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I first learned about CoolSculpting in an ad I got...

I first learned about CoolSculpting in an ad I got in the mail. I'm 22 years old (female), 115 lb, but have always had a "belly" (pictures will be posted!), so I believe I would be an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting! It's also very important to me that this is a non-invasive procedure and I can be up and running very soon afterwards. Even if it ends up just being a 20% reduction in fat, I think it'll be worth it. Hopefully combined with more consistent exercise and better eating my body will be where I want by the end of 2014. :) I'm planning on documenting my entire journey.

I found plenty of providers through the CoolSculpting website. I narrowed them down based on distance and hours. If they're close to my office, appointments are doable on weekdays. Otherwise the office must have Saturday hours.

- Rejuve in Saratoga (this is the one whose ad I saw): The next free Saturday appointment is on January 4. I should have asked the receptionist to call me if anything else opened up, but I don't really mind waiting that long. I wouldn't be surprised if that changes as I go through the other consultations though.
- The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View: Consultation scheduled for 12:30 PM today!
- California Skin Institute in Mountain View: Consultation scheduled for Thursday this week at 8:50 AM.

Called and passed:
- Patricia Wong, MD in Palo Alto: The receptionist said a consultation would cost $200! What the heck? I am passing on this one.
- Age Defy Dermatology & Wellness in Campbell: The website said they have Saturday hours but I guess not for CoolSculpting because I called and they said they don't do Saturdays. Campbell is too far from me for weekdays.

Unfortunately it seems like there wasn't any good information on other peoples' experiences with CoolSculpting in the area - I only find one review by someone on RealSelf who went to Age Defy Dermatology in Campbell and didn't get the results she wanted. There are many general reviews of the different offices on Yelp, but I didn't find any of them very enlightening, or strong enough to deter me from at least scheduling consultations. We'll see if I actually go to all the consultations though. I know in the past once I've found someone I feel comfortable with I'm often ready to just go ahead. But, I know someone else here on RealSelf recommends at least visiting a few offices before deciding. I really hope I'm not making a mistake by choosing offices by convenience - but since I haven't really seen any place further out (like in San Francisco) that's particularly recommended, I'll just stick to what's close.

Menkes Clinic Consultation

The consultation at the Menkes Clinic went well. I spoke with Woody, a female nurse there. She said she's been doing CoolSculpting for a year and a half. She said that I was a good candidate for the lower abdomen and the flanks, but not for the upper abdomen because it was too fibrous there. Out of curiosity I asked for her opinion on my inner thighs and she didn't think I was a good candidate there either, which I'm not too surprised about since I'm not super concerned about that area. She also mentioned that my right flank was easier to pinch than the left.

She recommended I get 1 treatment for the lower abdomen with the large applicator ($1,500) and 2 treatments for each flank ($750 each treatment). She said with two treatments in slightly different positions for each flank I could get a better result - with just one treatment I would have a chance of having an indentation in the end. If I buy all 5 treatments at once, I would pay $3,500 instead of $4,500. I would have to do 3 treatments on one day and the last 2 on another day, since in the nurse's experience, nobody makes it through 5 treatments (5 hours) in one day. Unfortunately they only have one machine; if they had two they could do both flanks at the same time. Ideally I could schedule the days within 1 day of each other, or at most 1 week. Guess I'd have to take two days off work for this, unless she happens to work on MLK Day, or if I can get an 8 AM appointment for the last 2 treatments - I'd be super late for work though!

All in all I felt comfortable with Woody. The price is a little scary because of having 5 treatments instead of 1-3, but it could be worth it. I'm definitely going to go to Thursday's consultation at least before deciding.

Start Photos

I got some photos taken of myself this morning. I realize now I should have raised my arms (where are you supposed to put them?), so I'll probably take another set the day before I do the procedure. Still, these seem adequate.

I'm starting to wonder if I should improve my diet and exercise more before doing this. I think I definitely have room to improve, and maybe it'd be enough that I wouldn't have to spend so much money on this. On the other hand, it seems like most people on here spent less than I was quoted because they had fewer treatments.
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