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I'm a 36 year old, fast approaching 37. I've been...

I'm a 36 year old, fast approaching 37. I've been up at 190+ pounds and am now, after too many years to mention, down to 171 pounds where I have stayed for the longest time. I've not managed to shift the weight. I traveled a lot for work and didn't focus on my health and wore spank pretty much everyday. Now I'm older and am focusing on my eating and also doing a lot more exercise, I can't seem to shift the weight and change my body shape and its getting to me so I decided to look at options for giving me a push in the right direction. I am tired of excuses and waiting for winter to wear layers and cover up and also i'd like to let go of my spanx finally.

After talking to my very helpful doctor, we decided I would go for the abdomen, back, thighs and knees through smart lipo. All in one go was the way to go so I didn't need to go back. I am glad I made that decision as I don't think I could mentally get myself ready to go back for more but that's just me.

This site has been very helpful indeed with getting me prepared so I thought I would also write a review in the hope that it will help others and also as a way to document my journey and hopefully get some help and support from you guys:)

Some of the questions that I have that I am working through and looking to this site for help with:
What will happen?
Will I be in pain?
What do I need to do to get me ready for this?
Can I go back to work in a few days with all of the bits I am getting work done on?
How can I heal as quickly and healthy as possible?
What will I wear post op to make life easy for me to get around, etc?
When will I be able to do a bootcamp like exercise session (signed up for a Groupon and need to use it before it expires)
What will my plan be for after the treatments to make sure I keep the fat off and continue to be as healthy as possible?

What will happen? This is easily covered on this site already and was described really well by my doctor and seems to be consistent. I don't like the thought that I am awake for the procedure but never mind.

Will I be in pain? Probably although I will post afterwards and let you know the level/extent. I am expecting to feel like I've been beaten up for a few days and am preparing myself for that and looking to minimise this as much as possible. I should say that I don't do well with pain so will see how I get on.

What do I need to get me ready for this?
I have my stuff in a bag all ready to go to help me get ready. Here are my items:
- Shower curtain x 2 - one for the car for when I am on the way home so I don't stain the seats, just incase and the other for the bed, again so I don't stain the sheets. Better safe than sorry as the last thing I am gonna feel like doing is cleaning up.
- Arnica tablets, gel and cream - I have read a lot on here that this stuff from Wholefoods helps to heal bruises and swealing so I have stocked up with a variety as I've never used this stuff before so not sure if I would prefer tablets, gel or cream.
- Dark sweat pants x 2 in different sizes and 2 long dresses - people have mentioned that dark pants are the way to go so when your ready to go home you don't look odd when you leak as they are dark. I also noticed people mentioning swelling and I really want to be as comfortable as possible so I bought an XL and a L just incase and to change into - they have draw strings at the waist so that will help as I can adjust them too. The dresses are for wearing as a change and are made of comfortable material. I should mention I bought these at Target in the sale so they were a good deal. I was thinking and hoping that after 4 days I would start to be a bit more normal and perhaps could get into my regular clothes as I have to work later that week. luckily I work in a casual place but I will have to keep an eye on this so i can dress and not be too obvious. No one at work knows about this and I don't want to have to tell anyone.
- Massager - I have only managed to get a small one and I am on the lookout for a bigger one like the one someone mentioned on here, can't find the link to that one now to share with you. If anyone can point me in the direction of a good massager, that would be great. This, as I understand it, is for helping even out any lumps or bumps that might happen. Again, I want to be prepared so I don't have to send my boyfriend out for something when he might get the wrong thing.
Tylenol extra strength - I will get some pain killers from the doctor but I wanted to make sure I had some at home, just incase.

I am getting the procedures done on a Friday (29th August) and have taken off until the Wednesday. The doctor told me this is more than enough time. I hope so as I can't take any more time off and need to make sure I am on my feet, walking around with not as much swelling by the Thursday of the following week. I can't tell if this is realistic or not, I hope so.

I will post photos of the stuff I have to help me prepare and my body pics over the next few days as I get closer to the date. I am very much looking forward to this and so very much hope this goes well. Thank you to those who post on here as this is extremely helpful.

I go to the doctors tomorrow (20th) to get measured for my garment. I will ask the doctor if I should order another garment so I have a back up for when one is being washed and will also ask him about the smaller size garments as people have mentioned them here so I would like to get more information on these. Should I order a spare at the original size, a smaller size up front as well as any tips for healing or anything else I should know to help me prepare. Stay tuned for an update.

Please send me positive thoughts, any advice or tips that will help.

Bye for now...

Pre op meeting completed...this time next week I will be done!

Went to the doctors for my pre-op appointment. I went over all of the paperwork and pre-op prep with the nurse and doctor, paid the money and they took measurements for the garment which doesn't look the sexiest but that's ok.

I am getting very excited about my new body. 1 week to go. I will post the list of prep from the doctor later.

I got the nurse to take extra pictures with my underwear on which I will share. I will keep my underwear clean for the next pictures so you can see the difference, hopefully:)

I know you will think this is crazy but we are going to see if I can also get my arms done at the same time. We might not be able to and only if its safe but we will see. I don't think I could come back for more so be nice to get everything done and that's that. Fingers crossed for me.

I am continuing to read up on here about the various procedures you've gone through which are really helpful. Thank you to everyone and have an awesome weekend.

Pre op materials

Things I picked up today for next week:
maxi pads
paper tape
mini massager
Pads for the car and bed

Pre op supplies

Blood work completed, emotional state is happy and we are now in number of days to countdown!

Just a quick update that I was asked to get various blood drawn before the 27th, 2 days before my surgery. I went to a nice place that were expecting me and very quick. It was $60.

My medication that has been prescribed that I forgot to mention earlier:
Zithromax - to take on the morning of surgery and every day afterwards
Norco as needed for pain
Arnica pellets a few days before and then continue as they will help with bruising

Tylenol is ok so I have stocked up just incase. I am normally not one for any kind of pills outside my pill so this is interesting time - I feel like a pharmacy:)

No blood thinning medications or supplements 14 days before. I am told it is ok to take my contraceptive pill and to continue this. I read somewhere that this may create clots - my doc said this is ok.

Hopefully the results of the blood work will come back great and I can proceed. I couldn't watch her when she was drawing my blood. This time made me think about the procedure itself and to think about how I would handle this in the actual room - I don't think I can avoid looking at what's happening but will see.

I am continuing to be excited and look forward to the procedures and hope the doctor will be able to do all the areas and I will be able to handle it well. They are going to be using a super tool (sounds good?) which will help with the areas and the time (they booked extra time for me so no one will be rushing) and the nurse is looking at the treatment plan for medication to make sure I get the best shot at getting everything done and don't feel anything.

Another of the amazing nurses (Julie) was telling me that they give you something and many patients don't remember the specific details once in the main room, just getting to the main room and then becoming more awake afterwards. This sounded good to me as I am not sure I want to remember the specifics.

My nurse (Woodie) is going to call me on Thursday to talk through everything again before I come in on Friday.

Less than 7 days now and realising that next week is September weekend. Luckily people around me are going away although I feel sorry for my boyfriend as he will have to take care of me. I will hopefully be able to get out and about for some of the day and he will get the enjoyment of the hot body after I have healed so it isn't going to be too bad.

Morning of surgery

I am up and all ready (I think) I have my bed ready to jump back into later with my pads all over it for leaking, had a light breakkie with my 2 zithromax washed down with water and am heading to doctors. Will post an update from the other side. Nervous but mostly excited and looking forward to being slimmer and lighter. Happy weekend everyone.

Day off and I'm still around:)

This will be a quick update as I'm falling asleep and typing things that don't make

Procedure went more than fine. Same as others post here - I'll fill you in on that tomorrow.

I decided I would be proactive with the meds so taking them for a few days at least. They seem to be working a little, will check tomorrow.

Doc wants to see me next Friday. He called to check I was ok which was good.

I'm lying in bed with the added sheets on. I'm not draining very much. Hopefully tomorrow will be better re draining as I certainly don't want to retain that.

Oh and he did get to do the arms too. Woo hoo got now on day 1;)

Best wishes to you all:)

Info about the procedure

Hi everyone,

So I remember going in and getting a surgical bra, underwear, a hair net and a gown that fastens at the back to put on. I was taken into the room and checked blood pressure to make sure I was ok. They put it on my lower left leg and it checked my blood pressure throughout the procedure. It actually came to be quite reassuring having that grip my leg every now and again, especially when I couldn't feel any other body parts much.

The numbing needles did hurt more than I thought they would. One was filled with sedation and the other antibiotics and numbing. On my bum cheek which was handy although I thought I had enough fat there for it not to hurt. lol.

They wiped me down with cold water (I think) I asked for them to cover my eyes so I couldn't see anything on purpose. They put iodine on me and marked away on my body. Stomach area was first. The laser wasn't too bad I have to say but the suction was a little tough to take. The pressure was the biggest thing - a bit like if you run a vacuum over your stomach kind of feeling. I could take the pressure but sometimes the nurses would stop the doctor to check if I needed more pain meds or knocked out more. This was a good safety procedure but I did want him to just keep going and get it over with.

The outer side of my thighs I found the toughest. The doctor was using a smart tool that vibrated and their was someone with him talking him through some of the other options for me which helped a lot as they worked together on the different sizes and how much fat was coming out. I got to experience the new tool which apparently breaks fat down better, hopefully this will have worked well for me.

After everything was done, the nurses wrapped me up with pads and tape and then it took two of them to get me into the compression garment. I felt very supported by the garment as it held me together. By the time I was done I wasn't even thinking about how much fat was gone, I was just glad it was over.

They removed 2700 from me and the doc said it went well. I was thrilled they did my arms too as I didn't think they would be able to. I've gotta say I didn't think the arms were that bad on the day....more on that later. Am now glad that its all done and am focusing on taking it easy and sleeping as much as I can. Something I love to do so giving myself permission seems like a special treat.

Day 1 - After surgery update

I am not sure if this is Day 1 or Day 2 but it is the next day after the surgery.

I made sure to take the meds every 4 hours as I really didn't want to feel too much pain. I am glad I did this however, it did make me more sleepy. I woke up smelly - the pads were drenched so that was a good thing as I was worried I didn't drain much after the procedure. Before I went to bed I put more pads around my arms in particular which I am glad I did.

I went to bed with the garment on, extra pads on my arms with a zip up hooded top and bottoms on. It was a lot of layers but I was thankful for the support and felt cozy - not too warm or cold, good for sleeping. I put pads on the bed too just incase, took my pain meds and arnica and went to bed.

I woke up a little stiff with my stomach hurting like I had done too many crunches - been a while since I felt like that so it made me smile. I took my pain meds and arnica and counted down the time before I could take a shower as I was smelly.

I had a light breakfast and a coffee which I missed for a few days so that was nice. My mission is to take a lot of water so thats started off well too. Lots of trips to the bathroom which is ok as the garment has a hole in it for this purpose. I do have gas but don't need to go yet - I know too much information but thought I would mention it as people have mentioned this so I was looking for it too.

I went for a wee walk with my boyfriend then got back and got ready to shower. I laid down on the bed with pads and extra on the floor for when I stood up incase of draining. My boyfriend helped me take off the pads which were mostly drenched and then out of the garment and we took our time so it was ok.

Getting into the shower was a different story. I felt light headed when I tried to wash myself so my boyfriend got a small towel and put warm water with soap on me and did it that way. I found big deep breaths in and out helped a lot. He was doing them too which was great support.

Getting dried was also a wee bit challenging but luckily he helped and I took my time. Putting the pads on with tape was ok but the tape didn't seem to stick so well. Anyway, it took us quite a bit of time to get the garment on fully - quite a workout in itself. I am not sure how I am going to do this every day.

I got a black and a champagne (naked )colour garment so today was the naked colour. I think I should have got 2 black but this was handy as I had a white hooded zip up top to wear so it worked well but definitely isn't sexy.

My boyfriend said he could notice a big difference, I didn't feel much of a difference and didn't take pictures. I will in a few days. I think I am swollen but am hopeful.

One thing I wish I had done was to stick my feet and arms in the air - this would have helped with my ankles and fingers and face swelling up. I am doing this in afternoon and it seemed to help so tip for those about to go through this.

My stomach is hurting more when I get in and out of the car today and I couldn't really close the car door. My right arm was draining a lot more than my left. I can't see much of a difference - hopefully its just sweling.

Overall, I am happy I went through with it and am concentrating on taking it easy. Thank goodness for the long weekend and a few days off next week.

Wee update

Hello everyone,

I have spent the day lying around online window shopping with my feet in the air and hands for some of the time. My ankles, hands and face are swollen today. Didn't go out.

Am finished with my heavy pain killers and am managing fine.

I do feel the burning sensation people mention - like sun burn on the inside but its ok. My boyfriend has been very supportive and helping me up from sofa which is very helpful.

I am posting piccies of me with the garment on as he is out right now and I am not sure I should take it off on my own just yet as its only the second day and time I have had this off. Will post more when I am feeling up to it. I think it looks like a difference, hard for me to notice right now.

We washed the first one and then put it in the dryer. I read the instructions online where it says not to do this - have I ruined the powers of the garment by not letting it dry naturally? Can anyone help as I am thinking I should keep this on and order a new one but don't want to spend more money if I can help it.

Freshly squeezed pineapple juice today was yummy. Not sure if its helping, I hope so.

I weighed myself today - shouldn't have but thought why not. I am up 6 pounds but think thats maybe fluid? I hope so. I will stay away from scales for a few days at least.

I am still taking my arnica 3 times a day (5 pellets) and think this is helping. I am itchy today which I think is a good sign. I am trying to focus on sleeping, relaxing, walking a little, drinking a lot of water and eating small meals and not concentrating on the results which I hope will come in time.


I miss sleeping on my front and my sides. This isn't an option right now as I got so much done so am sleeping on my back. It is ok but just to mention that for those considering getting these procedures. I still think it was great for me to get everything done at once as I don't need to worry about going through this again but sleeping is a challenge.

The pain point is leaning on the incision sites which are sadly located on my sides and most on my front - that will hopefully heal in time and be better.

Wee update

Last day of antibiotics today. Yesterday I thought I would try to dress like a normal person and leave the house for a wee bit so I put my jeans on. They were big and I was initially happy as I managed to hide my garment and still look relatively normal. Anyway, jeans are not a good idea as when you swell they can dig in and are not helpful when getting in and out of a car. Was out for maybe a few hours and ended up back home resting. Couldn't face taking a shower and taking off the band aids yesterday so I didn't. Feeling like I smell a bit today so must go through it but will wait until my boyfriend is home later so he can help me.

I noticed that my skin felt strange when taking off the pads and paper tape - kinda numb and loose. Made me feel queazy so I had to sit down and take my time.

I have started using the hand massager all over just to help sooth me a wee bit - seems to help.

The garment that we washed and dried in the machine is ok. I am not sure if it shrunk or if I am just swollen but it is digging in more. I will take a shower later and put the washed (and not dried in machine) garment on later which will hopefully be better.

I finally went to the toilet yesterday for a poop. I know this might be too much information for some of you but I think it is also important to share. I have been drinking 2-3 litters of water a day usually with lemon and also fresh pineapple juice and last night (Mon) was the first time that I felt like i needed to go since the surgeries on Friday. It was difficult to come out although I felt better after. I have started taking a smooth move tea from today in the hopes of helping future trips. I wasn't sure this was typical until it happened to me as I have read it quite a bit on here. For those of you starting this journey, stock up on the smooth move tea and take it the day after surgery to help when you need to go. I wish I had started it earlier.

Day 6 Update

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe it has been 6 days. Last night was not a good night. I couldn't get comfortable as the incision sights are starting to hurt and I am experiencing the odd shooting pain which many have mentioned on here so I guess this is normal. The worst part was my girl cat wanted to sleep on me and she kept touching them so I had to keep moving her off - was a wee bit distressing for both of us as its very comforting to have her purring and sleeping away on me. I know, strange wee thing to say. My boyfriend thinks I have issues when it comes to this.

Photos will be provided tomorrow as I am off to the doctors for my check up. Looking forward to having him take a look and get his opinion as well as the pictures to match the first set she took that is included here so I can compare.

I am worried my results are not that great as when I take off my garment I only see lumps and bumps on my stomach, not much movement or change from my outer and inner thighs and knees. Arms seem to have some improvement when I look past the bruising. I know, it is still early days and I am patient, just a little concerned. I am concentrating on looking after my body and healing and getting rid of this aching pain as quickly as I can. I would hate it if I went through all of this and didn't look amazing at some point in the future.

I had a glass of wine last night with dinner and I was so paranoid that I didn't enjoy it. I was wondering if it would make me swell or anything. Of course it was fine so I shouldn't have worried.

I am due my periods soon and wondering how I will deal with that while being in this garment. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I don't think I can get in and out of my garment every time I need the toilet.

I am so thankful I am able to work from home today as I couldn't face going into the office. I will need to go in tomorrow and am already wondering about what to wear to look normal and be comfortable, etc. Will post an update on this incase anyone else has this question.

Happy healing y'all

Post op check up

Sorry its taken a few days for me to update. Friday was my post op check up. Doc is pleased with my results. He says the arms don't have as much compression. This is due to the garment having to be an XL for my body and being too big for my arms. I have been wrapped up a bit with sleeves and they ordered me a sleeve garment. I have mixed emotions about this. I would like to feel like the compression will make everything smaller but at the same time I have a lot of compression already and am worried it will be painful as the wrapping is hurting like the garment did when it first went on. He is pleased with the results so far and will see me in another 2 weeks.

It was a full day on Friday driving to and from docs as well as all day at work and in between buildings. I was worn out by the time it came to night time. Worried about next week as it is a full on week.

Trying to focus on day by day and taking it as easy as possible and praying for good results.

Happy healing everyone.

3 weeks post op

Cannot believe its 3 weeks ago today since I had my surgery. Went to doctors with the following questions:
- occasional sharp pain and wondering if this is normal (it is)
- don't see much of a difference in knees, inner and outer thighs and arms (took photos, see what you think?)
- lumps in my stomach (keep up the massages and these will go away in time)

My overall well being is better. I am sleeping a bit better thanks to the positioning of pillows in the bed (see piccies) although I still have a love hate relationship with my garment. Doc advises to wear it at least at night still for another few weeks. I might just keep it on full time for a week. Getting on a plane next week and have nights out where I will wear dresses but the rest of the time I am gonna wear it for comfort.

I have to be patient. He is happy with where I am so far. The arms will tighten as more collagen gets into them and the thighs will get better over time. I have muscle which makes it harder to take out the fat so will see about those. I hope they turn out great so I don't need cool sculpting or anything else done.

Garment is a hard thing to dress around and look normal since it covers everything, especially when its hot - my fault for getting so many body parts done at the same time.

My next check up is in 6 weeks time where we will reassess everything.

Hope everyone is healing well. Happy friday.

Piccies to compare

1 week before and 3 weeks after exactly. I was recommended an app called Diptic which works well but I think pic stitch and others are available for free

Piccies - 2nd attempt

Nearly 7 weeks in...

Still experiencing numbness and lumpiness on stomach area. I noticed weird hollows on the inner knees which seem strange. Not much change in other areas - outer and inner thighs.

My arms are the ones that give me the most pain. Lifting them above my head is still a challenge as I get a sensation which is hard to describe.

I wear the garment (a L instead of XL) everyday but take it off at nights. I feel like I am comforted by it when I put it back on. Very weird but I feel like it supports me somehow which I know probably makes no sense and isn't helpful.

I have signed up for lymphatic massages so will see if they will help with everything and i go for my check up at the docs on 31st so will see how that goes.

I have also been eating smaller portions and sharing most with my boyfriend when we cook at home which is also helping me to loose a wee bit of weight.

Happy healing everyone.
Mountain View Dermatologic Surgeon

Initial discussions with him and the nurse who will be with me were very helpful and informative. They spent the time to walk me through options and answered my initial questions.

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