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3 days before.....

Hello BA team!!! 3 ds to go
I am so so scared:((( my husband is so sweet and he keeps telling me he feels confident. Dr Korman is amazing. I am in very good hands. 3ds to go. I will be fine. Just sick a little from me just being scared LOLOL I feel like I am both super scared and heartfully hopeful all goes well. No photos today. I am typing off my phone. Just grateful this site exists....

Less than 24 hrs to go

This is IT. I am not panicking any more, at least not now. I tried not to think about what is coming, what going to happen, being cut, "going under muscle", things that go wrong. So interesting how the mind works. I have a great husband who has been helping throughout the whole process. My doctor is the best doctor with years and year of experience, great person and has amazing office staff. I will be safe. Had my last meal, going for a walk, had ton of water (and an ice cream :), going for a long walk. All is ready, food is made, laundry is done, house is clean, meds picked, my little bag. Posting some wish pics :) we all have them :) Have a blessed night everyone. I will be in touch with more updates. Much love

30 mins before we leave - good bye Little Boobville

:):):):) it is today and we are getting ready, shower with antibacterial soap taken, I did not use towel to dry myself off, but I did use my blow dryer. And it did the job fine and I did not have to walk around wet. That was very nice. No water is a tough one as i drink more than a gal a day and i start my day with 2 large glasses BUT i took a big bottle with me for post op. Let's see how i feel. My husband goes to school and will have a short day :-) i will have him for myself !!!!! All is set ( i think) everything else is going to be fine. I am excited, very....Its a dream from teenagehood - to look like a woman, to have a woman' body. I was blessed with hips :) and now the opportunity is to get the rest LOLOL I was thinking to wait till i am 40 but i realized i am 36 this year and 40 really is just around the corner, i might as well enjoy. We will be leaving in a few. I will keep everyone updated once I am on Boobville :):):

I am home!

My dear RE Team,
Thank you so much for all your comments and messages. It all would a lot different if you were not here for me. THANK YOU!!!

I am so grateful. I got this procedure done with help of amazing most professional outstanding team. Everything worked this morning like a Swiss clock. Every person was superb. Everyone knew exactly what to do. I am beyond impressed.
Dr Korman created a team of people who are dedicated.
Tiffany, RN was incredible. Thank you for everything you did today

465/495cc Smooth round silicone under muscle under the breast incision

Oh yes I forgot to mentions we went with 495cc on my right side and 465cc on my left side. Wile will see what came out of it soon ;-)

It's had been 12 hrs since surgery was performed

I am just amazed how everything is going in my Big Boobville today :) I am feeling very good. My medications, water and food are on tbe schedule. I get up to walk around. A very dear friend stopped by and blessed me with natural meds - endorphins. We would not stop laughing. Especially from the fact that we have been talking about it every day tons worrying, discussing and sharing what have learned from everywhere we could. Come to fin out the surgery is 45mins. The recovery to see swallong to go down 1-4weeks. Full recovery 3-6 months. It's that simple. Our bodies are really amazing and we bounce back sooner or later.
Another thing I learned about myself today is I do have a sensation all around. Yes it's somewhat less normal but I feel with my skin. This was good.
One more thing I do not feel pain from incisions. At all! I do have some pains on my skin from inside out. Again I keep my meds schedule and if I go too long where it wears itself out I take them and while I waiting for it to kick in I use frozen peas who I put into the smallest ziplock bag and just onto my skin for 3-5 mins then give it a break and put it on again. Feels SO good :) so this is it for the first day. I will be spending the night in my recliner because it gives me a better control of my body. My torso is tall and I cant creat enough stable height in my bed. It's OK it's all temp :)
Have a very lovely night everyone
My very very best to all

Day 2 over night and morning update

Yesterday a very dear friend was visiting and I skipped my pain meds extending the next intake by 2hrs. Big mistake! So I paid for it. Major contractions, followed by continous pains. It was not pleasent at all. My husband woke me up at night to help with pain medications and to use a restroom. Ladies, i thought I could do it by myself and not disturb his sleep. No way. Need all his help. Have someone with you at least for the first day or two. I am back on track with liquids, foods and meds. Today and tomorrow. Should be all better and better after that.
Another thing I discovered about my self I cannot lean over. I feel like a huge amount hangs on my chest, pushes me down and just a really odd u easy feeling. So I won't do it anymore :) at least not for a little while.
Tomorrow is my follow up with Dr Korman. I really look forward to that. I have not taken my wrap bandages yet. I know he will do it tomorrow and I will get to see the Girls for the first time. No kind of physical activities that I am
Used to but I do walk around the apartment am I do kind of like go over the breast skin (with no pressure) with a finger. A little blood curculation :):):)
As I will think of more things to share I will. For now I am going to rest and keep you posted on my progress. Sending love, prayers and healing thoughts to all of you

Day 3 - first post op visit

I have been blessed to
Work with Dr Korman's group. Everyone is an inspiration. I was convinced once again today.
All is going well. I have been released from wearing soft bandages. No I wear sports bra in stead. Currently I am in 36D and its super snug. I thingamajig be 38D would be better. I am getting off pain pills. I took my first very sloooow 30 mins walk in the neighborhood. It does not hurt a bit. But it still feels like a baby elephant is sitting on my chest but that was to be expected. All is well. I taking slowly but surely. It's just a part of the process. My stitches I can't really see them but stitches are stiches. They will disappear eventually. I am so so happy. It is worth an if I had to do it again I will, no second thought, no hesitation. I am attaching a few pics. Have a great great night everyone

Day 4 OMG it's amazing

Ladies! I AM LOVING IT!!!! This is so so good. I am just grateful for everything. I am so grateful to my Doctor who I think is a perfectionist. I am having no bruises!!! How amazing is that?!!! My incision places do not hurt. Everything feels just perfect and right. Dr Korman did a manic work. I can say enough times thank you


I meant to say my doctor did an amazing job (no manic) lol it's been a long day and I really wanted to put out an u

Mistype-o 2

To post an update.
I hope everyone is doing well and if you are just planning your surgery talk to your doctor. He/she is the best person to ask questions and advices.
If you already have it done speediest recovery to you

Day 7 post op follow up


7 days post op pics

Day 7 more pics from going to VS

Working out post op update

Hello my dear RS community! I am counting all the blessings in my life and this website is one of them

Issues postings from iPhone

Not sure why but my iPhone is glitching. It doubled the photos and did not post what i have been typing for the past 15 mins about post op work out, i am so sad. Anyone with similar issue??

9 days post op

All pics are just laying down. They are still very much NOT dropping but it has only been 9 days today. Just sore in my upper chest. Healing. Slowly. They are getting softer. Nipples feel irritated from just wearing bra. Can be visually obvious LOL so I just put regular napkins in my bra and that seems to take care of business. Basically living in my sports bra day and night. Part of the process. Still sleeping with 3 pillows behind my back but find myself sliding down at night. Doesn't bother me much. Not much pain and this mining I found myself actually semi laying on my left breast. It did NOT hurt just was surprised :)
I am back to normal on my "output". Drinking to a of water and eating as healthy as usual. Continue walking. It makes me feel so good. Highlight of my day knowing I am doing The Right Thing for my recovery :)
I am now back to all normal activities at work. No problem driving, moving, sit belt doesn't bother me. No problem.
I am trying to take quick showers as I don't want to wet my stitches covers to much.
Oh yes, one thing I can't bend over much because it feels super heavy in my chest area and all weird afterwards :) so I don't bend :)
Tomorrow is my 10days post op and I will Keep everyone posted on how that goes.

My very best to everyone

10 days post op

Hello Everyone!
Had my 10 day post op appointment with my doctor who is absolutely amazing. I have said it before and will say it again. How lucky i am i did not have to travel anywhere because i have a luxurious access to high end professionals in area where I live. LUCKY!!! Dr. Korman's team is amazing to. Stephanie, Kary - ladies love you and your work very very much. You just made me so comfortable from day one

10 days post op - the rest of update

The site is not taking the text i try to upload.

I am so sorry everyone. It is not taking the text right now. I will check in with our community manager. May i am not doing something right here. I will try to at least upload pics now

10 days post op pics

10 days post op

A few things have progressed:
1. Pressure band - i don't have to wear it anymore. Just the thought of it makes me exuberantly happy. Don't get me wrong I am an obedient patient (I think:) but it was irritating my arm pits skin and today is The Day. I no longer have to wear it!!!
2. Tape is off my stitches. Stitches look very good. The redness, height and pigmentation are quite promising. It looks super good for 10 days old and of course any scar with the right care will take time to become less visible than it is early on. I also purchased a special scar cream. I will attach a picture and will be taking pics periodically so we all can see the progress. The most important thing my doctor said it works and i trust him very very much. My scars are not in my crease which means my original crease must have moved up because my breasts weigh on skin and are creating a New Crease. Such sweet thing. I know I am a little silly about it but I LOVE thinking of this stuff and being amazed at how our bodies creatively super intelligent and know exactly what to do and how to adjust

10 days post op (continued)

It is NOT posting the entire update - sorry everyone i am checking in with our community manager

10days post op trying to continue my last night update.

Last night it just wouldn't upload. Lets see if I am in luck tonight.

3. I am getting stronger = more physical activities and I will be re starting my gym membership which i put on temp hold. Nothing heavy of course but just the sense of physical presence at the gym can be already healing LOLOL. Gym junkie :):):)
4. Massaging - how cool is that?!!! Got a list of breast massaging exercises. So, me and the Girls started our new routine today. I will also keep a photo progress on how it all goes.
5. I don’t look huge or out of proportion with my body built and the size of implants that was put in. Every day I look at them and feel I adore them. Why did not I do it earlier :):):) so much joy heaving them. I guess everything has its own time.
I think this is it for today. I am sending my best warmest wishes to all of you who is thinking about getting this procedure done, who is scheduled and getting ready for it and for all of you who had it done already and are now healing and learning and adjusting to having new Girlfriends in our lives :)

14 days post op

Hard to believe but it has been 2 weeks today :) all is going well. My scars are healing with help of BioCorneum. They actually have a site and a free ap which I happen to download and track my progress with pictures. Super cool :)
I am doing my massages x 2hrs on everage. Girls are happy. They are getting softer and softer today I felt a little more bouncy and I am finally able to wear v neck top and have Girls " hang out at a good location". They started dropping in the last few days. Massaging is a miracle. I found the best technique which works best and helps my skin to adjust. I also do very light arms stretching and help by peaceful breathing and sending positive thoughts and wishes for my new best Girlfriends. Love them dearly. Don't remember life without them :)
I am walking tons. Just walking for now - but makes me feel so good to go out for an hour stroll in the evening. Helps to relax and makes me feel pro active and like I am doing something good for my body while I am waiting for it to completely recover. Hopefully i can go back to my regular training in the near future. Few more weeks
I am feeling less and less bothered by this new addition. They are becoming more and more a part of me and I just feel like this has been one of the best decisions and investments. What can I say...I love them :)
Hope everyone is doing well
Pics to follow this update

3 weeks post op

Hello, all is well. Doing my exercises and its working miracles. Girls are dropping nicely. Slowly but that is just how things work in that department. All is going well. I am continuing walking. No heavy exercising yet. I will have time to get back a whole new life is ahead of me. Just over my head and still can't believe I have beautiful full gorgeous breasts. My husband says he finds me often sleeping with my my arm over them. He says I am guarding them when asleep. It may be just true :):):) love them
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

I wanted to get this procedure done for so long and was too scared. Finally the time was right. I had researched for a while and finally came across Dr. Korman and his office. All staff is amazing ans outstanding customer service. Smiles are everywhere!!!! I knew from the beginning this was a warm, friendly and professionals place. I had my free initial consultation. Dr. Korman reviewed my options and sent me home with "home work" - rice test. This was so much fun. I later schedule pre-op and Dr. Korman again gave me advice which I took on and today I am 2 weeks post op and A M A Z E D at my results. I have so much respect for my doctor and his team. It takes true professionals with values to run such a happy place. I recommend Dr. Korman's practice.

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