas (inner/outer thighs, knees, upper arms). By now, the pain meds has started kicking in. I was a little dizzy while he was marking me.

After being marked, I laid back down on the table and they did an injection of something to numb my skin at each point that the doctor marked as an entry point. The needle was a very small guage, so that wasn't too bad.

Now came the really hard part...the part of the lipo procedure that makes it "tumescent." With just local numbness, they inserted the long probe-thing to fill the areas with saline and lidocaine. THIS PART HURT. I was able to tolerate it, but it definitely did hurt. They told me they some people really cry or yell out during this part. I'm only mentioning that so give some perspective to anyone reading this...not to sound cool or brave for not crying myself. It definitely was uncomfortable.

After the lidocaine kicked in, pretty much right swag, my legs felt humongous. It's like going to the dentist and getting Novocain and walking away feeling like your lip is huge and fat. My thighs felt like enormous balloons. They were enlarged because of all the fluid they'd inserted. It was just strange feeling.

At this point, the doctor started the lipo. The machine sounds like a sewing machine. Not loud. And I could also see what he was suctioning out through a long hose attached to the probe thing. That was a little gross. I didn't look much.

He was giving me updates throughout about how much was being removed. At the end, the total removed was 2400 cc (2.4 L or 5.3 Lbs). [1 L = 1 cc ; 454.5 cc = 1 Lb]. 5 Lbs of fat looks something like a loaf of bread.

After the lipo was complete, they covered up all of the entry points with pads to absorb the drainage I'll have for the next few days. Then they put me into a compression garment and I was released.

Today, I'm definitely tired, really dehydrated, and sore. I wouldn't say I'm in pain. It's just sore, like I'm bruised all over. Walking is uncomfortable because the pads are awkward and the incisions underneath them hurt. I took a shower today (doctor said to). I took the pads off in the shower (it's easier to get them off), but while I was doing that, I became very light headed, so I knelt down. A moment hater, I threw up. Probably from the pain meds combined with the changes in circulation from the lipo and from taking off the super tight compression garment. After throwing up (dry heaving, really, because nothing came up) I felt better and could finish removing the pads and showering.

After drying off, I started putting on new pads. About half way through, I started to feel warm and light headed. I was going to faint. So I laid down for a couple of minutes. That helped. So I finished the pads and put the compression garment back on.

I'm pretty sleepy from the Vicodin and sore enough to not want to move around much. Enough so that I got a babysitter for my 3 year old.

Hope I feel better tomorrow!

Day 3 and back to work. My inner thighs and knees...

Day 3 and back to work. My inner thighs and knees are quite sore. But I don't feel like I was hit by a truck like I did on days one and two. I can already see a new contour to my legs which is like a dream come true for me. They aren't trying to flop over my knees anymore. I get to undergo round two in Thursday and hopefully eliminate the big layer on my tummy. I hear abs bring about much greater discomfort. We'll soon find out!

I had my second lipo today. Upper/lower abs,...

I had my second lipo today. Upper/lower abs, waist, flanks. I feel very painful, but meds are helping. I'm also draining like a faucet, but the more that drains, the more I can see my new shape and I love it. My stats: 1200ccs breast reduction; 2400ccs inner/outer thighs, knees, arms; 3500ccs upper/lower abs, waist, flanks. So total is 6900ccs which translates roughly to 6.9 L or 14-15 Lbs. Wow!

The prep for the second appointment was easier than the thighs, I thought. But the recovery will be harder, I think.

Im still on day 0 and I can already see a tremendous improvement in my overall shape. :)

Can't wait to see it without all of the pads.

Day 8 legs/arms and day 3 abs...and VERY happy. I...

Day 8 legs/arms and day 3 abs...and VERY happy. I thought my legs were a lot harder than my abs in both prep and initial recovery. I have a ton of bruising on my inner thighs and very little everywhere else. Tumescent works! And my PS knows what he's doing! I was up and around much easier with the abs. It's tough to get up out of bed, but once I'm up, I'm more mobile than I was post-legs. And, so far, from what I can see in the mirror with all of the swelling (when I'm out of the compression garment after showering), I'm VERY, VERY, VERY happy with what he's accomplished on my torso. I can't wait for it to be all healed, but I'm already just so happy with it. The legs are great too...especially the knees. But, my I have no regrets. None.

Today is the first day back at work after...

Today is the first day back at work after abs/flanks/waist/hips. I feel pretty good. I'm a bit sore getting up and down, but overall, I'm in pretty great shape. I have almost no bruising on my mid section...just some seepage into the lower ab area that's a little yellowish/reddish (to be expected). I'm taking Arnica orally now and I'm not sure if it's helped or not, but the bruising to my thighs has really started to dissipate. But, I've also been up and about a lot in the last few days, and sleeping with my legs slightly elevated on a pillow.

My whole-body compression garment is getting old. But, I think I'll want it for a while longer, so I'm thinking about a compression garment with a bra (legs, abs, bra, straps) that doesn't have arms, and doing the arms in a separate arms-only garment.

I'm comfortably in a jacket and pants today (over my compression garment) that I haven't been able to wear in at least five years. My arms were way too large for this jacket, and they fit in as they did the day I bought it. And, the pants are knit, stretchy and comfortable, but I've been WAY too bulky for them in recent years. It feels so good to have smoother lines and a contour that works with pretty much anything in my closet.

Jeans and heavy pants or belts are still too unforgiving for my abs procedure, especially when driving or sitting (I have a desk job)...but I can see that the fit better. In a month or so, I look forward to buying a few new staples for the wardrobe.

I'm almost 3 weeks post op from the thighs and...

I'm almost 3 weeks post op from the thighs and arms. Almost all of the severe bruising on the inner thighs is gone. Still blotchy reddish bruising near the knees and tops of the thighs, and faint brownish bruising on the entire inner thigh. Still swollen too. I can tell because it's difficult to squat or fold my legs. The bruising on my arms is almost gone too. Just a small patch of blotchy red is left. I am fitting into pants and jackets MUCH better.

The really big difference is on my abs (upper/lower abs, flanks, waist). I have my hourglass figure back....I have a waist! And, I don't have a layer of hibernation fat on my entire torso anymore. I love that. But, I'm only 2 weeks out on this procedure, so I'm still swollen and very sensitive. Waist band pants like trousers or jeans are very uncomfortable and I'm having a lot of difficult sleeping because it's hard to get comfortable. When I finally get into a laying position I like, my flanks and waist feel like their aching/burning. I know they're just healing, and the skin is quite numb, but...I'm wishing I had more Vicodin to numb the zings and general discomfort. That aside, I have practically no bruising anywhere on my mid section, which is awesome.

Today I turn 39...and I'm really happy I chose to...

Today I turn 39...and I'm really happy I chose to give myself this big gift of a smoother contour! Thigh and arm bruising is almost completely gone. Maybe another week. The ab area is still very tender with a lot of lumps and bumps, but I'm starting to be able to bend, twist and move about with little discomfort, and to be able to get out of bed more easily. I am still wearing the full body compression garment most of the time (3 weeks PO from thighs/arms; 2 weeks PO from abs/waist/flanks), but I also invested in high-waisted Spanx capri leggings, tights and nylons so I'm able to comfortably wear fancier clothes for upcoming holiday events. Spanx is way too much money, despite having hit a sale and having some coupons for various when you're ready to start investigating post-compression garment goods, I suggest shopping around. Naturally, after buying the Spanx, I found high-waist boy shorts at Costco. Haha! Happy holidays, everyone.

4 1/2 weeks since the arms/legs and 3 1/2 weeks...

4 1/2 weeks since the arms/legs and 3 1/2 weeks since the mid section.... Bruising is 99% gone. Inner thighs are still very tender and skin on my abdomen/flanks is hypersensitive. Still having some difficulty sleeping, but overall, looking and feeling very, very good. I'm thrilled to be in the "smaller wardrobe" in my closet and loving how I look in a couple of dresses I need for later this week.
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Dr. Morganroth founded the California Skin Institute. I see another doctor there for my rosacea and completed five IPL treatments under her supervision. I also just had a breast reduction (from FF/G down to D'ish) under their breast expert as well. Dr. Morganroth is as decorated as they come and has had thousands of success stories. His patient reviews are also excellent. I feel fortunate to have access to such qualified skill and care.

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