One Day Post Op Breast Aug and Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover) with Inverted Nipple Correction - Mountain View, CA

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I started my journey 1 month ago when my boyfriend...

I started my journey 1 month ago when my boyfriend inspired me to quit putting off my life's dream...a tummy tuck. I also wanted a BA and inverted nipple correction, but thought it would always be financially out of reach. But he offered to help make my dream come true (financially) and take care of surgery. He also motivated me to not put off my dream any longer when I could be living / enjoying it in 2013, and XMas break a perfect time to recover. In 2 weeks with met with 6 Board Cert PS, and here I am recovering at his place in peace and quiet without my kids around for the 1st time in 12 years!

Current Photos Almost 2 Years since BA/TT

Additional Photos, 2 years Post Op with 250cc rice

My pre and post op stats

Hi ladies, here are my stats: 5'2" 103lbs, age 45 (as of today in 2014), 2 pregnancies. Last one almost 10 years ago. 32 AA originally. BWD was 10.9cm for first BA in Dec 2012.. Received 300/325 HP style 20 (Natrelle) silicone implants under muscle. Wear VS 32D bra.
I had a Full Tummy Tuck with BA ( full mommy makeover). Had tightening of ab muscles and skin removal but no lipo.
Somewhat disappointed with result:
1. I wanted larger breasts at time of surgery but Dr. could not fit them. Now paying for full upgrade/revision with only 50 percent off surgeon fees. (initially he said he would not charge his fee, but now considers this a redo, not revision)
2. I have excess skin still and it bunches up at the scar, and I do not like my belly button scar. I would also have liked the scar to be lower (but would prefer to have less excess skin). Having revision done. No Dr fee, but I still pay OR facility fees and general anesthesia. So almost 7K for this :-( My doctor owns the OR facility which is accredited and in his office.
3. My inverted nipple turns inside out sometimes.

2 years post op pictures

My two year old girls soon to be replaced. My nippple that was "fixed" still inverts. I also want to get both looking pretty and symmetrical, but doubt we'll do that during my BA. Tatas are smaller than I wanted but for some reason look MUCH bigger than they are in this picture. Friends think I am large B or maybe small C, though I fill out VS 32D bra. Will post more pics that I will have someone else snap.

Surgery Done - On the other side again

Yeay!!! I had 3.5 hours of revision surgery yesterday. I came out just 28 hours ago in a lot of pain and nauseus. I am now walking, feeling great, and almost pain free! (just in my waist, not chest) I am now switching to ibuprophen to help with swelling and only had to use 5 of the oxycondrones. This was so much easier than my full tummy tuck (with ab muscle repair) and first breast aug 2 years ago. I probably should not call this a revision since this surgery was a full mini tummy tuck, and a complete replacement, increase in size, and different profile implant which is very large for my frame.

During my pre-op last week I tried on some sizers and really liked the 600 (300s over my current implants) but Dr. Pearl was against squeezing those or even the 550cc in me ("a bit tight") given a higher risk of complications. He did say my breast skin is very healthy, shows no signs of sagging, and should be able to have a 450-500. Although he does not use them often, he thought the Natrelle extra high profile (EHP) may work well given my narrow frame and desire for a lot more projection. We agreed he would bring a 475 HP, 460 EXP, and 500 EXP. He felt the natrelle extra high profile (EXP) might be a good option given my narrow frame and desire for a lot more projection and more fullness. However, the 475HP may be the perfect compromise and we know already looks good on me. Strangely, the 460 EHP has more projection than the 500 EXP. During surgery, the 460 looked too narrow with its huge projection, and the 475 HP is widest but did not have the "POP" in projection and fullness he thought I was looking for. The 500 EXP he thought was perfect.

My first augmentation went very smooth and almost painfree like my first one.

For my tummy tuck, Dr Pearl thought he could safely lower my scare about 1 CM and pull off about another couple inches of skin. I was willing to deal with more pain as a trade-off for tighter skin! He ended up being able to get off more skin than he anticipated and so far I think it looks great!

The staff in Dr. Pearl's office are very friendly and helpful. And the follow up care is awesome. Just as with my first surgery, the night before surgery I got a call from the anesthesiologist, and a call from him after surgery in the early evening.

I had a post opp today, 24 hours after surgery to see Dr. Pearl (not just an assistant) and will go in tomorrow to remove my drains, then have another follow up after X-mas. One great thing about Dr Pearl is that he owns his accredited surgery facility in his office, which means he is almost always there as are the others on his staff and surgery team. So, my husband and I know everyone there and enjoy seeing them each visit. All but 1 of the other 5 doctors I considered use 3rd party surgery centers, so the nurses may not be the same on a given day. Also, scheduling seems much easier when the facility belongs to the doctor. And, there is still a MAJOR hospital - El Camino hospital 1 block away in case of a major medical emergency during surgery Overall, although we hated shelling out so much $$$ for the surgery, Dr Pearl was fair in not charging for his time on the tummy tuck "revision" and only 50% for the breast upgrade. But, we did have to pay the surgery center fee (just as you would for a 3rd party center), keller funnel, new plants, and anesthesia. Overall, it was still less than what just a breast augmentation in this area usually costs.

6 days post op Breast Aug & Mini Tummy Tuck

It's been 6 days now and am doing great. I've just been taking ibuprophen the last few days. My chest feels a little pressure but no pain, so I do wonder if the 550cc could have been squeezes in me to provide more fullness (12.4cm rather than 11.9cm base) but do think the size so far looks great for my physique. I love the fullness up top, so actually wish they didn't need to drop! I totally disagree with so many comments about ultra and extra high profile looking like 1/2 basketballs or coconuts. I definitely like the shape of these better than the HP I had before, however, the EHP probably would not have looked right on me in a 300/325cc like the HP. Maybe in a 600+ I'd have the coconut look Lol.

In my waist, the only pain I feel is around the stitches. Also, my one drain was removed 2 days after surgery.

I am soooo excited about new years eve. I was worried I wouldn't make the party this year, but I will. In fact, I made it to the family X-mas party 4 days after surgery without anyone noticing I recently had surgery! I just wore a baggy pair of pants and sweat shirt. I sat on the couch and played board games as we do every year. I am still trying to figure out what to wear for NY eve since I can't wear a push-up nor a tight dress given all the swelling around my waist.

Attached are some updated photos. All of these tops I purchased after my first breast augmentation - now I fill them out wonderfully!!! :-)
Stuart Pearl

Choosing my provider was an intense, time consuming process. I will need to complete this later, but we met with 6 different PS for consultation, and some multiple times, all in a two week period! Overall, I loved the fact Dr Pearl has his own accredited surgery center, and he strikes a great balance of confidence but not arrogance, and he does not want to over promise and under deliver. He wanted to make sure I had proper expectations about results before wanting me as a patient. That says a lot. I did expect to be able to provide 5 starts in all these areas, and so far I can hostely do so. In fact, I would provide a 10 out of 10 star in every category. As for my results, so far they look great given one day post opp but time will tell. At this point, I am very happy we went with Dr. Pearl and his staff. I'm definitely glad I did not stop after meeting with PS #3!

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